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Following is what I have found in the Hardin Co, TN records and a few
additional records on Winchester:

1790 Census, North Carolina

William Winchester 2-2-4 Mecklenburg Co.

John Cagle 2-3-6

Dugles Winchester 2-3-3

Coleman Winchester 1-0-0 Rockingham Co.

John Winchester 1-0-1

John Winchester, Sr. 2-0-1

1800 Census Index, North Carolina

Daniel Winchester, Mecklenburg Co.

Thomas Winchester

Douglas Winchester, Cabarrus Co.

Francis Winchester, Burke Co.

Coleman Winchester, Rockingham Co.

John Winchester

1810 Census Index, North Carolina

Daniel Winchester, Mecklenburg Co.

Thomas Winchester

Thomas Winchester

William Winchester

David Winchester, Burke Co.

David Winchester

Douglas Winchester

Francis Winchester

Coleman Winchester, Rockingham Co.

David Winchester

John Winchester

William Winchester, Guilford

1820 Census, TENNESSEE

Daniel Winchester, Maury Co.

Joseph Winchester, Maury Co.

Joseph Winchester, Maury Co.

James Winchester, Sumner Co.

Sarah Winchester, Sumner Co.

1820 Census, Hardin Co. TN

Douglas Winchester 20001-1101

Thomas Winchester 20001-0101

1830 Census, Hardin Co., TN
Thomas Winchester 1002101-110001

Daniel Winchester 121200001-100120001

1833 Tax List, Hardin co., TN

Daniel Winchester 440

Daniel Winchester 441

Thomas Winchester 427

Robertson Winchester 428

1836 Tax List, Hardin Co., TN
Daniel Winchester, 1 wp, 2nd C. D.

George Winchester, 1 wp, 2nd C. D.

Robertson Winchester , 1 wp, 2nd C. D.

Thomas Winchester, 78 acres 2nd C. D.

William Winchester, 1 wp, 2nd C. D.

1837 Tax List, Hardin Co., TN
Daniel Winchester, 1 wp, 2nd C. D.

George Winchester, 1 wp, 2nd C. D.

Robertson Winchester , 1 wp, 2nd C. D.

Russell Winchester, 1 wp, 3rd C. D.

Thomas Winchester, 78 acres, 1 wp, 2nd C. D.

William Winchester, 1 wp, 2nd C. D.

1840 Census, New Madrid Co., MO

John Winchester 00001-0001, Pemiscot Tshp.

Thomas Winchester 00001-10001

Isaac Winchester 10011-00001, 3 slaves, Big Prairie Tshp.

A B Winchester 120003-02022, Town of New Madrid

Daniel Winchester 000001-020001, New Madrid Tshp.

Douglas Winchester 001110001-110011

Peter L. Winchester 000001-

1840 Census, Hardin Co. TN

William Winchester 21001-10001 2nd C. D.

Robertson Winchester 00001-31001 2nd C. D.

Thomas Winchester 30001001-01211 2nd C. D.

Russell Winchester 10011-020001 3rd C. D.

George Winchester 11001-000010001 11th C. D.

1850 Census, Hardin Co., TN

8-8 William Winchester 37 NC, 2nd C. D.

Malinda 37 NC

Jasper 15 TN

Emaline 14 TN

Newton 11 TN

Marion 9 TN

George M. 7 TN

Mary 6 TN

Elvira 4 TN

Sarah 2 TN

9-9 Washington Wells, m. Rachel D. Matilda Polk

10-10 John Cagle, my g/g/grandfather, m. Eliza Polk

64-64 Robert(son) Winchester 39 TN, 2nd C. D.

Judith (Russell) 35 TN

Margaret P. 14 TN

Matilda P. 13 TN

Mary S. 11 TN

Hezekiah Bryant 23 TN Boatman

91-91 Ruth Winchester 60 NC, 2nd C. D.

Ben 21 TN

Keziah 15 TN

53-53 Russell Winchester SC, 3rd C. D. (no age)

Sarah A. NC

Elizb. M. 15 TN

Narcissa 13 TN

Sarah J. 9 TN

Rasamus E. 7 TN

Margaret 5 TN

Williaqm N. 3 TN

Ruth T. 1/12 TN

1860 Census, Hardin Co., TN

Sarah Winchester 50

Sarah J. 18

Rosana E. 17

Margarett M. 14

William N. 11

Rutha T. 8

Julia A. 6

1870 Census, Hardin Co., TN

James M. Winchester 22 TN, 2nd C. D.

