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Lee and Teresa
do you know who this Stewart is with Daniel Boone: Reason Daniel Boones Uncle took over the Church that Elizabeth Murrell Fields wife of Richard Fields their son Thomas Fields was the recorder of. She is the Aunt to Rev Thomas Murrell oF henry Co Va to Hawkins Co to Williamson Co To Dickson Co Tn

Daniel Boones Cousin Sarah Boone married Patrick McElyea ( I have two direct Forefmothers from this Boone Lines) One is Tennessee McElyea who will marry my John T. Johnson. Another thru another Amanda Caroline McElyea married to James Patrick

Also this fits into the Eli Thomas Curtis Research as this is mine and Pegs Boone familes and OUR DNA Curtis familes.
Celia was the daughter of William Coffey and Anna Boone,daughter of Israel Boone and the niece of Daniel Boone, and the wife of Hezekiah Curtis and mother of three sons ,Larkin Junius Curtis ,Adroninam Judson Curtis and Finley Patterson Curtis; three daughters ,Mattie Gertrude Curtis ,Julia Curtis and Caroline L.[Connie ]Curtis Coffey

Celia Coffey Curtis Jun. 29, 1813
Wilkes County
North Carolina,

Also on this same waterway is Warrior Creek and Brushy Mountatin where the Last two Primitive Baptist Church founded by rev. William Dodson married to Winnifred Johnson. whose off spring Elijah DODSON married to SARAH DODSON, are found in Dist Ten 7 places from Anne Johnson. Sarah Dodson in 1850 is right beside mine and Pegs Anne Johnson

Born circa 1735 in Berks County, Pennsylvania, Boone and his family had moved to the Yadkin River when Daniel was a mere boy. Known as a long hunter, Boone had scouted beyond the mountains in 1767 with John Stewart (Stuart), his brother-in-law. His reports that year of the country along Cumberland River, formerly called Shauvanon River by the French and Shawanoe River by the English, were lavish in praise of the country's beauty, rich lands, and abundance of game. In 1769 he returned with John Stewart, John Findley, and several others to the Watauga and Cumberland valleys, where Boone's hunting skills accumulated a load of skins and furs. During the latter part of that year, Daniel Boone and his sister's husband were captured by Indians. Stewart and Boone escaped after seven days' imprisonment. In a short time Boone's brother-in-law disappeared, and he believed Stewart was killed by the Indians [98].

This I beleive also fits into out Picture of Curtis- Boone and Johnson

Thomas Coffey (27) was born 7 March 1742 in Essex Co., Va., and died in April 1825 in Wilkes Co., N.C. He first married Elizabeth Smith about 1762, probably in Albemarle Co., Va. He secondly married Sarah ("Sally") Fields about 1778-9, probably in Albemarle Co., Va. All the children by the first marriage were born in Albemarle Co., Va., and all the children by the second marriage were born in Wilkes Co., N.C., although the birth place for Sally was not stated. (R‑922)
Children - Coffey, by Elizabeth Smith
100. Elizabeth Coffey, b. 25 Oct. 1763, m. David Allen, d. 1850 (Owen Co.?, Ind.). Moved to Owen Co., IN in 1828.
+101. John Coffey, b.c. 1765, m. Hannah Wilson, 3 Oct. 1796, d.c. 1812.
+102. Thomas Coffey, b.c. 1767, m(1) Margaret Coffey, m(2) Nancy Pendley.
+103. James Coffey, b. 1772, m. Delilah Ferguson, 31 Aug. 1799, d. 1840.
104. Mary Coffey, b.c. 1775, m. William Coffey, 3 July 1796. See #129 for descendants.
+105. Smith Coffey, b.c. 1776, m. Hannah Boone.
Children - Coffey, by Sarah Fields
Also this one

Elizabeth ("Betty") Coffey (30) died after 1807. She married Thomas Fields, brother of Sally and son of Richard Fields and Elizabeth Murrell. Elizabeth and Thomas moved to Wilkes Co., N.C. Thomas was active in the Yadkin Baptist Church, holding the office of clerk and later that of deacon. His will in 1807 listed wife Betty and the following children: James Crumpton, William Fields, Reuben Fields, Betsy Penley, Winifred Humphrey, Polly Humphrey, and Sally Penley. Presumably the first "child" is a son-in-law, and all children were by Elizabeth Coffey. (R‑922)
Will of Thomas Fields probated in Wilkes co, NC on 10 Jan 1807 (Ruben as son).

Richard Fields b. abt. 1730 d. abt. 1764 m. Elizabeth Murrell 1757 Amherst Co., VA
Thomas Fields b. abt 1747 Albemarle Co., VA d. 1807 Wilkes Co., NC
m. Elizabeth Coffey 1769
Reuben Fields b. abt. 1778 Wilkes Co., NC d. aft. 1820 m. Susie Lee 1797 Wilkes Co., NC m. Leanna Pendley 1780 NC

Notes: Elizabeth Murrell married to Richard Fields is the Daughter of Thomas Murrell of Tuckahoe Creek and Byrd Creek thus the Aunt to Reverend Thomas Murrell who died in Dickson Co Tn. She married Richard Fields in Amherst Co Va.Thomas FIELDS Esq. was born before 1755 in Albemarle County, Virginia. (5980) No birth record has been located for Thomas Fields at this time. Census records indicate that he was born prior to 1755. He was baptist between 1777 and 1807 in Wilkes County, North Carolina. He was active in the Yadkin Grove Baptist Church, holding the office of clerk and later that of deacon. Jesse Boone, a brother of Daniel Boone took over the clerk duties from Thomas. He appeared on the census in 1790 in Wilkes County, North Carolina. In 1790 Thomas Fields and one son are indicated that are over 16 years of age. This would indicate that Thomas' oldest son, William was born before 1774. There was also one son under 16, which would be Reuben and 5 females which would include wife Betty and four daughters. He was appointed to a committee in 1799 in Wilkes County, North Carolina. This committee was formed to purchase public lands. On this land the Wilkes County courthouse, Wilkesboro, North Carolina was built. He appeared on the census in 1800 in Wilkes County, North Carolina. The 1800 census indicates 2 free white males between 16 and 25 (only Reuben was known to be in this age group) years old and 1 free white male 25 to 44 years old. This would indicate that Thomas was born after 1756. It also showed 1 free white female 16 to 25 years of age., 1 free white female 26 to 44 years of age and one free white female over 45 years of age. If we assume that Betty was the free white female over 45 years of age she would have been born prior to 1755. This would leave Polly and Winne (one over 25 and one 25 or under) still at home. He signed a will on 10 Jan 1807 in Wilkes County, North Carolina.
Thomas left a will dated 10 January 1807 and probated February term 1807 which named his wife Betty and children, William Fields, Jane Compton, Reuben Fields, Betsy Pendley, Winnifred Humphrey, Polly Humphrey, and Sally Pendley. Executors were wife Betty Fields, sons William Fields and Reuben Fields and trusty friend Eli Coffey. Witnesses were William Lenoir, Lewis Coffey, and Jonathan Boone.

Of note these people are living in an Area that will be seperated by County lines of Ashe, Irdell and Wilkes but are still living on the same WATERWAY


PS need to look at Sarah Dodson Lines more, who did she come from.

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