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I made this post on several list recently and I also blind copied Justin Glenn at Florida State University. If I understand it correctly, Justin is researching several families in the area and is preparing to write a book about the WRIGHT / WASHINGTON Families.

I do not know if anyone on CRC ist would have an interest in this or not.

Bobby Prosser

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Hello Bobby,

I'm sorry that I'm so slow in answering your interesting and much
appreciated e-mail of Nov. 7. (Part of the problem is that we've been doing
some traveling, and also had some illnesses--plus the usual problem that
I'm juggling a very large correspondence).

I'm very interested in the family that you reference in this e-mail. I,
too, have found William Thornton Petty an extremely confusing fellow. Here
is a quick "cut and paste" (sorry it's so crude) of what I TENTATIVELY have
on William Thornton Petty (part of a book-in-progress) on the descendants
of Col. John Washington and his wife Anne Pope. What I have is NOT
satisfactory, obviously.

I would be very grateful if you would be kind enough to pass this e-mail
along to other Petty researchers who might find it a interest.

Best wishes,
Justin (Justin M. Glenn; Tallahasssee, Fla.)


529. Lucretia Wright (born July 7, 1765; married probably in Surry Co.,
N.C. [Jan. 25, 1783] William Petty [sometimes called "William Eli Petty,"
he was born in Fauquier or Stafford Co., Va., March 13, 1764; moved with
his parents to Surry Co., N.C., ca. 1780. (His father, William Petty, was a
Baptist preacher and prosperous farmer who acquired 400 acres in Surry Co.,
N.C., in April 1780, and by the end of the year had 700 acres). William
served in his youth as a private, Rev. War, and he died Sept. 26, 1834.
According to his Rev. War Pension (certif. #7010; issued 2/21/1833, Act of
William Petty was born in Fauquier or Stafford Co., Va.,
March 13, 1764. Resided in Surry Co., N.C. during and after the Revolution.
Then moved to Wilkes Co., N.C. in 1812 he removed to Madison Co., Ala.
Entered the U.S. Service under Gen. Rutherford, Col.
Armstrong, Capt. Absolom Bostick, he marched from Surry Co., N.C. as a
drafted Militiaman, served three months. Then engaged in a Scouting party
until he enlisted as a substitute for a man (whose name he has forgotten),
served in Capt. Isbell's Co., Maj. Francis Gargrove, after serving this
tour he was engaged in guarding the Legislature of N.C. and was out in
Scouting parties].
On Oct. 24, 1787, he purchased 250 acres of land straddling
Warrior Creek in Wilkes Co., N.C., and acquired an additional 100 acres on
Feb. 19, 1800. In the following years several of his Wright kinsmen moved
to the newly opened frontier of Ala. (then still part of Miss. Territory),
and on Dec. 5, 1815 he acquired 160 acres in what became Madison Co., Ala.
In 1817 he finally moved his family to their new home near New Market, Ala.
William Petty died in Madison Co., Ala., Sept. 26, 1834, and his wife
Lucretia died ibid., Aug. 16, 1842. Both were buried three miles north of
Three Forks on the east side of Macon Lane in Madison Co., Ala. There is
great inconsistency among his descendants in spelling the name "Petty" or
"Pettey." I have generally adopted the former, which tends to predominate
in later generations, except where strong evidence favors the latter).
+1626. Nancy Petty.
+1627. Eli William Petty.
+1628. Lazarus D. Petty.
+1629. John Wright Pett(e)y.
+1630. Zachariah Petty.
+1631. Amelia Petty.
+1632. William Thornton Petty.
1633. Sarah Petty (born Aug. 11, 1799; married ___ Jamison, and she d.s.p.).
+1634. ames William Petty.
+1635. homas Merce Petty.
+1636. Benjamin Franklin Petty.
+1637. Eliza W. Petty.
+1638-a. Daniel Harrison Petty. [FamBibR in G. W. CHUMBLEY, "Pettey Fam.
Bible," 172 and also Mrs. J.T. MOORE et al., Tenn. Records of Coffee Co.,
2-3 (also transcribed in K. REYNOLDS, Petty, 1:65-65A); K. REYNOLDS, Petty,
1:28-35, 70-A, citing will of William Petty [Madison Co., Ala., Probate
Records 7, p. 61], SAR #93831, and tombstones of William and Lucretia
Petty, "3 mi. North of 3 Forks of Flint, Ala."; pension record of William
Petty (Pension Records, [1930], p. 100, photocopy provided by WDC); W.
HOPPIN, W.A., 1:451; Surry Co., N.C. Deed Bk. A:347 and land patents from
Tract Book, Madison Co., Ala. Records, vol. 195, p. 89 ("1/4 section to
William Pettey," 1815), cited by H. PETTY-D. MEDLIN-V. PARKS, Petty's, p.
34, n. 1 and 44, n. 1 (see also 32-53); approved application of WDC (SCW
member #18543); W. FROST, Frosts, 94-96, who also includes important
information about the Pettey Family Bible; CAROLINE BREVARD CHAPTER, DAR,
Tallahassee, Fla., Grandfathers Papers, vol. 29, Natl. Number 476233,
"Pettey," unnumbered page under the grandparent entry "Mary Thomas
Spraggins," which gives Lucretia (Wright) Pett(e)y's year of death as 1842;
L. JULICH, Roster Rev. Soldiers Ala., 475-476 (with specifics on Rev.
Petty's burial site); A.R. RITCHIE, 75-76; A.R. RITCHIE, Sup1, 36; RITCHIE,
Sup2, 83; HAYES, Wilkes, 84-85, 91; DAR P.I., 530; IGI v4.01, M526022
#1305696 V.33E and 2160044 #1553170; Lucretia and William's marr. is not
found in HOLCOMB, Marr. of Surry Co., N.C.; J.A.W., Outline, 12121-8]


