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From: "Jack D. Lovelace" <>
Subject: Re: [TMG] Default Project Path Wish List
Date: Thu, 16 Feb 2012 14:35:12 -0800
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What I have is:
C:\Project 1
C:\Project 1\Project 1-1
C:\Project 1\Project 1-2
D:\Project 2
D:\Project 2\Project 2-1
E:\Project 3
E:\Project 3\Project 3-1
E:\Project 3\Project 3-2
E:\Project 3\Project 3-3

With only one default file path, it would be set to C:\Project 1. This
works fine if I want to open C:\Project 1\Project 1-1 or create Project
C:\Project 1\Project 1-3. It is a simple click to select the
appropriate sub-folder for the sub-project. But, if I am working in
E:\Project 3\ and want to access E:\Project 3\Project 3-2 or create
E:\Project 3\Project 3-4 then it requires several clicks to move the
file system from C:\Project 1 to E:\Project 3.

With the exception of Exhibits, which I keep in a common folder and
Timelines, which is the TMG default, each project has its own set of
sub-folders for Configuration, Reports, etc. which is set in the
Preference file for that Project.

I find that this arrangement works well for me as I have a project
folder for each surname for my ancestors. i.e. Project 1 or Project 3.
When I acquire large amounts of data for a surname, such as downloading
a dataset from the World Connect Project, it goes into one of the
sub-projects, i.e. C\Project 1\Project 1-1. I work on the sub-project
to clean up the data, normalize all place names, and find sources.
Also, to find any missing descendants. When I think that I have
finished working on C:\Project 1\Project 1-1, I merge it into C:\Project
1 and merge duplicates, if any.
Some day, hopefully, I will merge C:\Project 1 into C:\Project 0, which
is the Project which contains all of my ancestors and their descendants.

On 2/16/2012 12:52 PM, Lee Hoffman wrote:
> Jack D. Lovelace wrote:
>> I realize that this will not effect very many users, but being one who
>> maintains several projects in different folders, I would like to see the
>> Default Project Path moved to the Current Project Options in Preferences.
>> If the Default Project Path was in the Current Project Options, I could
>> have a different default path for each of my projects, instead of the
>> one that I now have.
> So, if you had three project located in say:
> C:\Project1
> D:\Project2
> E:\Project3
> then you want any new project created from:
> Project1 to create new projects in say F:\Project4
> Project2 to create new projects in say G:\Project5
> Project3 to create new projects in say H:\Project6
> and any new projects from
> Project4 to create new projects in say C:\Project7
> Project5 to create new projects in say D:\Project8
> Project6 to create new projects in say E:\Project9
> etc.
> Is this what you want? Now this does not affect any other default
> File Paths in the program or your project. For example, the File
> Paths listed in Current Project Options=>Advanced would remain the same.
> If this is not what you want, tell us why you want the change.
> Lee Hoffman/KY

Jack D. Lovelace

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