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ã Joseph Luther 2005


Sr. William Harris married Alice Smith
died ca. 1616 ????
John Harris married Dorothy ----
1588-???? ????
Thomas Harris married Alice West
1614-1672 ????
Thomas Harris married Ann ----
1636-1688 ????
Edward Harris married Mary Turner
1663-1734 ????
Nathan Harris married Catherine Walton
1716-1793 died 1812
Isaac Harris married Elizabeth Watkins
???? ????
Alexander Y. Brown married Rebecca N. Harris
1780-1850 ca. 1800- ????
George W. Brown married Frances P. Woodard
1826-1907 1836-1899
Drewry Shelton Jordan married Ella Mae Brown
1847-1929 1858-1904
Horace Norman Luther, Sr. married Nellie B. Jordan
1889-1960 1890-1983
Horace Norman Luther, Jr. married Marjorie Elizabeth Neal
1913-1989 1916-1984
Joseph Neal Luther

died 1616

Sir William Harris of Crixe, Essex, descendant of Edward I, married Alice Smith of Weston Hander, County Kent, daughter of Sir Thomas Smith; died 1616. His will was probated 20 November 1616 (Boddie).

Among their children were:

1. Thomas Harris, born 1573; emigrated to the colonies with his brother; arrived in 1611; settled by 1623 at Neck of Land, Charles City County; listed in the Census of 1624/25 at age 38 in Charles City County; married first Adria Osborne who came to America in 1621 in the "Marmaduke". After his first wife's death, he married Joanne Gurgony, the daughter of Edward and Ann Gurgony. He served as Burgess for Henrico County for the years 1623-24, 1639, 1646, 1652-53 and 1656-57. He was appointed in 1626 as one of the "Commissioners for the Upper Parts" which included Henrico County and was also appointed Commander of the County in 1640. Thomas Harris died 1658. HIs children included: Major Robert Harris, born circa 1615, who married Mary (Claiborne) Rice, the daughter of Col. William Claiborne, Secretary of the Colony. They had at least one child: Captain William Harris, born 1669 in New Kent County; married Temperance Overton; died 1730. Their son, Robert Harris, married !
Mourning Glenn.

2. John Harris, born 1588, the 4th son of Sir William. Ancestor - see later.


John Harris, born 1588, the 4th son of Sir William; emigrated to the colonies with his brother who arrived in 1611. John Harris was an Incorporator of the Third Charter of the Virginia Company of London. He married Dorothy Lymbry. On 16 February 1623, he was noted as residing at West and Shirley Hundred in Charles City County with his wife Dorothy and two infants. This was shown on the Parish Registers of St. Dunston in East of Stepney, London that on 1 May 1624, "John, sonne of John Harris of Virginia, gent. and Dorothy, his wife, borne in the House of Edward Lymbry of Lyme House, mariner, the same day baptized." John Harris died in Charles City County before 14 October 1638. Virginia Burgess Journals list him as a Burgess for Shirley Hundred Main, 1627-30. Apparently was a sergeant in the County Militia.

Children included:

1. Thomas Harris, born 1614; married Alice West; died 1672. Ancestor - see later.

2. Dorothy Harris, born 1619; married first John Baker; married second John Bond; died 1684.

3. John Harris, born 1624.

4. Robert Harris, born 1626. Children included: Robert Harris, Jr., Mary Harris;, and Martha Harris.

5. George Harris, married Sarah ----.


Thomas Harris II, was born in 1614. He married Alice West around 1634. He is shown in Charles City County in 1640. He moved to the Isle of Wight County after 1650 where he received a grant of 40 acres at the head of Pagan Creek on 14 August 1652. In 1658, he received a grant of 1,000 acres for transporting 20 persons. He left this property to his oldest son, John, when he made his will 30 March 1672 (recorded 10 June 1672; see Will and Deed Book 2, pp. 11). He apparently died 1672. His wife remarried to John Sojourner. Children included:

1. John Harris, born 1635/6; married first Margaret Hobbs; married second to Elizabeth Church; died 1734.

2. Thomas Harris III, born 1636; married Ann ---; died 1688. Ancestor - see later.

3. Ann Harris; married Richard Sharpe.

4. Edward Harris; married Martha Hardy.

5. Mary Harris.


Thomas Harris III, born 1636; married Ann --- circa 1661. When his father died, he was bequeathed one-half of his land, with the request that he live upon it. Thomas also received 280 acres bought "of the Indian town." Thomas Harris III made his will 14 March 1687 and it was recorded 7 October 1688. See Will Book 2, part 2, pp. 285. He apparently died in 1688 in the Isle of Wight County, Virginia. Children included:

