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From: bob gillis <>
Subject: Re: [TMG] V8 Kinship report
Date: Sat, 04 Jun 2011 10:01:32 -0400
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The Kinship Report has been around since Ver 4.0. I do not know how it
may vary in Ver 7 from Ver 5. I ran it for myself and it had 9643 names
in it.

I gather from the report that I have no second cousins. And
surprisingly my children, spouses and grandchildren show up at the end
of the report. i think they should come right after Spouses

On 6/4/2011 8:37 AM, Teresa Elliott wrote:
> Wow, did we have this report in V7? Because I must say, I am going to be
> using it a lot! I can't believe I overlooked this report before. LOL I have
> been creating this type of report by hand. Was just playing with the reports
> in V8 before my beta expires, and I was amazed at this report. Then I looked
> in V7 and realized I have had this all along.
> What a great report for a family reunion. Print it for a common ancestor and
> let people find themselves in the list. I still can't believe I have
> overlooked this report all this time.<G>
> It could even be a good research report to keep me on task when trying to
> work on one family at a time. (Yeah, I tend to get sidetracked, one of the
> bad things about having lots of family in the same areas)
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