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From: Rick Van Dusen <>
Subject: Re: [TMG] List members in their 80s... - Now Age when started - OT
Date: Thu, 15 Dec 2011 12:57:09 -0800
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This is exactly my case, and why I so zealously:

1. Cite sources/document everything.

2. Preach incessantly on same.

My grandmother's marvelous work of forty years (all descendants of her
great-grandparents, comprising members of some 1135 families, a pretty
good sample of the settlers of the US Midwest), so far has proven
accurate, but all her notes are lost and sources evaporated, leaving all
to be documented afresh. (And since most was gleaned from letters from
the principals, much of the "fun part" of the documentation--the parts
we'd discuss here as worthy of quoting in the CD or CM--is gone forever.)

The Van Dusen family landmark work (published 1912) is 612 pages of
"good stuff", howbeit without source citation (although the
researcher/compiler did say he relied on church records, so where he
lists someone's place of baptism we may presume it's in that church's

If nothing else, my descendants are not going to need to go back over my
work to document it; they'll be able to move forward (and I'm sure I'll
be leaving a ton un-found for them to tackle--but better un-found than

Cheryl Freeman wrote:
But they are very accurate -
> matching what took me a decade to prove.
> There is a note in the front that says: "Please accept this fam. record from
> your Mother. I have tried to have it correct & have spent many hours in
> preparing it. Trust you will appreciate and treasure it in loving
> rememberance. Also as a reminder of our earthly ties which must soon be
> severed. Mother"
> Cheryl

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