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From: Marion Harcourt <>
Subject: [TMG] OT -- how to copy pictures from the Internet
Date: Thu, 24 Mar 2011 11:42:18 -0400
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Here is another way if you are using Windows on a Mac. Hold down Control, Command, and 4. A crosshair appears. Move the crosshair to one corner of your subject. Drag your mouse holding down the left button, and release when you have your image defined. You will hear a click. An icon for the captured screen shot appears on your desktop labeled "Screen shot" together with the date and time. Drag it or copy it from there.
Marion Harcourt

> There's a newer, improved way to capture all or portions of anything open or
> part of it on your monitor - called screen capture software. It's well
> worth the effort learning to use it so that you can capture an entire image
> or a portion of it. There are many low-cost ($20 - $50) and free programs.
> I use Snag-it that is (or rather was) a free version, so sorry... can't
> recommend a current good free software. The messages showing the methods
> for "PRNT SCREEN" and "ALT-PRNT-SCREEN" are OK, but because they lack a lot,
> that is why screen capture software proliferates today!
> Tom
> ------
> The screen capture program 'Jing' is excellent - and it is free. It
> allows you to capture the full screen or any portion of it. You can
> annotate the capture if you wish. You can download it here:
> Virginia

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