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From: "Michael J. Hannah" <>
Subject: Re: [TMG] Second Marriages and Children
Date: Wed, 12 Oct 2011 07:51:24 -0600
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On 10/12/2011 Tom Momeyer wondered:
> Help... is it OK that only half the family shows up
> (Clark & Lois) in reports and SS output, or is it possible
> to see the blended family (Diana's children along with Clark's)
> after Clark and Diana marry?

Hi Tom,

This issue regularly gets asked, and is often called the debate between
a "family" history and a "genealogy" history. TMG is firmly in the
second camp. Its underlying structure is to show genealogy, i.e.
genetic relationships. Thus, since Diana's children have no genetic
relationship to Clark, it is considered not only OK but correct to not
show them as part of Clark's "family", i.e. "genetic" offspring. TMG
allows only one father and one mother to be "primary". TMG considers
only those two parents the genetic source for that person, and only
those links are used for the purposes of both ancestors and descendents,
the genealogy "family".

Previously many users have discussed all kinds of "work arounds" to get
a narrative of Clark to show Diana's children. While you "could"
temporarily make Clark the primary father for Diana's children, the
result is that now they would not show in their genetic father's family,
nor show in Diana's report as children of that genetic father. By
making him the primary father you are "telling" TMG that he is their
genetic father.

My favorite simple solution is to add an Anecdote tag with custom
sentences dated at the second marriage. That tag could have the newly
married couple Clark and Diana as Principals, and all of Diana's living
children as Witnesses. Each Principal could have separate custom local
sentences. The sentence for Clark [P1] could be something like:
When [P1] married [P2] she had [M] children who came to live with them
in the combined family: [WO]

You can modify the sentences to suit your own tastes, and do something
equivalent for Clark's children to show up in Diana's narrative. Of
course, you could create a custom tag type for this purpose, with
appropriate sentences associated with custom roles.

At least Diana's children's names would now show in Clark's narrative,
and since they are Witnesses, their names will be links to each of their
own narratives in SS.

Hope this gives you ideas,


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