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From: "Kay & JW (Bill) Sturgeon OAM" <>
Subject: [TMG] Journal Reports and Endnotes still problem
Date: Fri, 01 Apr 2011 09:31:18 +1100

I have taken snapshots of all the tabs in the Options so I know the
settings and made comparisons. I just ran a report with the Table of
Contents and Biblography checked and it previews perfectly.

Made a report unchecking the TofC and Bib the result is I am getting
three sets of Endnotes.
1, 2-9 missing, 10-44
1-9, 10-16missing, 17-44
1-44 ...perfect.

I have deleted the file, renamed files as I thought it was not
overwriting the same file name, I have even done corrections to the
sources, and these corrections show up so it is overwriting properly.

Now I have started a new Journal report from scratch called it Bills
Journal - still getting three sets of Endnotes, but different missing ones
1-44 correct
1-31 32-44 missing
1-44 correct.

In my first report, I made a mistake in my settings under Tags and
checked only children carried forward, instead of all children.
I ended up with 62 endnotes, and five lots of endnotes in the report.
1-57, 1-57, 1-57, 1-62, 1-62

I would have though "all children" would generate more sources rather
than "only children carried forward".

I AM BESIDE MYSELF, is this TMG? or something else.

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