1. Edward Harris, born circa 1663; married Mary Turner; died 1734. Ancestor-see later.

2. John Harris, born 1665.

3. Thomas Harris, born 1667; married Judith Edwards, daughter of Robert and Mary Hunt Edwards; died 1712.

4. Jane Harris, married ----Jones.

5. Robert Harris, born 1674; married Ann Fulgham, daughter of Michael Fulgham; died 1740.

6. George Harris, born 1676; married Martha ----; died 1720.

7. Martin Harris, born 1680; did not marry.

8. William Harris, born 1681; married Rebecca -----; died in Isle of Wight County in 1740.

9. Ann Harris, born 1681.


Edward Harris, born circa 1663. He married Mary Turner, daughter of John Turner and granddaughter of James Turner. A court order dated 15 October 1640 assigned 200 acres to Turner and Thomas Harris, grandfather of Edward. His will was probated in Isle of Wight County on 25 March 1734. He named his son Nathan as executor and stated he was from Upper Parish in Isle of Wight. He left to son Edward, Jacob, Nathan and West Harris, the land granted him on the north side of Warwick Branch and to son Daniel, daughter Ann, daughter Martha Williamson, son James, wife Mary. See Isle of Wight, Will Book 3, pp. 391. He apparently died in 1734. Their children included:

1. Daniel Harris, born 1695; married Jane Jordan, daughter of our ancestors, George and Mary Jordan. See the Jordan Group. Daniel Harris was Captain of the Militia of Greensville County, Virginia in 1754. He died intestate in Bute County, North Carolina in 1765 (this county was discontinued in 1779). Jane Jordan Harris made her will in 1769, naming the following children: Jordan Harris, Mary Harris, Sterling Harris, Sarah Harris, Edward Harris, Daniel Harris, Jr., Drury Harris, Tabitha Harris, and Brittain Harris.

2. Jacob Harris.

3. Edward Harris.

4. Nathan Harris, born 1716; married in 1737 in Brunswick County, Virginia to Catherine Walton; died 1793 in Greensville County, Virginia. Ancestor - see later.

5. West Harris, born 1715; married Mary Turner; died 1795. Children included: Isham Harris, Sr.( lived in Franklin County, Tennessee and father of Governor Isham G. Harris of Tennessee), and Benjamin Harris.

6. Ann Harris.

7. Martha Harris, married Mr. Williamson.

8. James Harris.


Nathan Harris was born around 1716 and married in 1737 to Catherine Walton, daughter of Colonel George Walton of Brunswick County, Virginia. In 1737, George Walton made a deed of gift to his daughter, Catherine, wife of Nathan Harris. See Brunswick County Order Book 2, pp. 50.

Nathan and Catherine (Walton) Harris lived in Brunswick and later Greensville County, Virginia where the Jordans, Catos, Exums and other families that migrated to Davidson County, Tennessee also lived.

Nathan Harris made his will in Greensville County on 30 April 1793. See Will Book 1, pp. 238. There is an inventory and appraisement of the personal estate of Catherine Harris, deceased, on 20 June 1812. See Will Book 2, page 285. Nathan Harris is listed in Knight's Georgia Roster of the Revolution and his heirs received Military Land warrants granted officers ands soldiers of the Continental Line.

Nathan and Catherine Harris had 14 children in Greensville County, Virginia, including the following:

1. Walton Harris, born 1739; in Brunswick County, Virginia. He married Rebecca Lanier, daughter of Sampson Lanier and Elizabeth Chamberlain. Sampson Lanier was the son of Thomas Lanier and Elizabeth Washington and grandson of Louis Lanier of Bordeaux, France. Elizabeth Washington was the daughter of Richard and Elizabeth (Jordan) Washington. See the Jordan group. Walton Harris served in the Revolutionary Army. While absent from home in Georgia, his home was burned by the British. His wife and children took refuge in a haystack. Walton Harris died in 1809 in Greene County, Georgia. Among their children were: Buckner Harris, Sampson Harris, Joel Harris, Edwin Harris, Augustin Harris, Nathan Harris, Simon Harris, David Harris, Walton Harris, Elizabeth Harris, Littleton Harris, and Jeptha Vining Harris.

