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Subject: [TNCANNON] Willard, Moore Friendship quilt
Date: Thu, 27 Feb 2003 13:00:52 -0600

I just got this today. Looks pretty "neat". Please forward to anyone that
might be interested. For questions or inquiries, please send directly to...

Jess Lewis

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Subject: Willard, Moore Friendship quilt

As a geneologist, I am excited to have recently been given a "friendship
quilt" hand stiched for my grandmother. This is a great treasure. It was
held in the hands of my grandmother, great grandmother, great-great
grandmother, several great aunts and numerous cousins. To know that their
hands plyed the needles while they sat through a winter storm or visited
together some rainy afternoon fills me with awe. (Yes I am a
sentimentalist) I know the weather would have been poor, as they were poor
and had far too many chores to do when the weather was good. This quilt was
stitched in Freestone County, Texas, in the March and April of 1933; but
many of the ladies had traveled with their husbands from Cannon County, TN
years earlier. For anyone researching the Willard and Moore families this
may be of interest.
Signatures on the friendship quilt: Mrs. J. A. Guhl, Arabella, Mrs Liza
Moore, Mrs T.S. Henderson, Inez Phillips, Mrs. Ed Ward, Mrs. ______ Seall,
Mrs. J. D. Johnson, Mrs. Joe Brown, Lila Murphy, Cora Moore, Mrs Annie
Moore, Mrs Mattie Lee Ivy, Mrs. Bill Moore, Mrs. Fay Moore, Mrs Frank
Willard, Aunt Gus, Mrs W. J. Mills, Mrs L.E. Wiggins, Mrs. Ben Willard.
I will make photos of each square and signature available to anyone
interested. I suggest others may have these treasures and may not have
realized their importance as a voice from our past from the ladies in our
history. We need to look for these quilts!

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