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Subject: [TNCLAIBO-L] Primitive Baptist Obits in CC, TN Index
Date: Sun, 25 Feb 2001 17:00:16 EST

We have transcibed a few more obits for your perusal.

Obituaries - Primitive Baptist Church
Claiborne County, TN

For individual obits contact us by e-mail at and we will
email you your request. Please include the Name, Account # & Spouse in your
requests. Maiden name is underlined in the Name column, if known.

Index for some obituaries from "The First 64 Original Printed Minutes of The
Powell's Valley Association of Primitive Baptists Years 1906-1970" published
by Ireland Cooke Printing Co., 1971.


Allen, Sterling (1850-1938) 17630 Unknown

Alston, Della Mae Drummonds 18408 Thomas Lee Alston
Alston, Harvey Lawson 4327 Nancy Minerva Ailes
Alston, John W. 47408 Melvina J. Haynes
Alston, James P. 47408 Agnes Unknown
Alston, Joseph Jefferson 54209 Ida B. Unknown

Ausmus, David 19515 Amy Catherine Wright
Ausmus, James 7226 Rhoda Stiner
Ausmus, John River 17442 Linda Jane Taylor
Ausmus, Lela Dunn 19467 Henry A. Ausmus
Ausmus, Linda Jane Taylor 17634 John River Ausmus

Beason, David Leander 56513 Sarah E. Lambert
Beason, James A. 7044 Cleo Goin
Beason, Ola Edwards 17144 John Beason
Beason, Sarah E. Lambert 56514 David Leander Beason

Berry, Susan Adeline 25622 John F. Berry
Berry, Benjamin Franklin 22949 Dora L. Braden
Berry, Dora L. Braden 24163 Benjamin Franklin Berry
Berry, Ozetta 30676 None
Berry, Prior Lee 7062 Sarah Emily Lynch

Boruff, Barbara Ellison 11302 Rev. Alfred Boruff
Boruff, Henry Vewell 11903 Harriet Emma Dyer
Boruff, Benjamin Milfred 6963 None
Boruff, Orpha Ann 22815 A. J. Boruff

Bowen, Mary L. Wilder 45605 Unknown Bowen

Braden, Barbara Cain 18806 Frederick Roscoe Braden
Braden, Ella Kay Edwards 69030 Arvel Braden
Braden, Francie Duncan 69264 Charlie Braden
Braden, John David 61716 Carolyn T. Keck
Braden, Mary Cain 17626 John Henry Braden

Branson, David A. (Rev.) 18433 Mary E. England

Brantley, Alice 69419 None
Brantley, Charity Williamson 70420 Augustus Brantley
Brantley, David Milton 69430 Sarah M. Ellison
Brantley, Freeman 19139 Minervia Herrell/Harrell
Brantley, James R. 17627 Mary (Marie) Brewer
Brantley, James R. 66578 Ada Mayes
Brantley, Manda Armina Harrell 19142 James Brantley
Brantley, Minervia Harrell 19138 Freeman Brantley
Brantley, Thomas (1872-1947) 69443 Unknown
Brantley, William 69449 Matilda Ellison

Bridges, Elvin L. 30746 Rhoda Weaver

Brummet/Brummitte, Andrew 14496 Martha Jane Berry
Brummet, Martha Jane Berry 14497 Andrew Brummet

Bryant, George Washington 18420 Amanda A. Southern
Bryant, Thella Bowman 51072 William "Willie" Bryant
Bryant, William "Willie" 51071 Thella Bowman

Buckner, Ella Mae Cole 37443 William Thomas Buckner

Bundon/Bundren, John 63971 Laura Elizabeth Unknown
Bundon/Bundren, Laura Eliz. 63972 John Bundon/Bundren

Bussell, Charley 69498 Laura Dixon

Cadle, James Franklin 69509 Malissa Unknown

Campbell, Nancy Minerva Ailes 4321 Unknown Campbell

Capps, Carlie C. Snyder/Snider 46621 Samuel S. Capps
Capps, J. Albert 6014 Vina Davis
Capps, Mary Jane Marion 6000 Samuel S. Capps
Capps, Samuel S. 70118 Mary Jane Marion

Carey, Dora Belle Johnson 35875 John Franklin Carey
Carey, John Franklin 28705 Dora Belle Johnson

Clawson, Jahue S. 18440 Lillie Lynch
Clawson, Lillie Lynch 18441 Jahue S. Clawson

Collins, Anna Vandelie Sowder 18262 Jacob Robert Collins
Collins, Jacob Robert 19833 Anna Vandelie Sowder
Collins, Rachel Cordelia 61658 None
Collins, W. S. 69590 Nancy Ayers

