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From: "Betty B" <>
Subject: Re: [TNGRAING-L] Re: John Mayes and Margaret Noe
Date: Tue, 05 Aug 2003 13:28:48 +0000


In addition to below, I just noticed that Robert Cardwell, son of Robert
Cardwell and Elizabeth Copelan, married a Nancy MAYES 23 Oct 1837 Grainger
Co. TN. This Nancy Mayes is shown as being born in 1816.

One poster recently asked for information on a Robert Cardwell. From this
book, it appears that the senior Robert Cardwell came from Campbell County
VA to Grainger Co. TN between 1808 and 1810. Their oldest child, John was
born 26 Aug 1808 in Campbell Co. VA, and the second child, Alice, was born
26 Aug 1810 in Grainger Co. TN. Alice married Cornelius Goforth 19 Aug
1830, Grainger Co. TN. According to notes kept by Cornelius Goforth, he
bought the Robert Cardwell homeplace and he and Alice made a home for
Elizabeth Copelan Cardwell. She is with them on the 1870 census, but not on
the 1880 census. Her death date is not known.

Betty B.

From: "Betty B" <>
Subject: Re: [TNGRAING-L] Re: John Mayes and Margaret Noe
Date: Tue, 05 Aug 2003 12:41:57 +0000


It's proximity to Bean Station makes it a distinct possibility, but I don't
know for sure. My g-g-g-grandfather, John Roach, headed his will Bean
Station, and I think some of that family were married by a Tate.

The NOE family was connected through marriage to my CARDWELL line, also from
Grainger Co. TN., and so was the TATE family. That's how I got involved in
that discussion.

According to the book "Robert Cardwell of Campbell County Virginia", written
by a Robert Cardwell of El Paso some years ago:

Mary A. Cardwell was born Grainger Co. TN 24 Feb 1814. She was the daughter
of Robert and Elizabeth Copelin Cardwell. Mary married first Andrew
Chamberlain. The inventory of his estate was filed 4 August 1834, and
Robert Cardwell was made guardian of the infant children.

Mary married David N. Tate 5 March 1835. David was the son of Edward and
Lucy Tate and was born in Grainger Co. TN 29 June 1812. David N. was made
administrator of the estate of Mary's father, Robert, when he died. David
N. Tate died in Grainger Co. TN 16 Feb 1883.

The Cardwell/Chamberlain union produced two children: Jeremiah Chamberlain
and Elizabeth Jane Chamberlain. Elizabeth Jane married Samuel N. Tate 28
July 1850 Grainger Co. TN. One of their children was a COMFORT K. TATE,
born Nov. 1863. Other children were George A. Tate, Lucy C. Tate, Edward M.
Tate, Catherine A. Tate, M.J. (f), and Samuel N. Tate. The son Samuel N.
Tate and Cornelia M. _____ also had a daughter named COMFORT K. TATE, born
June 1895.

The Cardwell/Tate union produced Edward M. Tate, married Mary C. Noe,
daughter of Solomon Noe and Mahaly ______. Other children were Lucy, Mary
J., John R., David A., and Victoria Tate.

The above comes strictly from the book and not from any research that I have
done on the family. I research Anthony C. Cardwell, who was my g-g-g
grandfather and a brother to Robert Cardwell, father of this Mary A.
Cardwell Chamberlain Tate. There are a number of errors in this book, but
the ones I can spot have to do with the Roach connection. (Anthony
Cardwell's daughter, Melvina Jane, married Absalom Roach, son of the
aforementioned John Roach.)

Betty B.

From: "TN MAN" <>
Subject: Re: [TNGRAING-L] Re: John Mayes and Margaret Noe
Date: Tue, 05 Aug 2003 05:03:03 -0600

Betty B. wonder if your TATE name was part of
the family TATE SPRINGS is named for? KINGSWOOD
SCHOOL on old 11w about 5 miles west of
BEAN STATION is located there i
brother's ex-wife was 1st msrried to a WACTEL.
1 of those that founded the school. she said
TATE SPRINGS was there. on the WBIR TV
HEARTLAND Series,they did s piece there.Ray
On Tue, 05 Aug 2003 10:52:06 +0000, "Betty B" <> said:
> Hi, Listers -
> Some years ago - probably around 1996 or 1997, there was a lot of
> conversation about the Noe family, and I think the Tate family as well.
> If
> those old posts are still out there, you may want to see if they are of
> any
> help to you.
> Betty B.
> From: "Gail Roorda" <>
> Reply-To:
> To:
> Subject: Re: [TNGRAING-L] Re: John Mayes and Margaret Noe
> Date: Mon, 4 Aug 2003 21:56:21 -0500
> Dear Grace,
> I too like Sheri, would be interested in the source for this information.
> (However, I just read your new email<grin> and see you that you have no
> other further information)
> I cannot prove with a certainty that the John who married Mary Hodge
> (Hodges) is Edward's son (this is Edward son of Liggen not Edward son of
> Dudley <grin>), but without further proof I remain unconvinced that the
> the
> John who married Margaret Noe is Edward's son. I still think he is Big
> John
> and Nancy's son.
> John Mayes and wife, Mary (Hodge or Hodges) are listed next to Edward
> Mayes
> on the census in 1850 and 1860. Various Hodge or Hodges are living very
> near Edward in 1840. (In general these folks did not wander too far to
> find
> their spuses. Perhaps, as I tell my husband when he makes jokes about my
> endlessly entangled Tennessee kinfolks, "they had only one horse and had
> to
> go courting together" so that was why brothers from one family married
> sisters from another family etc. and any number of endless variations on
> this... or "They had NO horse and had to intermarry with the family next
> door." <grin> Or I like the one by another lister forget just who
> <smile>
> "just didn't want to ride over the mountain".)
> I still believe the The heirs of Edward Mayes to John Mayes land record
> represents the other heirs selling their share of Edward's estate to
> their
> brother John and this John is the John living nest door to Edward!
> Like Sheri I I had immediately thought that Comfort is a Tate name..and I
> still think that the John who married Margaret Noe is most likely big
> John
> and Nancy's son. However, Sheri, I have been doing some checking and I
> think we can pretty well narrow it down to only these two Johns. I am
> pretty sure "John" would have had to have been living in Grainger County
> at
> least at the time "Big John" died in order to have been appointed an
> administrator of the estate as I said in the last letter on this subject
> I
> sent to the list.
> However, although I STILL think the John who married Margsret Noe is Big
> John's son, I think it is important not to become too wedded to one's
> ideas
> so thank you very much, Grace. Also thanks for the 1880 census
> transcription. I do have this census information and had wondered
> whether
> this was John (right age) and that Margaret had died and this was a new
> Mrs.
> John.
> Sheri, I am hoping that the researcher you have located will have further
> information regarding the antecedents of the John Mayes who married
> Margaret
> Noe. I look forward to your posting any information you garner from this
> researcher to the list.
> Gail in MO
> > Grace,
> > Thank you for your information. I couldn't help but notice the names
> the children correspond very closely to Big John's children's names.
> Also I
> believe there is a John Jacob Mayes in the John and Margaret line. Would
> you be able to provide the information which would say that it is the son
> of
> Edward who married this Margaret Noe and not the son of Big John?
> >
> > Big was
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