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From: Steinar Vissebråten <>
Subject: Re: [TMG] Exhibits and installations.
Date: Tue, 27 Dec 2011 22:25:43 +0100
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At 20:43 27.12.2011, you wrote:
>SteinarVissebråten wrote:
> > Before I started the new version I took a brief look on these folders
>and made A copy of the folder v 7 and into the new folder for v8 of
>Unfortunately, this is a vary bad piece of advice that is going to increase
>the workload of Support and is going to create problems for many users if
>they follow the advice.

If I had said the folders in the v7 folder then
it is a good advise! Not always the writing is just what I meant. SORRY!

>TMG7 and TMG8 are different programs.

Yes, I know that and most of the users too....

>TMG8 needs to have a clean install separate from TMG7.

This has been made with the folders inside v7 not the entire folder TMG v7.

>You copied the program options settings from TMG7 to TMG8. TMG8 needs to
>start with the file added during the install and updated by the first
>program start. You need to open Preferences and set the options as you wish.
>This takes a minute or two at the most.

I wrote this - sorry if you did not see that.

>You overwrote files that have been updated since TMG7 with the TMG7 versions
>thus losing the updates.
>You overwrote a critical TMG file that the program uses to keep track of
>updates from version to version.

Not when I just copied the folders!

>You created a situation where it is very easy to open TMG7 projects with
>TMG8 and thus render them no longer usable in TMG7. This is a big problem
>for people who are keeping their TMG7 installations for a while and wish to
>keep TMG7 and TMG8 separate.

No! Your mistake here if you see my first sentence above.

>The transfer of files such as layouts from TMG7 to TMG8 should be done using
>backup in TMG7 and restore in TMG8. Alternatively, you could copy _selected_
>files such as layouts (not _all_ of the files) from the TMG7 user program
>data folder to the TMG8 user data folder. Do not copy the app.ini or
>update.ini files from TMG7 to TMG8.

That have NOT been done.!

>You need to delete the TMG8 user program data folder and allow the program
>to recreate it next program start. Then you need to run TMG8 and set the
>program options in Preferences.

Well, your misunderstanding is obvious because I
said TMG v7 folder instead of the folders inside TMG v7.

Hope this is better for you.


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