Comer, John Henry 69680 Rachel Unknown

Cook, John 16474 Mary Unknown
Cook, Mary Ann Hurst 16385 J. C. Cook
Cook, Myrtle Hill 69794 William "Bill" Cook

Cox, China Orleana Keck 6770 Silas M. Cox
Cox, Hettie Brewer 44797 John Milton Cox
Cox, James Milton 40725 Hettie Brewer
Cox, Miranda "Rindy" Collins 40717 Leonard Cox
Cox, Sarah P. Moyers 11661 Charles Riley Cox

Davis, Anna Bundren 40230 John Davis
Davis, Aaron Burr 57518 Florence Eliz. Roach

Dossett, Martha Alice Graves 41260 John Henry Dossett
Dossett, Delone 41917 Ora White
Dossett, Matthew 27989 Sarah Berry

Drummonds, John Calvin 20837 Maude Ellen Neil
Drummonds, Cordelia Meyers 7029 Joshua L. Drummonds
Drummonds, Cordelia Chumley 18436 Daniel P. Drummonds
Drummonds, Daniel Pleasant 18437 Mandy Cordelia Chumley
Drummonds, Elijah Stephen 17341 Margarette Wilson
Drummonds, George Benton 18451 Maude King
Drummonds, Jacob Marion 4680 Sarah Collins
Drummonds, James A. Garfield 20885 Mary Frances Day
Drummonds, James William 55827 Lela Simmons
Drummonds, Leonard 20880 Bertha Southerland
Drummonds, Margarette Wilson 17340 Elijah S. Drummonds
Drummonds, Mary Frances Day 20886 James A. G. Drummonds
Drummonds, Maude King 18452 George B. Drummonds
Drummonds, Sarah Collins 4462 Jacob M. Drummonds
Drummonds, Sibby England 4318 William A. Drummonds
Drummonds, Tandy J. 5187 Tabitha Jane Treece
Drummonds, Tabitha Jane Treece 17294 Tandy J. Drummonds
Drummonds, Velma Ottellee 55802 None
Drummonds, William Anderson 4682 Sylvia "Sibby" England
Drummonds, William Richard 18410 Nellie Unknown

Duncan, Lucinda Edwards 44237 Wiley W. Duncan
Duncan, Rachel Goin 6949 Unknown Duncan

Dunn, Martha Belle Petree 58020 Maston C. Dunn
Dunn, Maston C. 28424 Martha Belle Petree

Dunsmore, Easter Keck 5680 William C. Dunsmore

Dykes, Lertie Longmire 69830 Unknown Dykes

Earl, Elverenia Drummonds 6904 John Earl Muncey

Edwards, Hattie Owens 62618 James D. Edwards
Edwards, Martha Jane Ausmus 19462 Jefferson Edwards
Edwards, Jefferson 19463 Martha Jane Ausmus
Edwards, Jesse Lincoln 55632 Hassie Harmon

Ellison, Bedie 69841 McKinley Ellison
Ellison, C. D. 69854 Vestie England
Ellison, Catherine White 70421 Benjamin Ellison
Ellison, Joseph Lafayette Jr. 27995 Louisa Dossett
Ellison, Louisa Dossett 18428 Joseph Lafayette Ellison

England, Benjamin David 5375 Margaret J. Walker
England, Della E. Stiner 30039 William Thomas England
England, Rozell Collins 69910 Unknown England

Evans, Ellis Newman 66728 Lottie Belle Owens
Evans, Sarah Serilda Givens 18391 James Marcellous Evans
Evans, Rosa A. Moyers 40911 Corbin Evans

Farris, Emma N. Dunn 50970 William S. Farris

Ford, Celia Catherine Lynch 6806 George Fletcher Ford

Fortner, Margaret Elizabeth Keck 14307 Elijah Marion Fortner

Freeman, Vesta Drummonds 70012 Unknown Freeman

Garland, Martha 70016 Unknown Garland

Goin, Alexander Coonrod "Zan" 5282 Ida Quesenberry

Graves, Aggie Miracle 58060 James Graves
Graves, Caroline Keck 19435 Eli Graves
Graves, Eli 19434 Caroline Keck
Graves, Ezra (1888-1962) 49208 Unknown
Graves, Herbert E. 49523 Lucy Unknown
Graves, John (83 yrs.) 17566 Unknown
Graves, Mary Ann Edwards 58047 George Henry Graves
Graves, Peter McKinley 58067 Mossie Jones
Graves, William W. 58063 Abbie Braden

Hamilton, J. R. (1874-1932) 67838 Unknown

Harrison, John H. 6762 Magnolia R. Russell

Heath, Edwina Alice Goin 5606 David P. Heath
Heath, James Estle 49613 Letha Williams