Mary J. 20 NC

John Z. 5/12 TN

1880 Census, Hardin Co., TN

Charles Winchester 22 TN TN TN, living in the household of

William Spencer 64 TN NC TN


Thomas Winchester and Robert Russell, 96.25 acres on Indian Creek, 11 Dec.
1823, book 2, page 25.

Daniel Winchester, 200 acres on Indian Creek, 26 Aug 1836, book 2 page 191.

Thomas Winchester and Robert Russell, 121.5 acres east of Tennessee River,
27 Jan. 1837, book 2, page 111.

Thomas Winchester, 50 acres east of Tennessee River, 27 Feb. 1837, book 2
page 112.

Thomas Winchester To Thomas White, book I, page 105.

Russell Winchester to Moses S. Glenn, book , page 150.

INSOLVENCIES AND REMOVALS (from Tax records), Hardin Co., TN for the years
1841-1859 (Some mentioned for several years).

Benjamin Winchester




John, Jr.






William, Jr.

Will of Robert Russell probated and contested by Robert R. Russell and

Robertson Winchester, 1 July 1850.

Commissioners appointed to lay off a year's support for the widow and
children of R. R. Winchester, and a Dower's interest to Sarah Winchester,
widow, 4 Oct. 1858.

John A. Smith appointed administrator of the estate of Russell Winchester, 5
Mar. 1860.

Lebanon Cemetery

Frank Winchester 1875-1960

Ora Winchester 1880-1971

Morris Chapel Cemetery

J. T. Winchester 07/19/1896-02/03/1917

Shady Grove Cemetery

Ella Anderson Winchester 1893-1967

George L. Winchester 1885-1929

Jess Winchester o6/20/1880, --------

Ollie Winchester 06/26/1888-04/08/1963


Geroge Thompson m. Ellen Winchester, 11 Jan. 1866.

J. T. Hamilton m. Sarah Winchester, 17 Apr. 1867.

James M. Winchester m. Mary J. West, 13 May 1868.

William Winchester m. Susannah Spencer, 14 July 1880.


Samuel Abbet m. Catherine Winchester, 11 Ded. 1802.

William Bradshaw m. Ann Winchester, 8 Aug. 1800, Thomas Winchester,

Jason Winchester, bondsman, Washington Fowler m. Sarah Ray, 2 July 1833.

William Hudson m. Permelia A. Winchester, 25 Jan. 1842.

David Meguirt m. Rebedda Winchester, 12 Nov. 1833.

John R. Winchester m. Julia Wolfe, 8 Nov. 1856.

Thomas Winchester m. Rachel Finny, 8 Aug. 1800, John Finney, bondsman.

Thomas D. Winchester m. Nancy Houston, 1830, William D. Winchester,

Thomas D. Winchester m. Elizabeth J. Stitt, 4 Nov. 1846.

William Winchester m. Polly Winchester, 2 Mar. 1820.

William Winchester m. Marey Woolf, 5 Feb. 1821.

>From "Hardin Co. History 1818 to 1930" by Tony Hays:

Daniel Winchester served as a private in the North Carolina Line. The
Winchester family, there were eight in Daniel's household, had come to
Hardin Co. prior to 1830. He bought a good deal of land, but about 1843, he
and his family disappeared from Hardin County.


