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From: "Tom Momeyer" <>
Subject: Re: [TMG] WG Forum
Date: Mon, 21 Nov 2011 11:43:21 -0500
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In-Reply-To: <20111121104957.032592@Terry>

John, Terry,

John said, "I agree that having an RSS feed and/or having an option to
"push" messages to forum members might be useful, I don't agree that the
absence of those features makes the forum "not user friendly".

Yes, that was the point that a few of us made, that having RSS or a
"push-out" function would be useful. Sorry about the "not user friendly,"
wrong choice of words. As an experiment, I looked at a forum that provides
RSS and subscribed, and all the messages came down to Outlook (my email
program). I went to the WG forum and looked at new messages. The Outlook
RSS feeds were countless times faster to go through - that's the main point
that I'm making, that RSS feeds would be a more productive use of (my) time.
The messages from the forum that I subscribed to using RSS came down in html
format (as opposed to plain text) and came with attachments where there were
any. As John noted, they were not threaded into topics as they would be as
viewed in the original forum.

Terry said (after describing how the WG forum works):
> I don't see how RSS or the like would make this any easier - I get to see
> new when I choose to look, with a couple of mouse clicks.
> I agree that email lists have their advantages, but also disadvantages.
> forum format likewise has it's advantages and disadvantages. I think on
> one is about as usable as the other.

Well, we can agree to disagree, as I noted above from my experimenting with
both formats, the RSS feed is countless times faster to go through. Duly
noted about other functions that may not be present as found in the forum.
My main point in bringing this up again was to ask if WG had looked into
enabling RSS in the forum as Glenn Gilbert noted might be do-able in Oct
2010, "It
isn't implemented on the WG Forum, but a little research indicates it could


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