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From: Lynn Rudberg <>
Subject: [TMG] Exhibits
Date: Tue, 27 Dec 2011 12:19:24 -0800 (PST)

I have been a TMG user since V4 and it has been quite a long time since I have
bothered the list with a question. While I realize my post in regards to my
inability to figure out exhibits may seem rudimentary and basic, my hope was
that someone on the list may have had the same problem and been able to work
thru it and possibly share that process with me.  Perhaps after all, TMG isn't
the right program for my skill (or lack thereof) level.

I have gone thru "missing exhibits" in Help to no avail.  My photos are stored
on my computer in the Picasa program.

As to Dennis's response, I do appreciate his time however if I had needed a
spelling lesson I would have posted to the 'spelling list' (guess no one else
makes errors?)

"Picasa (one s) is Google's overloaded name for 1) their simplistic image
editor;"placed in Picassa <sic>" 
Or... "placed in Picassa <sic>"   
 I hope that's a typo... "c\users\l:" being "c:\users\l"
Eeek! a thumbnail saved in a "temp" directory! Practically all utilities that
clean up "junk files" will empty any "temp" directory!"

Since I was clear about my need for help "Exhibits for REAL Dummies"(meaning
me),I'm clueless regarding the next statements:
 "I save them, from whatever source (image, email saved as a text files, PDFs)
into a single "Exhibits" directory located

somewhere on my data drive, and use TMG to browse to that directory when adding
an exhibit to a person/event tag/what-have-you.
But then -- I'm also comfortable with maneuvering through a Windows command
shell (and have shortcuts for the newer "PowerShell

2.0" on my start-menu on the WinXP machines). You'll notice my usage of
"directory" -- which is the classic term used since the days of

mainframes of the 70s and earlier. "Folder" is a pseudonym created to push that
"desktop" metaphor upon users -- you don't type "fol" in a command shell to
obtain a listing of contents, you type "dir" (PowerShell also accepts the
UNIX/Linux "ls" command)"

I know everyone is hyped about V8, as I am. I thought learning the ins and
outs of exhibits should be a necessary step before moving up to 8. I just cannot
understand the process

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