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Subject: Fw: Revisiting Henry County Census's
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Revisiting Henry County Census's
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Subject: Revisiting Henry County Census's

After checking the Rev. War application of James Johnston of Henry Co. :: We now know that this is NOT the James Johnson in 1778 with Hudson Johnson in one house.

Other Johnson in 1778 Henry Co. Tithables William Johnson, and Samuel Johnson:::: We now know that Nancy's; James Johnston and Samuel Johns(t)on are brothers and it appears that William Johnson in Charlotte CO. Va. Is their father per the above Rev. War Application & William Johnston land sold by Samuel Johnston::Back to 1778 Henry Co. Tithables::Thomas Murrell::::::Jeffery and Richard Murrell:::: on 1778 Henry Co. Va Tithables

SO in 1779 Henry Co Tithables- we have the following Johnsons::William Johnson:::: Hudson Johnson Treb. Tax::::Samuel Johnson:::: James Johnson::: Jacob Johnson Treb. Tax::Noble Johnson::::Jeffery Murrell Treb Tax:::: Thomas Murrell by Thomas Long

So in 1780 Henry Co. Va Tithables we have have the following Johnsons:::James Johnson ::: William Johnson and Hudson Johnson in one house:: and Jacob Johnson:::

Gone are Noble and Samuel Johnson ::: WE know Samuel is in Pittsylvania Co on the same property ( Leatherwood Creek) as He married Elizabeth Ballinger

IN 1782 Henry Co. Taxes we have the Following::: Jacob Johnson:::William Johnson:::Hezekiah Johnson:::Samuel Johnson:::David Johnson::::Gone are Hudson and James Johnson

Samuel Johnson is on Leatherwood Creek ::Per deeds on files
David Johnson lives by Thomas Egliston ( Eggliston) who we know lives on Leatherwood Creek:::Joseph Gravely is on Leatherwood Creek, and Patrick Henry and John Fontaine Esq. are all known to be on Leatherwood Creek;

In taking a look at William Johnson :: I cann't find anything so lets go to neighbors of William Johnson::Rowland Chiles ::: we find the Will of Henry Chiles of Henry Co. died before Sept 13 1777 as this is an estate sale::::: Henry Chiles sells land to Jospeh Byrd in Pittslyvania Co. Va Book 1 Page 70 :: Note a Henry Chiles is in 1782 Tithables 4 places from William Johnson ( this is the Walter Chiles Family of 1640 Henrico CO.VA and 1720 Tuckahoe Creek, Henrico Co. Va. and 1735 Albermarle Co. Va)

Next neighbor Samuel Perry :: name is found :: on Aug 13 1792 in Patrick Co. he is a Grand Jury:::We find a Samuel Perry in Patrick CO. on Carrs Branch of Smith River, by John Akers,? Baker, Richard Tucker Manor, Joseph Miller and Samuel Perry per Places Names in 1791 to 1801 of Patrick Co." Note Joseph Miller below on

Next Neighbor is John Ingram:Name is found :: Patrick CO. wills Feb 1 1814::::: 1764 in Cornwall Parish under Baker Degraffenreidt:: 8 tiths and 1 wheel carriage on this same list of 1764 Lunenburg are Andrew Johnson: John Johnson Sr with John Johnson Jr: Micheal Johnson: John Johnson: Daniel Johnson: Richard Johnson: John Johnson: Daniel Johnson: Phillimon Johnson: James Johnson: Isaac Johnson::: We also find in Patrick Co. records on John Ingram A water Grist Mill on Head of Middle fork of South Mayo River ::: Note Baker Degraffenreid does connect to Mary Hollands Ged files on Micheal Johnson off spring (our DNA Matching descendants of Micheal Johnson died 1718 Henrico Co. Tuckahoe Creek)

Next Neighbor Thomas Hubbard (?) name is found:: as in Patrick Co. is one Jonathan Hubbard we find " The Johnson Place" given to Adron Anglin:: Following name Thomas Hubbard back to . Tithables taken by Robert Chandler Pittsylvania Co.Va under this list is Lazaruz Dodson and Goe. Dodson under a sub list taken by David Terry

Note Adron Anglin is married into the BURGESS FAMILY////// Note: Joel Shropshire married to Mary Polly Johnson has a sister married to a Chandler)

Next Neighbor is Samuel Noe : name is found : he lived on GOBLINTOWN CREEK and owned property on PUPPY CREEK by Henry Chiles:: per places named in 1791-1801 Patrick Co.Va. July 1792 Samuel Noes Plantation is in Patrick Co.Va.