Hill, Ethel 49863 Oscar Robertson
Hill, Johnson (d. 1931) 70031 Unknown
Hill, Lanny Poore 6971 Samuel C. Hill
Hill, Mary C. Brantley 70058 A. G. Hill

Hopper, Barbara Pearly Rosson 19883 George Henry Hopper
Hopper, Cordelia 70063 Claude Hopper
Hopper, Dewey 54396 Etta Shipley
Hopper, Harriet Alice Mayes 5305 Thomas Jefferson Hopper
Hopper, Jasper Newton 23086 Celia C. Lynch/Ford
Hopper, Polly (Mary) Anne Hill 12129 John H. Carr Hopper
Hopper, Thomas Jefferson 18243 Harriet Alice Francisco

Hoskins, Henry C. 44947 Rosa C. Unknown

Hunsucker, Mary E. England 70380 Percia Ray Hunsucker

Hunter, John Alvis 7299 Rachel Ausmus

Johnson, Jacob 18307 Nancy Ann Beason
Johnson, Lilburn Milton 53791 Sarah E. Cox
Johnson Ninnie Alston 54100 Allen Levi Johnson
Johnson, Sarah Jane Nelson 29974 Calvin Johnson
Johnson, Sarah E. Cox 55642 Lilburn Milton Johnson

Keck, Cora Ethel Hopper 17408 Robert Grover Keck
Keck, Duenna Belle Graves 19454 Marion M. Keck
Keck, Fred L. 58936 Dallie Williams
Keck, Jefferson Divine 5700 Lucinda V. Cox
Keck, Jefferson Winfield 18258 Laura Julia Ann Gray
Keck, John Frederick, Rev. 68745 Minnie Lee Watson
Keck, Katie Jean Hopper 5566 Thomas Craft Keck
Keck, Madison C. 16670 Mary Jane Russell
Keck, Mary Etta Hopper 5724 Emanuel Keck
Keck, Mary Jane Russell 16669 Madison C. Keck
Keck, Philip Fredrick 5352 Sarah Jane Sowder
Keck, Spencer Monroe 55604 Lennie Ethel Collins
Keck, Thomas Craft 12400 Katie Jean Hopper
Keck, Vicie Ann Ridings 44646 Delbert Keck

Keller, John (1827-1912) 47376 Unknown

Lambert, Matilda Ausmus 19412 Andrew Neal Lambert
Lambert, Andrew Neal 19413 Matilda Ausmus
Lambert, Pryor C. 14312 Louvenia Edwards

LeMarr, Isaac Newton 27017 Minerva L. Leach

Liford, Hilda Yaden/Yadon 59655 John Liford
Liford, John 40471 Hilda Yaden/Yadon

Lynch, Amos William Tivis 39420 None

Maddox, Jefferson Schoefield 18432 Mary Malissa Hunter
Maddox, Margaret Cumy Williamson 19081 William Franklin Maddox
Maddox, William Franklin 19080 Margaret C. Williamson

Maples, John 47377 Nancy L. Unknown

Mayes, George W. 18109 Pearlie Harrison
Mayes, Rebecca E. Keck 18108 Terase Newton Mayes

Meyers, Emma C. Day 55796 Robert W. Meyers
Meyers, Odoskey Ruby 54803 None
Meyers, Rachel A. Treece 8046 Vincent Meyers
Meyers, Vincent 18288 Rachel A. Treece

McBee, Edgar 57841 Lussie Pierce

McCarty, Mary Louise Boruff 53397 Joshua L. McCarty

McHenry, Ollie Mossie Kivette 8753 William Jackson McHenry
McHenry, William Jackson 8754 Ollie Mossie Kivette

Mink, Mariah J. Drummonds 9115 John H. Mink

Minton, James Alexander 16808 Ruth J. Lundy

Miracle, Nancy Cupp 7048 Pleasant A. W. Miracle
Miracle, Nathan Henry 53720 None
Miracle, Peter M. 7176 Sarah Ann Lynch

Monroe, Jefferson D., Rev. 6936 Rachel Goin/Brogan
Monroe, Joseph L. 54160 Mary Heath

Moyers, John B. 18390 Sarah J. Unknown
Moyers, Mary Ollie Hopper 14500 Isaac Newton Moyers
Moyers, William Abraham 53892 Lucinda Meyers/Moyers

