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From: "Gail Roorda" <>
Subject: Re: [TNGRAING-L] Phillip Roberts/Eliza Hill
Date: Thu, 31 Mar 2005 17:56:13 -0600
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Dear Ross and everybody else,

<grin> There are actually two Ameys or Amys on the 1860 census. This
really made me scratch my head when I first found these two entries some
years ago, but I think the Amey and Amy are the same. Amey. Amey Watson
Roberts, widow of Dennis Roberts.

Amey aged 64 is also listed in John T. Roberts's son Dennis's household
"Amey pauper Va"(<sigh> It seems to me that census takers often didn't pay a
lot of attention to the meaning of "census day". Amey isn't the first person
I have found listed twice

> Family 971 headed by Amy Roberts, 64, f, Va, with Absolem, 20, m, Tenn.
> Family 972 headed by Thos. Roberts, 28, m, Tenn.
> Family 973 headed by Isaac Roberts, 20, m, Tenn.
> Family 974 headed by James Roberts, 36, m, Tenn.
> Family 976 headed by Goodin Roberts, 23, m, Tenn.

and <grin> family 977 headed by Dennis Roberts 36 m. Tennessee
family 978 headed by Dixon Stratton (Mrs Dixon Stratton was the former
Susanna Roberts)

Maybe these Robertses aren't as bad as I thoought for I have figured a few
more things out. Years ago when I first began my researches I resolved to
leave the Roberts family til last when my skills had improved.

More later..


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