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Subject: A REAL MYSTERY of SA(U)NDERS and DANIEL Families
Date: Fri, 18 May 2001 16:35:50 EDT

Hello List,
A real SA(U)NDERS mystery exists in Franklin County, Tennessee. Seems I'm at
a real stumbling block regarding my Hardy Holman SA(U)NDERS #1 (born 1816)
until I solve the perplexing questions of Hardy SA(U)NDERS #2, Henry
SA(U)NDERS #3 and Holman SA(U)NDERS #4, all of whom apparently lived in the
area. Or, instead of four men, were there only two? My questions also
involve the Joseph Joab "Job" DANIEL family, grandfather of Jasper Newton
"Gentleman Jack" DANIEL, now of distillery fame.

HOLMAN SANDERS #4: In papers written some years ago (circa 1946) by Felix W.
MOTLOW, great-grandson of Joseph and Elizabeth DANIEL, he stated their
daughter "(7) ANNE DANIEL, who was born about 1796 in North Carolina, and
died about 1862 [***] in Franklin Co., Tenn. She was married, about 1814, in
Franklin Co., Tenn., to her first husband, WILLIAM SANDERS. The children of
William and Anne Daniel-Sanders were: [among others] HOLMAN SANDERS (born
about 1816), who was the father of George SANDERS, a Confederate soldier, and

***Anne DANIEL's date of death as recorded on her tombstone in the
[present-day Moore County] Chestnut Ridge Baptist Church Cemetary is 1862.
However, she is not listed on the 1860 census, and her second husband John
WAGGONER is listed in the household of William H. NEAL (Anne's son-in-law by
her daughter Mary SA(U)NDERS). Back years ago, I recall tombstones being set
at relatives graves several years after the fact and there was question as to
the exact date of death regarding those individuals. I dare say, this the
same situation with Anne's stone...... read on below.

Supposedly the following original petition was filed in 28 Jan., Jun or July
of 1859; with a note to see also 17 August 1859. This information note is
dated 15 October 1859, whereby [sons of Anne's] William B. SANDERS, etal vs
Felix Harper SANDERS, etal in a court petition over property dispute;
settlement of estate [but doesn't mention Anne by name].

"William B. SANDERS, Benjamin F. SANDERS, Elizabeth SANDRIDGE and her husband
Nimrod SANDERS, Scyntha REYNOLDS/RUNNELS and her husband Millege, all
citizens of Franklin County and H. H. SANDERS, a citizen of LINCOLN County.
[Note: Lincoln and not Franklin as to this H. H. SANDERS.]


Harper SANDERS, Mary NEAL and her husband William, and John F. NEAL, William
B. NEAL, and Thomas NEAL, the last three of whom are minors and children of
Nancy NEAL, deceased, all citizens of Franklin County."

Disposition of case according to copied notes from another researcher: "
Property to be sold and monies to be equally divided."

So, by January, (June or July~unreadable) of 1859, I would believe that ANNE
DANIEL SANDERS WAGONER was deceased, and probably had been for some time
giving allowance for her children to disolve their problems before filing any
court papers. I do know that all the land problems which were created caused
a great split among the families which never healed and Elizabeth with her
husband Nimrod SANDRIDGE moved to Marshall County, Alabama, following my
Hardy Holman SANDERS #1 and his [only] spouse, Catherine Anne CLAMPET SANDERS

Going further back in time, and reading from a xerox copy of a deed
transaction in Franklin County, dated 25 July 1856: "I Hardy H. SANDERS have
this day bargained and sold and do hereby transfer and convey to ANNY
WAGONER.... 57 acres.....adjacent to JOHN WAGONER's tract of land...."

The deed does not state this was a transaction between mother and son which I
think it would have, had they been that closely related. An aunt or cousin
by marriage would not be necessary to state in the record of deed.

If John WAGONER bought the land, as he later claimed in a court petition in
1865, then why wasn't his name placed on the deed at the time of the
transaction in 1856... why did he wait until 1865, several years after the
death of ANNE? I suspect it was Anne's money that bought the land and she
knew exactly what she was doing. Was she later coerced into changing title
of this particular 57 acre tract of land? If so, is there a record?
Unfortunately, she apparently died intestate before October 1859 and lawsuits

Mr. MOTLOW went on to report that: "ANNE DANIEL-SANDERS obtained a divorce
from her first husband, William SANDERS (who had deserted her and was living
in Arkansas), and was married, before 1852, to her second husband, John
Wagoner. No children from the second marriage."

As to the "divorce" mentioned by Mr. MOTLOW ~ I've had those to state they
had seen the papers, but no one has yet said where. Could someone PLEASE
search locally, perhaps in some of the "Loose Papers" on record? At this
point in time, I believe William actually died before 1850 and there was no
divorce. Also hopefully, if there were a decree, it would state the exact
names of Anne and William's children and put an end to the mystery.