John Title:: We find one Anthon Title who lived on GOBLINTOWN CREEK : Patrick Co. Va per places names in Patrick CO. 1791-1804::

Samuel Allen:: name is in Patrick Co. Va places in Deed Book 1 1791 property on Buffalo Creek near Polebridge, Old Still Branc near Buffalo Creek :: in 1764 of Cornwall Parish we find a Samuel Allen with five tithes.

Blackmore Hughes: name is 1791-1801 Patrick Co. Deeds Smith River n Charity and Philpott Lake

Robert Warden NO info found

John Newills : Nothing found ( note run as Newells)

Joseph Sheets:: name is found in Co. B 10th Va- INF. Rockingham Co. Va.

Andrew Polson: names is found in 1767 Pittsylvania Co Va. Tithes : also is Lazaruz Dodson and Geo. Dodson)

Antony Title:: See above on John Title

Peter Saunders : name is in Henry Co. Wills 1779-1799 : Executor of John Rowalnds will dated July 5 1780 who lived on Marrowbone Creek:: 1791-1801 Patrick Co. Deeds a Peter Saunders is on Smith River and Charity and Philpott Lake neighbor is Ignations Simms/ widgeon Creek.

Benjamin Hubbard:: name is in 1767-1772 Court Records of Pittsylvania Co. Va. 1 March 1807:: A Benjamin Hubbard waters of Jacks Creek ::: A Benjamin Hubbard bought Items from Milie ROBERTSON DECD in Patrick Co. in 1820::: in 1774 a Benjamin Hubbard in Caroline Co.Va

Silas Ratliff :: name is in Order Book 1 Patrick Co. Selected entries::

John Cegar ::Nothing as this is wrong spellling of last name should be John Koger Lives on Goblintown Creek

William Lewis:: name is on Lunenburg Tithes 1750 list taken by William Howard

Charles Foster : name is in Patrick Co. 1804 Feb 24 Justice::: May 1805 Patrick Co. justice:::Places in Deed Book 1 1791-1801:: GOBLINTOWN CREEK: CHARITY& PHILPOTT LAKE lived by Samuel NOE SEE ABOVE:: ALSO LAND ON PUPPY CREEK by HENry Chiles:: See above Note numerous entires on this name in Patrick Co. VA>

James Brammon : None found

Johns Snead name is in ( Interesting character lol):: 1772 Tithables Lunenburg Co.Va list taken by Thomas Winn:: 3 entrys from James Johnson Sheriff::: 1775 Lunenburg Tithables taken by Willam Hunley::: John Snead witness will of Elizabeth Jackson dated 6-27-1823::: In Charlotte CO.Va Mar 7 1803: Thomas Baugh & Christopher Robertson for gaming at John Snead Ordinary: March 5 1799 Charolotte Co.Va John McCargo $1.06 as a witness for Thomas Bough against John Snead::::: Charlotte CO.Va July 1 1799 John Snead given an Ordinary License and Bond, as Robert Gilliam as Surety:::: Charlotte CO.VA Mar 4 1797 John Snead Sued:: Charlotte Co. Va. Dr. Thomas Braugh of Halifax Co.Va, Christopher Robertson, Peter Robertson< James Smith, John Smith of Lunenburg CO.Va. For Cock Fighting at John Sneads on Whitsun Monday:: John Snead has many entrys in Charlotte CO.Va.

John Loving name is in 1767-1772 Pittsylvania CO.Va

George Stanton nothing found

Joseph Davis : nam in 1769 Lunenburg Co.Va Tithes Joseph Davis Sr. 4 tithes:: Joseph Davis Jr. 1:: List taken by Thomas Win also on this list is John Ingram, Cyrus Minor,Henry Robertson,Thomas Murrell,James Johnson, Andrew Johnson

Charles Thomas name in Patrick Co. Va 1791-1801 at Poplar Camp Creek, grassy Crk of Poplar Creek: Mar 1 1811 Justice of Patrick CO.Va::: Numerous Entries in Patrick Co.Va.