Muncey, Mary Thomas 49044 Herman Muncey
Muncey, William Alford 4408 Lucy Unknown

O'Dell, Sarah Elizabeth Keck 5562 Jonathan O'Dell

Ousley, Herchel 12865 Lola Graves
Ousley, Paris Haynes 19453 Matilda A. Graves

Owsley, William Alfred Lafayette 30788 Annie Lay

Parrott, Sallie Ann Braden 12988 Joseph Parrott

Paul, Martha Malinda Shoffner 55345 John Paul

Peters, Laura Bridges 30752 Unknown Peters

Petree, Sarah Ann 19169 Rev. S. M. Petree
Petree, Martha Miller 57170 John Washington Petree
Petree, S. M., Rev. 42626 Sarah Ann Unknown

Pierce, Jane Norton 6958 Thomas Jefferson Pierce
Pierce, Thomas Jefferson, Rev. 6952 Jane Norton
Pierce, Thornie, Rev. 7188 Susan Clawson

Poore, Martin Van Buren 18373 Laura Belle Goin
Poore, Richard Wesley 6974 Sylvia Abigail Drummonds
Poore, Sylvia Abigail Drummonds 4681 Richard Wesley Poore

Raley, Hester Elnora Monroe 9758 John W. Raley

Redmond, Arch F. 51942 None
Redmond, Charlie W. 70119 Mary Unknown
Redmond, Dorothy Viola Wilcox 19821 Oscar Leander Redmond

Ridings, David 21857 Mary Tolliver
Ridings, Mary Tolliver 21858 David Ridings

Robertson, Mary Fargina Drummonds 18438 William Frank. Robertson
Robertson, Bertha (1839-1921) 70221 Unknown
Robertson, Charles Lee 61263 Maggie L. Drummonds
Robertson, Martha England 11237 William Toliver Robertson
Robertson, William Franklin 18439 Mary Fargina Drummonds

Robinson, William Harvey 3704 Mary Mason

Russell, Easter Weaver 70289 John Russell
Russell, Emma Florence Ausmus 19405 Jesse Lafayette Russell

Sexton, Mary Malissa Hunter 7308 Robert Sexton

Sharp, Lassie Graves 17527 Edgar Sharp
Sharp, Linda Sharp 53702 Worth Sharp
Sharp, Manna Dilo 67041 Alma Crutchfield
Sharp, Sarah Ann "Sadie" Hopper 14498 James W. Sharp

Shoffner, Alice Welch 57666 William Isaac Shoffner
Shoffner, Hiram Andrew 28115 Sarah Malinda Braden
Shoffner, Rosa Collingsworth 21576 William Shoffner
Shoffner, William 59739 Nancy Hamic/Hammock
Shoffner, William Andrew 57652 Stella Sharp
Shoffner, William Isaac 59656 Alice Welch/Rouse

Simmons, George W. 2078 Serelda L. C. Simmons
Simmons, Serelda Lucinda Simmons 2073 George W. Simmons

Sowder, Hallie Columbia Ridings 56957 Marivel J. Sowder

Stanifer, Isabell R. Robertson 68749 Charles A. Stanifer

Stapleton, Robert 65389 Josephine Unknown

Stiner, Florence F. Graves 61736 W. H. Henry Stiner
Stiner, W. H. Henry 30041 Florence F. Graves
Stiner, William "Willie" H. 18299 Emma Drinnon

Taylor, James P. 17436 Elizabeth Medly

Treece, Anna Mae Ferguson 4335 Charles Robert Treece
Treece, Frances "Franky" E. 20823 Unknown
Treece, Herzel 66580 Dora Unknown
Treece, Jefferson 8050 Narcissus Day
Treece, Narcissus Day 8051 Jefferson Treece
Treece, Wiley 13003 Nora Ivy Treece

Weaver, Matilda Elizabeth Shoffner 55350 Lafayette Weaver

Webb, John, Rev. 70346 None

Welch, Harriet Basie Treece 13023 Frelon Welch
Welch, Berncey Etta Drummonds 16969 Marson Monroe Welch
Welch, Marrison Monroe 51244 Berncey Etta Drummonds

White, Cora A. Williams 30016 Daniel White
White, David 7184 Sarah Elizabeth Boruff
White, Joseph 26654 Matilda J. Green
White, Mealie Jane Cinnamon 31244 William Hess White
White, Sarah Elizabeth Boruff 7164 David White
White, William Hess 69217 Mealie Jane Cinnamon

Wilder, James Matthew, Rev. 19469 China Adeline Ausmus
Wilder, China Adline Ausmus 19468 James Matthew Wilder

Wilcox, Rachel Emaline 66139 John Lefter Jones

Wilson, Bessie Proffitt 65563 Unknown Wilson
Wilson, Lillie Bunch 66279 Press Wilson

Williams, Timothy Esau 5634 Frelia Delane Cox

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