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From: "David Ball" <>
Subject: Re: [TMG] The Master Place List
Date: Fri, 25 Mar 2011 10:38:01 -0700
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TMG is flexible on this point (as usual <g>).

As a basic guide TMG has "titles" across the top of the Master Place List, but think of
those titles as just a way of going from smallest (most local) to biggest division for
your place names. The target, in my mind, for each column is some level of consistency
through the list of places in your specific project.

Because I made the specific choice long ago not to include street addresses (i.e., from
censuses), I use the "Detail" column for the "Campbell Settlement" part of your place in
question and continue to the right with the rest of the parts of that location. I don't
have very many places that use the "Detail" column, but enough.

Along with that philosophy, I use the "Addressee" column for the most specific part of a
place, such as the name of a cemetery, a hospital or care facility, a university, or a
church, and the like. These would normally be on the line above the "address", if you
were sending a letter; at least that is how I look at them.

Those choices work well for me and the nature of my Project, but they are neither "right"
nor "wrong". Take some time to look through your Master Place List and identify what
segmentation of places works best for you.

The only side-effect of your choice that comes to mind is for the building of indexes at
the end of a large report. A place index is built based on one of the five columns in the
Master Place List from "Detail" through "Country", so one would want to put the preferred
part for sorting all in the same column.

Dave Ball

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> Today I am putting aside some time to work on the Master Place List....
> Question for example if I have Campbell Settlement, Parish of Southampton,
> York County, New Brunswick: What goes in the detail? Campbell Settlement is
> a small community.

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