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From: "Ron Chenier" <>
Subject: [TMG] TMG7 Audit
Date: Thu, 12 May 2011 09:09:52 -0400

I've not used the Audit Report in TMG 7 very much but today I ran it to see
what it would say to me.
It said I had 336 events where Death occurred after Burial.
I looked at some of these events and cannot see where there would be an
incorrect entry.
Death: 7 Jun 1944 (Sort: 7 Jun 1944)
Burial: Jun 1944 (Sort: 10 Jun 1944)

I don’t have the exact burial date so that is why I entered a Sort date of
10 Jun 1944)

I even tried a Death date: 7 Jun 1944 (Sort: 8 Jun 1944)
But my Audit Report still claims I have a Death occurring after Burial!

Any ideas please?

BTW, I get the same response in TMG8 Beta

Ron Chénier

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