1632. William Thornton Petty (born Nov. 29, 1798; he is a shadowy figure
for whom I offer a tentative reconstruction as a stimulus to further
research. He reportedly married in Madison Co., Ala. [1st, on Dec. 3/6,
1821] Bethany Bagley [born Chatham Co., N.C., Nov. 10, 1803; died Aug. 27,
1829]. It also seems that he apparently married [2nd] Abigail Bayless [born
ca. 1810]. Documentation on his marriages is badly needed. The 1850 census
Lamar Co., Tex., lists an Abigail Petty, age 40 [born in Tenn.], with Nancy
W. Petty [age 19], Sarah E. Petty [age 18], and William H. Petty [age 17].
William Thornton Petty died 1841).
Children (by his 1st wife):
+4609-c. William P. Petty.
+4609-d. Margaret Petty.
+4609-e. Sarah D. Petty.
+4609-f. Nathan L. Petty.
4609-g. Matthias Petty (born 1829; married [March 27, 1864] Mary C. Luna.
He is probably "Pvt. Mathias Petty," Co. I, 8th Tenn. Inf., CSA, which was
recruited in Marshall Co., Tenn. [note possible service of his older
brothers, William M. and Nathan, in this same company and regt.]).
4609-h. Joab Petty (born ca. 1829; died unm. Aug. 24, 1841).
Children (by his 2nd wife):
4609-i. Nancy W. Petty (born ca. 1831).
4609-j. Sarah E. Petty (born ca. 1832).
4609-k. William H. Petty (born ca. 1833). [W. FROST, Frosts, 95; K.
REYNOLDS, Petty Fam., 1:33; H. PETTY-D. MEDLIN-V. PARKS, Petty's, 47; 1850
census Lamar Co., Tex., p. 302; IGI v4.02, M519501 #0976385;]

At 09:54 AM 11/7/2007, you wrote:

>Madison, Lincoln, Marshall, Franklin & Chestnut Ridge Cousins List Members,
>I would like to know if there is anyone on this list that is researching
>the PETTY family of Madison County. I am a descendant of the PETTY family
>and there have been many scenarios that have been suggested over the years
>about our PETTY lineage.
>My great grandfather was William Mathaial PETTY of Marshall County, TN.
>There have been questions that I need answered about who may have been his
>father. I believe that William Mathial PETTY"S mother was Bethany BAGLEY
>daughter of Joab BAGLEY and Sarah JACKSON. IN her book "BAGLEY FAMILY
>TALES" Kaaren Perry refers to William Mathial's father as being William
>PETTY. This is pretty vague.
>Other PETTY researchers have suggested that (and it may be posted in some
>Madison Co. documents) that Bethany BAGLEY married William Thornton PETTY
>married Bethany BAGLEYon the date of 03 Dec. 1821 in Madison Co.. What
>brings the "fly in the ointment" is that there is also a document of
>William Thornton PETTY marries Abigail BAYLESS on/or ca. to the date of 06
>Dec., 1821. I do not believe that William Thornton PETTY married two
>different women. Until recently this has really been hard to understand.
>It was recently suggested to me by Sharolyn Petty Wood that maybe there
>were two William Thornton PETTY"S being first cousins.
>The suggestions are as follows,
> William Thornton PETTY (b. 24 Nov. 1797 Surry Co. NC, d. 12 Nov. 1844
> TN.) that married Abigail BAYLESS was the son of James and Kiziah PETTY
> (William Thornton PETTY>James PETTY>Rev. William Eli PETTY>Thomas PETTY
> JR.>Thomas PETTY>Hubert PETTY)
>William Thornton PETTY (b. 29 Nov. 1797, NC, d. 1841 Madison Co. AL.) that
>marries Bethany BAGLEY was the son of William Eli PETTY and Lucretia
>WRIGHT (William Thornton PETTY>William Eli PETTY>>Rev. William
>Another suggestion as to William Mathial PETTY'S father has been George
>Dillard PETTY. George Dillard PETTY was present in the area at the time of
>WIlliam Mathial's early life. He owned land and there were other records
>of him. William PETTY and Lavina DILLARD had a tract of Tennessee Grant
>Land within close proximity of the area, but they never lived there. They
>lived in Smith County and sold the Grant Land.
>Other facts---(1) Bethany PETTY is buried in Mt. Zion Cemetery in Marshall
>Co., TN. The inscription on the stone reads Bethan Petty, dau of Joab
>Bagley, Nov 10, 1803 -Aug 27, 1829. Note from this is there is no mention
>of a beloved ___________Petty husband. This cemetery is within a mile of
>the William Mathail PETTY farm and Marshall CO's. famous Petty
>(2) The William Thornton PETTY married to Abigail Bayless is recorded as
>such in the "The Frost And Related Families of Bedford County Tennessee" book.
>(3) I also understand that William Eli PETTY may have had residence in
>Franklin Co. Tennessee north of the AL/TN line at one time. Joab BAGLEY
>was one of the earliest settlers to settle in Marshall County Tennessee
>around 1807-1808 while it was still a part of Lincoln Co., but he did at
>one time purchase land in the Flintville area, north of the stae line on
>the headwaters of the Flint/Flynt River which is north of New Market.
>(4) I would welcome our Bethany Bagley being married to William Thornton
>PETTY which would then be a tie to America's First President George
>A lot of questions no true answers.

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