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From: "David L. Brown" <>
Subject: Re: Gilliam
Date: Sat, 02 Aug 1997 18:08:54 -0400

Hi Pat,

I'm not certain exactly who you want me to look for.

I found the following Gilliam, (for the general period requested),
listed in Hawkins Co. Cemeteries, Vol. 3;

CATHARINE GILLIAM b. 26 Nov 1828 d. 23 Sept 1905

No GILLIAM'S listed, (for the general period requested), in Hawkins CO.
Marriages. No GILLIAM'S listed, (for the general period requested), in
Greene CO. Marriages or WPA Tombstone References.

I found these listed in Greene Co. Marriages and Bonds, (for the
general period requested);

doc # 910 ADAM FRAKER to ELIZABETH LOYD, Nov 16, 1803 - Notes 1, 2
doc # 2736 THOMAS STANDFIELD to CATHRINE FRAKER, Sept 30, 1826
doc # 2759 FREDERICK FRAKER to BETSY ARMSTRONG Nov 28, 1826 - Notes 3,4
doc # 2735 DAVID TULLOCK to HANNAH FRAKER, Sept 28, 1826 - Note 3
doc # 2965 JOHN DILLON to MARGARET FRAKER, Oct 16, 1828 - Note 3
doc # 3187 MICHAEL FRAKER to LEVINA LOYD, Aug 24, 1830 - Note 2, 3
doc # 3286 PETER LEWIS to POLLY FRAKER, Aug 29, 1831 - Note 3
doc # 2549 JOHN ARMSTRONG to SARAH FRAKER, Jul 13, 1824 - Note 3, 4

Notes: 1. ADAM FRAKER possibly is Father of this bunch!
3. These FRAKER's may all be siblings, (Brother & Sister), also
the dates of marriages may indicate the general beginning dates of
western migrations.
4. JOHN ARMSTRONG and BETSY ARMSTRONG are probably Brother and

I hope this will be of some use to you Pat. The notes are just my
impressions, (guesses), as I came across these people and dates.

Good Luck on your search!
David L. Brown

> I notice in your letter you said that you had found some Gilliam.I
> am related to the Frakers of Green County. Michial Fraker who died in
> 1822 in Green County. My line continues through Frederick Franker and
> Sarah Gilliam. They were married in Knox County 18 April 1808.Thomas
> Gilliam was killed by the indians in 1793? I think I am doing this by
> memory in Bulls Run. Frederick Fraker and his brother Christian moved
> to Knox County before their Father died. The Frakers were form
> Frederick Co. Virginia. I believe the Frakers, Milburns, Gilliams and
> perhaps the Halls traveled together. I am looking for a marriage on
> Thomas he married a Winniford. I also do not know who his Father is
> for sure. He may have had a brother named Dex.
> Thank you for your help
> Pat Graves Reagan

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