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From: Dennis Lee Bieber <>
Subject: Re: [TMG] Exhibits
Date: Tue, 27 Dec 2011 12:38:10 -0500
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At 11:47 AM 12/27/2011, Lynn Rudberg wrote:
>The next window opens to show 4 documents relating to John Smith--which I had
>originally scanned and placed in Picassa
>Exhibit Properties directions say to "right click on the icon in the Exhibit
>Log". I do not see the icon. I go to properties in the lower right corner and

I don't have access to a TMG install at this time (and not
for the near future -- it's on my desktop machine boxed up in my
father's garage) but I would hypothesize that "the icon" means
whatever graphic is displayed for each individual exhibit (thumbnail
should such be active, generic document/image graphic, frowny-face
for the bad links, etc.).

I'll confess to being confused by your statement "placed in
Picassa". Picasa (one s) is Google's overloaded name for 1) their
simplistic image editor (unless things have changed, regardless of
original image format, it only saves in JPEG) and 2) their web-based
image sharing site.

So... "placed in Picassa <sic>" could mean the images were
uploaded to the Google Picasa sharing site and are NOT local on your
computer. I don't think TMG handles external exhibit paths that are
web URLs (though Win 7, and maybe XP, has some means to map a
web-server directory so it looks like a removable drive, and /those/
paths might be acceptable by TMG).

Or... "placed in Picassa <sic>" could mean you scanned
directly into the Picasa image editor and then /saved/ the image
somewhere locally.

>Under Info under Properties for frame1 it states: "IMAGE File c\Users\L:ynn's
>new \Pictures\2010-11-14 Smith documents\026.jpeg not found" and Exist

I hope that's a typo... "c\users\l:" being "c:\users\l"

>thumbnail: C:\Users\Lynn's new\AppData\Local\Temp\TMG46688880\Th000017.jpg
>29,355bytes, Format JPeg 150 x 206.

Eeek! a thumbnail saved in a "temp" directory! Practically
all utilities that clean up "junk files" will empty any "temp" directory!

>As I usually use Word for my reports and find the complexity of
>"exhibits" to be
>too much for my aging brain, would I be better off in V8 to set up the report
>and drag the photo/doc from Picassa and place them where I want them in the
>report ..eliminating exhibits altogether?

And here you once more refer to images stored in "Picassa"
-- which, again, to me does not make any logical sense; either they
are stored somewhere on your computer (maybe a directory named
Picasa, in which case you should be able to find the full path to
them) or on a Google "Picasa Web Album" (which is not on your
computer). But unless Picasa (editor) does something very weird, it
is unlikely that the images are stored IN the editor (that would make
them the equivalent of "internal exhibits", storing them in some
proprietary database format).

>I would be most thankful for someone posting (or even off list) the
>to The 'Real Dummies' Guide to Exhibits and How to Manage Them.

I save them, from whatever source (image, email saved as a
text files, PDFs) into a single "Exhibits" directory located
somewhere on my data drive, and use TMG to browse to that directory
when adding an exhibit to a person/event tag/what-have-you.

But then -- I'm also comfortable with maneuvering through a
Windows command shell (and have shortcuts for the newer "PowerShell
2.0" on my start-menu on the WinXP machines). You'll notice my usage
of "directory" -- which is the classic term used since the days of
mainframes of the 70s and earlier. "Folder" is a pseudonym created to
push that "desktop" metaphor upon users -- you don't type "fol" in a
command shell to obtain a listing of contents, you type "dir"
(PowerShell also accepts the UNIX/Linux "ls" command)

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