IT appears that William Johnson in 1782 Henry Co. was living on GOBLINTOWN CREEK
Now in Checking GOBLIN TOWN CREEK the Following is found
1748 Meschack Tuner land registered in Halifax Co. Va for GOBLINTOWN CREEK
1748 Halifax Co. near Irwin River
1764 Meschack Turner married Rebecca Robertson (?) which Robertson Family is this::
1791 to 1801 Places named in Patrick Co. Va.
Wagon Ford near Goblintown Creek : Barnett:: Jesse Corn::William Gardner::George Hairston: James, John Poteet
At Goblintown Creek:: William Addams: Benjamin, William Bristoe/Bristow: James,Samuel Packwood: Abel Perigo, Anthoney Street

At Puppy Creek Sarah,William Adam,John Callaway, Henry Chiles
Roundabout Branch of Goblintown Creek:: David Bruse: Bryant: Martin: William Martin: Turner
At Goblintown creek: Charles Foster: Benjamin Hancock:John Koger,
Gladysfork of Goblintown Creek:: Richard Adams: Jesse Corn: George Hairston
Goblintown Creek USGS Charity and PHILPOTT LAKE :: Richard Collyar: Isham Cradock: William Martain: Abram Roude. ROWDEN: Tenerson: Francis Turner: Nathan, William Waldon, David Bruse, Bryant, Martin, William Martin, Turner :: Goblintown Creek at the Great Road: Charles Foster: Benjamin Hancock: John Koger: Goblintown Creek North Fork USGS Jacob,John, William Adams/Addams: Rowalnd H. Birket: Benajmin, Margaret. Thomas, Widow, William Brister: Ellis Bryant: Colo John Callaway/ Colloway: Isham Cradock. Benajmin Hale: Talmon, Thomas Harbour: James, John Ingram: Edward Lewis; William Lindsay: Benjamin Martin: Richard, Benajmin, John Mize/Mise: Samuel Packwood: Samuel Perry: John Sharp: Antoney, Joseph Street: Saphaniah Tenison/ Tennison: anthony,David, Nancy/ Nans, Benjamin Featherstone: George, Peter Workman

Chuckholds Creek Near Goblintown Creek: William adams: widow, william Bristow: Isam Cradock: Joseph Street: Zephaniah Tennison.

Points of Interest James Johnson of 1778-1779-1780 Henry County is gone in 1782 This brings up an interesting point as ( in 1778-79 Henry Co. ) Rev. Thomas Murrell left and went into area that became Hawkins Co. Tn:: He came back (1781) and Married the widow Rebekah/ Elizabeth Martin- Johnston:: She is supposedly the widow of Major/ Capt. James Johnston : Killed on the Clinch River while Returning Home::Hudson Johnston went into this same area as Rev. Thomas Murrell : Hawkins County( See Person of Interest Combs Research Site) We now know Hudson Johnston in 1783 settled in between an Ingram (? William Ingram) and a Sims ( ? James Bartlett Sims) of an area that became Hawkins Co. Tn. And Hudson Johnston and Rev. Thomas Murrell followed each other intoWIlliamson Co. Tn in 1803 into Dickson Co. Tn. Where they both died, and Hudson Johnston-Johnsons widow was taken in by Rev. Thomas Murrells family when she was 80-90 years of age.( 1840 Dickson Co. census / 1843 Admint of her!
estate). IN 1778 Hudson Johnson is in the same house as James Johnson, in 1780 he is with William Johnson who we find still in Henry County 1782 Tithables and one James Johnson is gone in 1782 ??

Food for Thought:::: James Johnston that married Rebekah -Elizabeth Martin is shown to come from the Royal Lines of Johnston's of Scotland::: Same lines connected to Rev. Edward Johnson????

Researching info:: 1746::: Goblintown Creek is in Halifax Co.Va
1778 area seems to be in Henry Co. Va
1791 in Patrick Co. Va.
Possible that some of this area is also in Franklin Co. VA.
Also in this Area of Goblintown Creek is a Pig Iron Factory owned by the Hairston Family of Patrick CO.Va.

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