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From: Dennis Lee Bieber <>
Subject: Re: [TMG] Exhibit log
Date: Sun, 30 Oct 2011 17:29:40 -0700
References: <19BCE6AB56FE444E975017A675B4D5D5@RayPC><><6241A0A2A3E74D8EB21F423A94066DB3@RayPC>
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On or about 10/30/2011 02:29 PM a carrier pigeon from Ray Holt delivered:

>My next question is how do I get rid of the reference to I drive. I
>went into disk management and there is no I drive designated there.
>The problem does not seem to effect the running of the program in
>any way, but it is annoying. Thanks, Ray Holt ----Original
>Message----- From: Rick Van Dusen Sent: Sunday, October 30, 2011
>4:10 PM To: Subject: Re: [TMG] Exhibit log Others
>have told you "how" to find your exhibits again; I'll say something
>about your "why" question: This is a Windows issue, not TMG.
>DOS/Windows has a tendency to assign drive letters in ways the user
>might not anticipate, and to reassign/rearrange them "without
>notice". (This is not as much of a problem with Win2K and newer, but
>still applies.) 1. Drives A: and B: are floppy drives (whether you
>have any or not). 2. The first harddrive is C:.

First question: WHERE do you see this mystical "I:" drive?
Could it be a mapped network drive?

Second question: Just WHAT email client are you using...
Every post from you comes through to me looking like the above -- all
one paragraph, including any quoted materials... Makes it very
difficult to figure out just where your post is and where superfluous
excess/untrimmed quotes are.

Headers indicate "Window Live Mail" using Text/Plain encoded
in UTF-8, submitted to a Yahoo server (what a name: -- ? My apologies, but
the way it ends up on my end, it does look like "mud").

I've not seen any problems like this in any other mail I
receive -- usually I just get unprintable characters as Eudora
doesn't do unicode (but for "text/plain", UTF-8 and ISO-Latin-1 are
nearly identical), a la the Chinese sourced spam that comes in as
just illegible numbers...

Lee Bieber


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