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Date: Tue, 9 Sep 2003 10:02:43 EDT

My interest below is Anne MASTEN or MASTIN or MA(R)STEN ~ I am not working on
the CRAWFORD surname, but since this old handtyped information originally
came from a Charles T. CRAWFORD of Lawrenceburg, Tennessee back in the 1930s
thought it might also help someone today. Charles was related to an Edward Aiken
CRAWFORD... and somehow this family is/was related back to the CRAWFORD and/or
STEWARTs of Rowan County, North Carolina. I don't know how all these fit
into Henry or Lawrence County, Tennessee, but hope it helps someone... and if
anyone knows about the ANNE MASTEN union with John CRAWFORD, would appreciate.

Thanks, Annie

"The first CRAWFORDs to come to America, and the founders of the Rockingham,
North Carolina and Paris, Henry County, Tennessee branch of American
CRAWFORDs, were John and David CRAWFORD, father and son. John CRAWFORD, son of Cadet of
the Ayrshire, Scotland CRAWFORDs was born in Kilburnie. His wife died in
Scotland, leaving one son, David, who was brought by his father to Jamestown,
Virginia in 1643. John was killed in 1676, in one of the fights during Bacon's

David, born in 1625, married in James City County, Virginia, at the age of 24
~ and died in New Kent County, Virginia in 1710. He had three daughters and
two sons ~ Captain David CRAWFORD and John CRAWFORD.

Captain David CRAWFORD, b: 1662, who was called "Good Old Captain David" in
New Kent County, Virginia, married Elizabeth SMITH in 1695, Hanover County,
Virginia. David died in 1762, New Kent County, Virginia, at over one hundred
years of age. His sons were (1) David, b: 1697, who married Anne ANDERSON; (2)
John, b: 1701, married Mary DUKE; (3) Michael, b: 1707, who married Elizabeth
TERRELL in South Carolina.

The Descendants of Col. John A. CRAWFORD, b: 1731/33 ~ d: 1802, was a son of
John and Mary DUKE, and he came to North Carolina in 1739. He commanded a
regiment of "Tar Heels" in the Continental Army. His first wife was ANNE MASTIN,
probably the mother of his sons; after her death he married a Widow CLARK,
who had two daughters, Rachel and Julia Clark CRAWFORD. Col. John CRAWFORD had
three sons, (1) Thomas, (2) Mastin Duke and (3) James. The last named is said
to have moved to Texas, and whether he was married or left descendants is not

Thomas CRAWFORD married Rebecca COVINGTON, and they had children as follows:
(1) Thomas, married Harriett WALL; (2) William, married Miss COLE; (3) Mastin
Duke, married Miss COVINGTON [this may have been a son of Mastin Duke 1st,
and not of Thomas]; (3) John married Miss COVINGTON; (4) Anne, married a RANDLE,
and was the grandmother of the late Henry B. GAINES of McKinzie, Tennessee."

[ References: (1) Walter Leak PARSONS, of Rockingham, NC, d: 1931, the
great-grandson of Mastin Duke CRAWFORD [Methodist Minister, who was born in 1779,
as shown in his grandmother's family Bible. (2) Family records of Capt.
William I. EVERETT of Rockingham, NC, deceased. (3) Family records of C. E. D.
EDGERTON, Richmond County Historian, Rockingham, NC.]

The following appears to be from records of #1067 NC Society Colonial Dames
of America and repeats some of the above, with additional:

John CRAWFORD, b: 1731/33, Virginia was in North Carolina as early as 1749.
He resided in the Colony or Province of Anson County, North Carolina. He died
17xx or 1802?

At a council held at Newbern, 11th day OCT 1749, 300 acres of land was
granted to John CRAWFORD of Anson County.

John CRAWFORD was Justice of Peace for Anson County, appointed by Council
held at Brunswick, 31 DEC 1762. [NC Col. Records, Vol 6, pg 799; Vol. 4, pg 965]

John CRAWFORD was elected member of the Assembly from Anson County held at
Wilmington, North Carolina in FEB 1764. Also member of Assembly held at
Newbern, 1766, from Anson County. He was elected again in 1768, but resigned on
account of his infirm state of health. [NC Col. Records, Vol 7, pg 655/56]

"Read the petition of John CRAWFORD, JR, of Anson County setting forth that
he is possessed of a patent for 100 acres of land in Anson County, lying on
Hitchcock's Creek, which was granted to John CRAWFORD, SR on the 4th of APR 1750,
and since purchased by the Petitioner, etc." [NC Col. Records, Vol. 6, pg

John CRAWFORD, SR. married ANNE MASTIN, and their son, Thomas CRAWFORD, b:
1751 ~ d: 1788, married in 1775 to Rebecca COVINGTON, b: 1756 ~ d: after 1789,
daughter of John Covington. Thomas CRAWFORD's Will was probated in JAN 1789.
[Book 1, pg 29/30, Richmond County, Virginia.

William CRAWFORD, b: 1784 ~ d: 1835 ~ Son of Thomas Crawford, b: 1751, and
Rebecca COVINGTON, b: 1756, married in 1802, to Elizabeth COLE, b: 1796 ~ d: 03
OCT 1829.

William CRAWFORD and Elizabeth COLE's daughter, Elmira Jane CRAWFORD, b: 06
DEC 1815 ~ d: 16 JUL 1902 ~ Married 20 JAN 1831, to William Bonaparte COLE, b:
15 JUL 1810 ~ d: 08 FEB 1881. Both interred in Eastside Cemetery, Rockingham,
North Carolina.

Elmira Jane CRAWFORD and William Bonaparte COLE's daughter, Elizabeth Jane
COLE, b: 16 FEB 1842 ~ d: 07 SEP 1891 ~ Married 17 JUN 1858 to John Crawford
ELLERBE, b: 30 JAN 1832 ~ d: 23 JUL 1902. Both also interred in Eastside
Cemetery, Rockingham, North Carolina.

Elizabeth Jane COLE and John Crawford ELLERBE's daughter, Jennie Crawford
ELLERBE, b: 20 NOV 1861 ~ Married 30 AUG 1883, to Henry Clay WATSON, b: 04 DEC
1843 ~ d: 07 MAY 1926 ~ parents of Jennie Crawford WATSON.

[N.C. Col. Records, Vol. 4, pg 965; Vol. 6, pg 799 ~ 1157 ~ 1170 ~ 1299; Vol.
7, pg 342 ~ 655/56 ~ 690 ~ 692 ~ 698 ~ 722 ~ 725 ~ 788. Also, #1067 North
Carolina Society Colonial Dames of America.]

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