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From: Jann Grimes <>
Subject: [TMG] Program not producing .sqz backup files, won't merge,won't make GEDCOM file
Date: Fri, 15 Apr 2011 18:28:25 -0700 (PDT)

I have run into a problem with my TMG v7 (on Win XP) not producing .sqz files. I
tell it to back up, and assume it has done so, since the screen and process all
looks normal. I was recently trying to merge two files and thought everything
was backed up before doing so. When I looked for the backup .sqz files there
were none. It appears that it has not made backup files since I imported the
.sqz file from one computer to another last May. I have been making reports
without problems and except for an error about my exhibits file not being found
when I start the program I thought all was well.

I was attempting to merge a file into a blank data base which worked, then I
tried to merge a second data base into it, which would not work. I tried making
a GEDCOM and that would not work either. I was trying to produce a combined
GEDCOM to bring into another program so I could trim the tree into a family tree
with one line going back on it. Using the focus group was not working for what I
wanted to do without adding one name at a time. Not sure what to do now,
reinstall the program? Wondering if my files are bad? I ran repair and it found
no errors.


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