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From: Betty Clay <>
Subject: Re: [TMG] WG Forum
Date: Fri, 18 Nov 2011 20:45:23 -0600
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May I suggest that you compose in a text editor, rather than a word
processor, if you plan to copy and paste it? Copying from a word
processor tends to override the reader's choice of font size, etc. and
on some boards, it resets that choice for the messages that follow, as well.


On 11/18/2011 5:39 PM, Rick Van Dusen wrote:
> I'm not familiar enough with the TMG forum to say, but in my experience
> forums generally don't provide spell-check. However, Firefox does
> provide spell-check, which thus will work in a forum (usually).
> Another option is to compose one's post in a word processor, spell-check
> it, then copy/paste to the forum.
> Buy the whey, dew knot depend on spell-Czech two fined awl your miss steaks.
> Teresa Elliott wrote:
>> Bob,
>> Confused, what difference does it make where the spellchecker is located at,
>> as long as it gives you the correct spelling of the word? Most of the time
>> you can just right click on the misspelled word and get a list of possible
>> suggestions. I think the forum works that way, but haven't actually tried
>> it recently. I too am finding myself leaning more and more on spell checkers
>> these days. But that's because my thick southern accent doesn't always lead
>> itself to correctly spelling something phonetically. No wonder I have so
>> much problem finding my ancestor. LOL
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>> From: [mailto:] On Behalf
>> Of bob gillis
>> Sent: Friday, November 18, 2011 3:31 PM
>> To: tmg
>> Subject: [TMG] WG Forum
>> I finally found the Forum, found my user name, got a new password and
>> reset it.
>> What is the best Forum to look at for up to date topics, ie those not
>> found on the list?
>> OT One reason I do not like Forums or Message Boards is I need to have
>> a spell checker. Usually when posting in a forum, I am alerted to
>> spelling errors, but I do not know what dictionary or checker is being
>> used. Is it part of the forum where I am posting or in my browser? But
>> then I have to go to each misspelled word and type in the correct
>> spelling. In this post I made about 15 mistakes which I had to correct,
>> some one by one and mostly using the spellchecker.
>> Usually when I have to post more than a one or two line mesage I
>> compose it in my Thunderbird, spell check , copy and paste into the forum.
>> bob gillis
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