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Subject: Beard
Date: Mon, 7 Jun 2004 15:54:53 EDT

Bill Massey ancestor is the same as mine. I have been able to find Elijah
Beard living in the Chestnut Ridge area in ---Elijah Beard was listed in the
1830--Bedford Co. Census --1840 Lincoln Co. Census --and by 1845 his wife was
in Marshall Co. when she ask for the court to set aside her portion or what
ever that is called. There was not a will that I have found.

The names of the sons were John --1826---Joshua Littleton
1828---( I have always thought the name Littleton was a clue but never been
able to tie it down) -----Jospeh Patton Beard --1833--(he was named for his
Mother family) Samuel M. Beard--1834--Eliza Jane Beard--1837--
Matilda Beard 1841--Willian David Lane Beard 1842--
Adeline Beard 1843----
Samuel was killed in the Civil War at the Battle of Atlanta ---Joshua was in
the civil war and settled in Ark. W. D and Joseph Patton were in the Battle
at Ft. Donelson and taken Prisoners and it seems that Joseph Patton went home
when he was released from prison but W. D rejoined his group and was with
Samuel when he was killed. So Samuel may have been a prisoner also.

Bill Massey ancestor is Adeline Beard Grant. --

It does not seem as if the name Hugh would fit in here.

The wife of Elijah was Martha Patton born 1806---the youngest child of John
Patton of Bedford Co. Tn
any help appreciated Frances Beard Roberts

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