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From: "Michael J. Hannah" <>
Subject: Re: [TMG] Possible Solutions to Issue of Assigning Roles
Date: Wed, 25 Jan 2012 10:28:39 -0700
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Terry mentioned three proposed solutions and asked:

> A. Have I missed any viable suggestions?

Other than having TMG ensure that a default role is not assigned if the
person does not match the "appropriate" settings, I can not think of
any. But this "appropriate" issue introduces the question of "which"
role should be used if the default is inappropriate: search for the
"next" appropriate role down the list, or maybe always assign
"Principal" if the default is inappropriate?

> B. Which of these would work best for heavy users
> of Roles, or does it matter?

Not sure what others may say, but I proposed option 2. because I believe
it would cause V8 to mimic the old first/second behavior towards
"non-Principal" roles in V7. Some V7 users reordered their roles to
take advantage of that first/second behavior, and got used to it working
that way. I believe option 2. would be the least change to those users.
They would only need to once go into the Master Tag Type list and turn
on that new option for those existing tag types where they had already
sorted their roles and expected that behavior, and TMG would now work as
they had come to expect.

I also agree with Terry's parenthetical comment that option 2. "is
subtly different" than option 1. Option 1. would not require resorting
the list of roles to identify which role should be default for P1 and
which for P2. Option 2. simply uses the first and second slots in the
sorted list for that identification.


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