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From: "Linda Rosedahl" <>
Subject: [TMG] re irregular date
Date: Sun, 27 Mar 2011 13:28:44 -0500


I haven't asked a question in so long I can't remember how to respond to a
message on the board.

OK I did what Rick told me to do. Which I had gathered from earlier info.
I rechecked the copy and it says the 29th of Feb for death and March 3 1767
for burial. AD (ArkivDigital) allows you to make a jpeg so I did that and
attached to her death record in TMG.

As far as the other question this is a paragraph from the bible for Swedish
Genealogists Called Cradled in Sweden by Carl Erik Johansson. Before this
paragraph is a discussion on the debate from changing from the Julian
Calendar to the Gregorian calendar. "Not until 1753 was Sweden ready for
the adoption of the Gregorian calendar. The problem was solved by letting
February 17 be followed by March 1. The reform was not joyfully accepted by
all as many held that they had been robbed of 11 days of life"

So I'm pretty sure the priest wrote February 29th as the new calendar had
been only in use for about 10 years. I also reread the section on fixed and
movable feast days which many clergy used to describe an event such as
baptism, marriage , death and burials. I sometimes forget to check these
when I'm deep into those Swedish records.

Thanks for all your help


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