SUPPOSEDLY from the Franklin County, Tennessee Loose Court Records of 9
August 1865, Original Bill, John WAGNER vs H. H. SANDERS etal ~ it states:

"On 25 July 1856, John Wagner bought of H. H. SANDERS a tract of land in
Franklin County, Tennessee......57 acres where complainant now
lives......complainant alleges he is a very old man, being near seventy years
old.......said SANDERS was (sic) the step-son of complainant, the son of his
then wife who was then quite old and was a WIDOW with eight children when he
married her......his wife was Anny WAGNER......"

Do the original papers read "H. H." or do they spell out the name? Is this
the same 57 acres Hardy H. SANDERS sold to Anny WAGONER back in 1856? In the
petition, John WAGNER states Anny was a WIDOW when he married her...... some
have told me she was really a GRASS WIDOW...... this I don't believe, until
those divorce papers are found, if they exist.

Additionally, reading from old research papers by Sxxxx E. Hxxxx, which
states: "The heirs of said Anny are Benjamin SANDERS, Wm. NEAL and wife
Mary, Boon SANDERS, ______ SANDERS [note: the original name as she stated has
since been typed in to read "Felix Harper" SANDERS], Reuben Webb and wife
Cynthia, H. H. SANDERS [there's those confounded initials again], besides TWO
sets of grandchildren, to wit: the children of Nancy NEAL who are John,
William and Thomas NEAL. Also the children of Betsy SMITH to wit: Wm. Boon,
James, Benjamin, Larkin, Cynthia and several others whose names are not known
but who are described as the children and heirs of Betsy SMITH and
grandchildren of Anny WAGONER. All of the children of Betsy live in Alabama
except Boon and Larkin who live in Franklin County, Tennessee. HOLMAN or H.
H. lives in Alabama, all others Franklin County or as above stated."

Now, if the above HOLMAN or H. H. was an heir, and he was indeed my
G-Grandfather Hardy Holman SA(U)NDERS who had a large family [listed below]
then why wasn't this fact mentioned...... or was the above HOLMAN a single
man without family? If you will note, the only grandchildren listed are
those of Elizabeth "Betsy" SANDERS, who first married Tillman SMITH and
secondly Nimrod SANDRIDGE, and Nancy SANDERS, who married William NEAL.
[William NEAL after the death of Nancy married her sister Mary SANDERS.]

Hardy SA(U)NDERS #3: In the late 1700s a Hardy was born to a James
SA(U)NDERS over in Grundy County, which probably was in an area that later
became Franklin. Who was he?

Henry or Hardy SA(U)NDERS #2: I have a note someone sent: "35,000 Tennessee
Marriage Records and Bonds 1783-1870 Vol. 3 O-Z" Lucas and Sheffield; page
150, Henry SANDERS married Patsy PHILLIPS on February 15, 1844 Franklin
County, Tennessee."

Sxxxx E. Hxxxx has typed on her "Family Group Record" now ensconced in the
Franklin County Library regarding my Great-Grandfather Hardy Holman
SA(U)NDERS the following which is totally incorrect as two different men have
been combined into one [and will be explained under my Hardy SA(U)NDERS #1]:

She has that Henry Holman SANDERS, born circa 1818 in Tennessee married
Martha Catherine "Patsy" PHILLIPS secondly on 15 February 1844 by N. P.
Modrall, J.P. (2 Janurary 1844/Tn, Franklin County ~ BOND). Further that his
first marriage to Catherine (?) CLAMPETT (2) Clampett, born New Orleans,
Louisiana. H. H. SANDERS moves (sic) to Scottsboro or Paint Rock, Alabama
before 1865. Children one through four from first marriage; children five
through eight...... from second marriage.

These four children are listed as being those of Catherine CLAMPETT:
#1. John H., b.c. 1836/Tn., killed in the Civil War (?).

#2. George W., b.c. 1838 [15 February 1838 added] married Martha J. SMITH
whose first husband was Thomas H. BAGGETT, a Civil War soldier who was killed
in Moore County, Tennessee while home on furlough [Co. D, 1st Inf-Peter
TURNEY's Regt., CSA, 2nd Lt.] [children by that marriage were: one
stillborn, John, Mary and Etta BAGGETT.] Martha Jane (Smith) Baggett Sanders
is (sic) the daughter of John Woodward SMITH and Mary Ann SIMPSON
(1828-1883). Martha Jane, born 25 February 1840, died 27 February 1897,
buried Chestnut Ridge Cemetery. George W. SANDERS, her husband, died 13
April 1905 and also buried Chestnut Ridge Cemetery.

