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From: Barbara Kesterson <>
Subject: [TNHANCOC] John Lamb
Date: Tue, 3 Aug 2010 22:32:05 -0700 (PDT)

Does anyone know who the parents were of John Lamb  that is listed in this
Appreciate any help.
Hancock County Battle
* Aug, 5 1900 , Sneedville, TN.
Two men killed and two wounded on election day.
In the sixteenth district of Hancock County at Sycamore, a point remotely
situated in the mountains, a disastrous fight occurred on election day, Aug 2,
1900.  Hillery Collins and John Lamb were killed outright and Wiley Brewer was
mortally wounded and Patton Gibson injured.It was pitched battle arising between
the Brewers and Lalmbs on one side and the Collins and Burton on the other. 
John Llamb was deputy sheriff and Hillery Collins, constable.  The afray arose
over an election quarrel, the particulars of which have not been obtained.  The
families involved are said, by those in the city who knew them, to be determined
people and it is the struggle must have been a severe one.  There was no feud,
but it is feared this trouble may lead to one similar to those with which
Hancock county used to be infested.
This was reported in the Knoxville Journal and Tribune, Sunday, Aug 5, 1900

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