2. Nathan Harris, Jr.

3. Isaac Harris; married Elizabeth Watkins. Lived in Davidson County, Tennessee. Ancestor - see later.

4. David Harris

5. Elias Harris

6. Rowland Harris

7. Hubbard Harris

8. Gideon Harris

9. Patsy Harris

10. Jane Harris; married ----Williams. May have lived in Davidson County, Tennessee.

11. Elizabeth Harris; married ----Allen.

12. Bowler Harris

13. Anna Harris; married John Patrick.

14. Howell Harris; died in Davidson County, Tennessee. His will is recorded in Davidson County; see Will Book 4, pp. 49. The settlement of his estate is recorded 22 May 1815 and notes a payment to Isaac Harris; a payment to the Sheriff of Brunswick County for taxes for the year 1806; payment to Kitchen Harris; payment to Frederick Lanier; payment for the expenses in moving to Tennessee; payment to Nathan Harris, deceased, legatees; payment for expenses for two trips to Georgia; and payment to John Beck.


Isaac Harris married Elizabeth Watkins. She may have been related to the Watkins family, which settled the village of Watkins Grove in Davidson County, Tennessee. Among their children were:

1. Elizabeth Harris, born 12 May 1776 and died 11 January 1821. She married Thomas Williams who was born 25 August 1778; died 12 December 1848. They are both buried in the Williams-Shearron Cemetery near Cheap Hill, Cheatham County, Tennessee. Their children included: Elizabeth Williams and Burchett Williams who married W.H. Stuart.

2. Burgess Harris. Inventory of the estate of Burgess Harris was conducted 26 January 1816. Isaac Harris hired some of the Negroes owned by the estate. Sterling Brewer was the administrator. A year's provision for Jane Harris, widow, and family was signed 30 January 1816. Thomas Williams was the guardian of minor children who were not identified by name. Division of this estate was held on 11 April 1834. Mentions land on the Harpeth where Harris lived at the time of his death. Lot 1 to John Harris; Lot 2 to Jones Williams and wife's three children; Lot 3 to John Bradley and wife; Lot 4 to Joseph Harris. One tract was divided into 5 lots and this went to Jesse Shearon and his wife Ann, William Harris, Thomas Harris, Buckner Harris, and Burgess Harris, Jr. Made 12 June 1834. Must assume the above named are the children of Burgess Harris, Sr. Therefore, the children of Burgess and Jane Harris were: John Harris, ----Harris; married Jones Williams, ----Harris married !
John Bradley, Joseph Harris married Lydia Brown (daughter of Alexander Y. Brown), Ann Harris married Jesse Shearon, William Harris, Thomas Harris, Buckner Harris, and Burgess Harris, Jr.

3. Silas Harris. On 22 September 1812, Silas Harris bought 640 acres on both sides of the Harpeth, 4 miles above its mouth, adjoining John Court's south boundary line; near the lower point of an island; from Jesse Blackfan. This deed was witnessed by Burgess Harris and William Harris. Shown on the 1839 Tax List for Dickson County with 590 acres.

4. Rebecca N. Harris; married Alexander Y. Brown on 15 October 1818 in Davidson County, Tennessee. Ancestor - see later. Refer to the Brown group.

5. William Harris married Martha Williams, sister of Plummer Williams. Children included Lucinda Harris, Minerva Harris, Catherine W. Harris, Isaac N. Harris, Etherid(?) Harris, Edwin C. Harris and Hamilton P. Harris. See the will of Martha Harris, dated 18 June 1856, witnessed by Burgess Harris (Cheatham County, pp. 161).

On 24 September 1805, Isaac Harris witnessed a deed in Davidson County.

On 15 August 1809, Isaac Harris receives land on the Harpeth River conveyed by Samuel Harris and Alexander Provine, attorney for the legatees of John Provine of Wilson County. This was part of a tract of land North Carolina granted to John Provine.

On 27 October 1812, Isaac Harris conveyed 70 acres on the Harpeth River to Burgess Harris, trustee for Martha Williams of Dickson County and her children. Witnessed by James Williams and R. Williams.

On 30 December 1815, Isaac Harris sold 30 acres on the Big Harpeth to John Garner; mentions Henry Hyland's southwest corner.

On 26 January 1816, the estate of Burgess Harris, Sr was inventoried. Jane Harris was noted as widow and Isaac Harris hired Negroes from the estate. Thomas Williams was noted as guardian of the minor children of Burgess Harris, Sr. This Thomas Williams was the brother-in-law of Burgess Harris, Sr.

Isaac Harris named in the account of sale in the estate of Benjamin Cox in Dickson County - 1824.

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