#3. Malvina SANDERS, b.c. 1840/Tn.
#4. Emily SANDERS, b.c. 1842.

And, these following four children are listed as belonging to Martha PHILLIPS:
#5. Elizabeth SANDERS, b.c. 1844/Tn.
#6. Wiley SANDERS, b.c. 1847/Tn.
#7. Sidney SANDERS, b.c. 1848/Tn.
#8. Hardy SANDERS, b.c. 1850/Tn.

What a shame the LAST FOUR descendants of these children are following the
wrong maternal ancestors if researching. And, the above is a prime example
of a researcher not doing their homework thoroughly and thus creating even
more problems for actual family members in the future.

Some have even reported that my Hardy Holman SA(U)NDERS even married a
CRABTREE lady along the way. Here's the real skinny:

Hardy Holman SA(U)NDERS #1 ~ his name was NEVER Henry... and he never married
anyone else besides Catherine Anne CLAMPET on September 28, 1835 in Madison
County, Alabama where her parents lived at the time. They were Mathias
CLAMPETT and Rebecca NICHOLSON. Catherine was not born in New Orleans, but
Madison County... Catherine CLAMPETT in New Orleans was another lady... and I
don't think she was even born there.

After the first ceremony, the couple traveled by buggy (probably overnight)
to Jackson County, Alabama where Hardy had relatives. Afterwards, they went
back to Franklin County, near Lost Creek where their children were all born,
with the exception of one, who was born after they moved to Marshall County
Alabama about 1859. Hardy and Catherine are together in the 1860 census of
that county until after 1870. My G-Grandfather Hardy died before 1885 in
Madison County.

Catherine and Hardy Holman SA(U)NDERS children together were:

#1. John H. SA(U)NDERS, born 1836 near Lost Creek. Supposedly in the Civil

#2. George W. SA(U)NDERS, born 1838 near Lost Creek. Supposedly in the
Civil War. Did he really marry Martha Jane SMITH?

#3. Melvina Jane SA(U)NDERS, born 1840 near Lost Creek.

#4. Emily, Emma or Emaline SA(U)NDERS, born 1842 near Lost Creek.

#5. Elizabeth SA(U)NDERS, born 1844 near Lost Creek. She first married
George W. ALLEN. Had a daughter named Leona Catherine.

#6. William, Wiley or Willie SA(U)NDERS, born 1846 near Lost Creek.

#7. Sidney Malinda SA(U)NDERS, born 1848 near Lost Creek.

#8. Hardy H. SA(U)NDERS born January 25, 1854 near Lost Creek. Married
Martha "Mattie" GRIGSON and both are buried at Cedar Grove Cemetery, Miller
County, Arkansas. He died February 12, 1902 and she April 5, 1912. Their
children were: Amanda, Gurley and Holman SANDERS.

#9. Pinkney "Pink" SA(U)NDERS, born 1852 near Lost Creek. He was killed by
soldiers between age of 10 and 13 while home alone molding bullets for his
mother. Catherine had taken the younger children and part of their cattle to
hide them in the woods behind their home. When she returned and found Pink
dead, she buried him and then went to her kitchen and baked poison pies for
the next soldiers who "came along" before she gathered up the rest of the
cattle and joined the other children back in the woods.

#10. Andrew Masten SA(U)NDERS, born 1854 near Lost Creek. Married Eliza
Anne HENDREN from Jackson County Alabama and moved to Miller County,
Arkansas. Their children were: Wallace; William Arthur; Lillie Pearl;
Goldie; Lena Belle; Lorena Grace and Thora Inez SANDERS.

#11. Tresa, Trissy, Trissa M. SA(U)NDERS, born 1856 near Lost Creek.
Married George W. THOMAS in Madison County at her mother's home in 1882.

#12. Isaac SA(U)NDERS, born 1858 near Lost Creek. Now, because of all the
controversy, even Isaac has been placed in the wrong family of late.

#13. Steven, or Stephen SA(U)NDERS, born 1860-1863 in Madison County,

If someone could untangle this SA(U)NDERS mystery web... correct the known
mistakes in papers now in the Lincoln County Library, then I would be
eternally grateful.

Finally, according to my Grams SANDERS (1869-1969) her father-in-law, Hardy
Holman SA(U)NDERS was definitely related to William SA(U)NDERS who married
Auvert Anis "Annie" DANIEL, but not siblings and there are several things
which confirm Grams statements. But how was he truly related? This is the
mystery, along with the question...... did William really up and leave his
family? Did Anne DANIEL-SA(U)NDERS really divorce him, or did he just die?

Annie Boone

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