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From: Lee Hoffman/KY <>
Subject: [TMG] Project/data set "organization"
Date: Thu, 23 Jul 2015 12:35:23 -0400

Something I have done for years in my projects is to create
End-of-Line (EOL) persons. They help me quickly got to the oldest
ancestor in a line. Further, I make all the EOL persons to be
siblings under a single EOL. So I can go to the single EOL person
and quickly come forward to any one line and all I need remember is
the single EOL person's ID#. The arrangement is like this:
Single EOL Person (ID# 100)
EOL Brown (ID# 2500)
EOL Clay(ID# 7487)
EOL Hoffman(ID# 9942)
EOL Jones(ID# 2700)
EOL O'Rear (ID# 15602)
EOL Smith(ID# 5523)
EOL Wyatt(ID# 36582)
With over 56,000 persons in my main data set, I have some 400
different EOL persons. An EOL person is one have no parents, but
begins a line of descendants. (I have many persons without parents
who are witnesses to events, spouses of descendants, lodgers in a
census household or otherwise are only connected for informational
purposes. I don;t consider these to be EOL persons).

Over time, I have attempted to research the EOL persons under each
EOL line and try to trace where those might connect. For example,
under EOL Clay, at one time, I had four or five different Clay lines
that seemingly were unrelated. Concentrating on them, I was able to
find where those lines connected and I now have only one Clay line
that is under the EOL Clay person. On the other hand, my EOL Jones
line has some 70 EOL persons as "children" and I doubt that I can
connect them all together. I may get the number down by ten or so,
(if I'm lucky) but it will still have a lot of unconnected persons.

Besides quickly finding any one EOL person, this helps organize my
research. Two reports are helpful. One is a List of People report
based in the Single EOL Person and the descendants for one or two
generations. The second report is Descendants Chart for the Single
EOL Person for 2 generations. This give me a quick overview of all
my EOL people. I will occasionally do a 3 generation version of this
(to screen) to get a greater view of some of the lines.

After I have done quite of bit of research and data entry, I will
work with these reports to see if the new information can help tie
people together. Often I will find some people are duplicates who
can be merged and thus reduce the EOL lines or I can add more
information to one EOL person which will help in eventually
connecting that person with another EOL person.

One way to help find the EOL persons is to set a Custom EOL Flag
based on a List of People report using a filter like:
Father ID#=Equals0AND
Mother ID#=Equals0END
I then went through that report and crossed off (reset the Flag)
those that were just Witnesses, etc. This then gave me a few hundred
persons who were candidates for creating EOL Persons.

This process may not work for everyone, but has helped me -


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