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From: "Jim gmail" <>
Subject: [TMG] Filter for Places with Image TMG 7.4 THANKS
Date: Fri, 5 Aug 2011 19:57:59 +1200


Thanks for your suggestion

I just selected and deleted those that didn't have "Place" and now I have
the list I needed

"I don't know how to create the list in TMG.

In TMG Utility, you can use the Verify Exhibit Paths feature to create a
list of exhibits. The list includes the "context", i.e., the record to which
the exhibit is attached and other information. You'd have to edit the list
to remove the exhibits that are not attached to places, but that shouldn't
be too hard."

PS. As you may have guessed I needed this list to work on your #2
suggestion for SS for although I have set up my site for your #1 suggestion
I would like to do #2

Thanks again

Jim Payne

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