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From: Lee Hoffman <>
Subject: Re: [TMG] Source types -- a different question
Date: Sun, 14 Aug 2011 16:10:08 -0400
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Joan Lince wrote:
>My main TMG project is the result of merging several smaller datasets. (When
>I started with Roots III 25 years ago I had to divide my data up because of
>memory constraints.) Now many of my source types have several variants. For
>example I have
>Book, simple
>Book, Simple1 (and more)
>Book, Simple X!
>Book, Simple X!1.
>That makes the list cumbersome and I suppose takes up memory. I do have one
>Book, simple Source type that I prefer to use, but if I try to delete any of
>the others I get, for example, this question:
>Delete the custom source type "Book, Simple X!" and its three associated
>What does this mean? That I will lose the actual Sources I created from any
>Source Types I delete? Or anything else that's potentially harmful?

If you answer [Yes] to the "Delete this ...] question, another
question appears that gives you another chance to say no. This next
question will tell you if any (and how many) other Sources currently
are assigned this Source Type. If you answer this question, those
Sources will be reassigned to the Source Type that is marked as Primary.

If you don't want that reassignment, or if you are not sure, then answer [No].

If you answer [No], you may find which Sources are assigned to that
Source Type by generating a report and using that report to review
those Sources and editing each to see what the Source Type is, how it
is different from the other similar Source Types and then maybe
changing the Source Type for that Source to a Different Source Type.

You can generate the List of Sources report with a filter like:
Source Type is [Source Type name] END
For the [Source Type name], select the one desired for this listing
from the drop-down list.

You could have multiple filter lines (say one for each of the Book,
Simple... Source Types connecting the lines using the OR
Connector. This might give you a large list though, so I would
suggest doing one or just a few of the questioned Source Types for each report.

Another option is to review each of the question Source Types and
noting how each is different. This may be the simplest way for most
of them. The review may show very little difference (say the same
Source Elements, but in a different arrangement in the Source
Templates). For those having little difference, you may want to just
pick one (assign it as Primary at least for now),and delete the
"others" that have little difference. This reassigns Sources that
have the "other" Source Types assigned to the current Primary (the
one that you picked as Primary for now).

Once you get the number of multiple similar Source Types down to a
few, then you may wish to do the List of Sources report above.

Somewhere along the way, you may want to look at the Source Types and
just rename them to make it easier to distinguish one from the
other. For example, the difference might be that one Source Type
has the [Comments] Source Element, another has [the Repository...]
Source Elements, etc. Just change the names to something like:
Book, Simple (Comments),
Book, Simple (Repository),
You would wind up with these plus the standard "Book, Simple" Source
Type but they would all have different names telling you when each
should be used.

Hope this helps -

Lee Hoffman/KY
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