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From: Robin Lamacraft <>
Subject: Re: [TMG] (really 1 page ancestor reports!)
Date: Sat, 25 Feb 2012 14:07:17 +1030
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This is strange - I mainly print from XP. I dynamically change the
printer and page size - I often output to PDF to send a draft to a
client. I have NEVER had the problem that you describe in XP. I often
create page sizes in the PDF writer (deskPDFin my case) to any size that
will display the chart on a single large page. There has to be something
different in the sequence of operations between our use, or in the
computing environments. I suspect that your PDF writer may not be
replying with the updated printer data after you have changed it - but I
have VCF on XP has always worked correctly. In some other programs, It
is necessary open the File > Page Setup dialog a second time for it to
report the updated changes on the screen. I have found that other
programs do not get returned the correct data (or do not re-read the
properties again correctly after a change). I see this effect with Word
2007 if you output to a PDF custom "unnamed" page size.

This is all academic - the real issue is to get the original
functionality RESTORED on Vista, W7 and soon W8, thus avoiding to having
round trip the Windows Default Printer settings. BTW: I have 5 physical
page printers of differing sizes, qualities, and 4 PDF writers in my
Printers list.

I see another quirk - in that sometimes if you save a VC2 file having
set this file to print on selected printer with a certain page size, on
opening this saved file sometimes the printer settings are kept from the
saved file and at other times they revert to the Windows Default Printer
- I think it depends whether the printer in the saved file is accessible
at the time of opening (eg. powered up or not). In a charting job where
several hours of editing may have done on a large chart - regenerating
the chart with different printer page settings is not a viable option.


On 25/02/2012 11:51 AM, Rick Van Dusen wrote:
> I'm fine with all you say except that I've experienced this with Win2K.
> Yes, I have that Printer button, and I can change the printer. However,
> when I change, say from my inkjet to PDFCreator, then change paper size
> from letter* to anything the inkjet won't do, say, ledger, the size
> appears to change. Then, after closing the printer dialog and reopening
> it, the paper size is back to letter (although the printer is still set
> to PDFCreator. The VCF screen still shows the ledger size, however.


Robin Lamacraft (Adelaide, Australia)

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