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From: "janice" <>
Subject: Re: [TMG] WG Forum
Date: Tue, 22 Nov 2011 09:16:10 +1100
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I too subscribe to both the forum and list.

Virginia I had not thought about using the archives to read. I am having
trouble putting the link on my browser toolbar. I have done it a long time
ago but cannot do it now.
How do you access the message to reply to later?
Thanks for your help.


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Terry wrote:
>I agree that email lists have their advantages, but also disadvantages. The
forum format >likewise has it's advantages and disadvantages. I think on
balance one is about as >usable as the other.

I subscribe to tmg-l - but find it easier and quicker to read list
messages in the archives where they arrive almost instantly. Using
the archive option to display messages in rev chronological order with names
and dates puts the current message at the top and not part of a thread. If
it's something I want to respond to then I can do that later. I have a link
on my browser toolbar to the current month's archives, like this:


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