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> After re-reading the post from Terry Winchester, I'll elaborate on the
> Elhana Winchester Wilson.? As a direct descendant, I think I have it
> correct, but if anyone has any further information, or contradicting info,
> please lets get it straight now, while we still can!? If you have any
> proof, let's get it together, so we can prove this line on back to more
> established lines.
> I noticed in this particular line of mine that the families were naming
> their children in the order of the time, first daughter was named after
> the mothers mother, second dau was named after the fathers mother, first
> son was named after the fathers father, second son was named after the
> mothers father.? This family followed suit, and I started looking for a
> Lydia (?) who married a?William Wilson, in the time range to be Elhana's
> parents.?
> I do NOT have absolute proof of this, but I think his mother is Lydia
> Winchester, and his father is William R. Wilson.? Elhana Wilson was a
> millkeeper, and perhaps there is a clue there, he must have trained back
> East, probably in NC.? There is a William Wilson enumerated in the Hickman
> Co TN census with some other Wilsons, and this William would be in an age
> range of an older brother to my Elhana W. Wilson.
> According to information from source: Tony M. Wilson,
> , (or dot net?), Elhana W. Wilson was b. in Steel
> Creek, NC and moved with his family to Hardin Co TN before 1820.? Later,
> he settled in area of Finger TN before 1830.? Then they moved to the area
> later known as McNairy Station, later becomming the little town of McNairy
> TN.? He has parents as William R. Wilson and?Elizabeth "Eliza"?Wilson (no
> maiden name)...(I don't know where he got Elizabeth, because the census
> clearly shows Lydia, mabye it's a transcription error)
> Elhana's tombstone has an inscription that I like: "Remember me as you
> pass by, as you are now, so once was I, As I am now, So you must be,
> Prepare for Death and Follow me.
> Another clue is the Hardin Co TN 1833 enumeration:
> Wilson, (?); Wilson, John L., Wilson, Lewis; Wilson, Robert; Wilson, W.,
> next door to:
> Winchester, Daniel; Winchester, Daniel, Winchester, Robertson, Winchester,
> Thomas.
> in the 1840 McNairy Co TN census:
> William Wilson listed: 212001, 010001, meaning 2 boys 0-4 years, 1 boy 5-9
> years, 2 boys 10-14 years 1 man 30-40 years, 1 daugter 5-9 years, 1 wife
> 30-40 years.
> (If this William Wilson is Elhana W. Wilson's father, then they would be
> very young parents, since Elhana was born in 1815.)? (I think this one is
> too young, but might be a candidate for an older brother)
> in the 1830 McNairy Co TN census:
> William R. Wilson is listed: 1021001, 0100001:
> one son 0-4, 2 sons 10-14, 1 son 15-19, 1 man 40-50, 1 dau 5-9, 1 woman
> 40-50.
> This couple fits the age range I would expect for EWW's parents.?
> in the 1840 McNairy Co TN censu:
> William Wilson is listed: 00100001, 10011001:
> 1 son 10-14, 1 man 50-60; 1 dau or gdau 0-4, 1 dau 15-19, 1 dau 20-24, 1
> woman 50-60.
> Two other Wilson, Daniel & George are in age ranges to be sons or
> relatives. I noted that there is a Daniel Winchester too, similar names
> keep showing up.
> in the 1850 McNairy Co TN?census:
> William R. Wilson is listed: 7th dist:
> William R. Wilson, 62, m, farmer, 1000, b. NC
> Lydia, 62, b. NC
> Washington Wilson, 35, m, farmer, NC (this is Washington very clearly on
> the census, however, the date fits for my EWW, and the Lydia below fits
> the age of his first daughter).
> Lucinda, 26, f, TN
> Lydia, 8, f, TN
> Adaline, 5, f, TN
> Jessee, 3, m, TN
> Louisa, 1, f, TN
> same page as :
> Andrew Wilson, 60, m, farmer, 450, NC
> Parmelia, 59, f, NC
> Jane, 30, f, NC
> Maxfield, 28, m, farmer,NC
> Nancy, 25, f, NC
> Parmelia, 25, f, NC
> James, 19, m, farmer, NC
> Eli, 16, m, farmer, NC
> Mary J Black, 7, f, MO
> Found on
> a William Wilson, b. 1787, in VA, which is where Lydia Winchester and her
> families are from.
> There is alot on Lydia Winchester on the internet.? Her parents were
> Elhanan Winchester and Lydia Jewett.? It is documented on up the line from
> there with siblings of Lydia listed,
> I think it would be good if we could establish more circumstancial proof
> that this Elhana Winchester Wilson is indeed the son of William R Wilson
> and Lydia Winchester.
> I believe Elhana Winchester Wilson is on his grave marker, which may be
> either a transciprtion error (his real name may well be Washington), or
> someone knew his mothers maiden name and wanted to put it in stone, or
> they may have just gotten the middle name incorrect.? I'll try to verify
> that it is indeed on the tomb rock so everyone will know, I should have a
> picture somewhere...
> Comments, suggestions welcome.
> Deborah
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