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From: "Shari Holcomb" <>
Subject: [TNLINCOL] NC GA Deal Line
Date: Thu, 5 Apr 2007 12:43:04 -0500

Hi All....

My Deal line doesn't seem to be any relation, but I will post it here
anyway... and maybe you all can help me round up some more data.
Please bear with me as there is a lot here...but also a lot of

This line is related to Webb,Leatherwood, Deal, Chambers, Harden,
Headrick, Dunn, Martin, gibson, et NC, GA, Tn and Texas..
There should be strong Scotch-Irish and Cherokee in this line on one
or more sides.



Melissa Elizabeth Deal
b. Oct 22, 1842 NC
source: family notes
m1. John Harden somewhere 1858-1859
3 daughters
Military: Gilmer County GA
Harden, John (or Hardin) Private Smith's Legion May 15, 1862
Transferred to Co. A Mar 1863

m2. John Chappel Chambers 08 JUL 1866 Murray County Georgia
d. Nov 10, 1930 Austell Polk Cty Tn per death cert.
Notes: Family notes state that John and Melissa were 2nd cousins
and she is 1/4 cherokee.

3 harden girls born to the first marriage, but she lost john Harden
during or as the result of the war. They were all toddlers when she
married again to my John C. Chambers. Those Harden girls were raised
as Chambers and no one knew until one of the descendents of the third
girl Martha went looking for info...

Here are all the kids data that I have found so far...
Children with John Harden

1. Laura A. CHAMBERS, b. abt July 18 1859 GA based on census
*dau of Malissa and husb John Harden,raised as chambers*
source: 1860 Gilmer GA --home with mom living in w/parents;
age Laura A. 11/12 mnths
source: 1870 Murray,GA --home w/mom and John C. Chambers
source: 1880 Murray,GA --home w/mom and John C. Chambers

2. Sarah E. CHAMBERS, b. Oct 1860 GA per census
*dau of Malissa and husb John Harden,raised as chambers*
m. ? Headric
source: 1870 Murray,GA --home w/mom and John C. Chambers
source: 1880 Murray,GA --home w/mom and John C. Chambers;
son Levy Headrick age 1
Source: 1900 Bradley, Tn census--living in with sister and family
George, wife Oma, grover, emma, roxie, lucinda
also living in is
sister Carrie Headric 14 b. Feb 1886
mother Sarah E. Headric 39 b. Oct 1860 widow 1 child
1 living
*so this has to be sarah above; ? on her children.

3. Martha "Mattie" CHAMBERS, b. 1865 GA d. Oct 25, 1915 James Cty, TN
(uterine cancer)
*dau of Malissa and husb John Harden,raised as chambers*
bu. Birchwood Cem., Birchwood, Tn no stone
m. George Washington Ledford
d. He was shot and killed in Cleveland, Tn. by one
Joe Horton on 4-10-1890. The paper described
Horton as a "half-witted fellow".
1. James Ledford, b. Abt. 1886.
2. Wills Ledford, b. June 02, 1887; d. 1973, Durant, Bryan
County, Oklahoma.
3. Alta Ledford, b. March 12, 1889, Georgia; d. May 10, 1968,
Cleveland, Tn..
m. William Patterson and Arthur Willis
Source: Pam Morrison Family Line
m. Daniel H. Dunn Dec 07, 1892 in Murray County, Georgia
(son of William and Elizabeth Holland Dunn)
b. June 1872 TN d. April 03, 1919 in Oconee, Polk Cty TN
bu. Liberty Cem, Tennga no stone...
4. Earl Dunn, b. February 1895; d. March 16, 1931, Knox Cty, KY.
5. Effie Lilly Dunn, b. March 14, 1898; d. May 08, 1940.
bu. Birchwood Cem., Birchwood, Tn
6. Lora Dunn, b. March 1899, GA.
7. Joseph Dunn, b. October 15, 1903; d. August 09, 1958.
8. Value Dunn, b. April 06, 1904, Polk Cty, TN
d. July 06, 1952, Lexington, Fayette Cty, KY.
m. Martha Sue Winchester August 02, 1924 in Harlan Cty,
KY; 5 children
source: Stephen Dunn family line
9. stillborn, b. March 20, 1905; d. March 20, 1905.
pic of budd and children:
Lora, Val (my grandfather), "Budd", Joe, Earl and Effie
source: Stephen Dunn family pic and notes
source: *

________Malicey's children with John Chambers___________

4. Susan CHAMBERS b. May 18, 1867, GA d. 1962 Dallas Texas
m. "Will"iam Cicero Leatherwood on Sept 18 1887 murray Cty GA
8 children
bu: Grove Hill Cemetary, Dallas Texas
Source: Marriage Cert and Census
Source: Shari Holcomb Family Line

5. William CHAMBERS, b. 1869 GA per census
m. Mollie Dunn on Sept 11, 1893 Murray Cty, GA
8 children born, 7 living as of 1910
source: marriage cert.
source: 1900 Polk(with mother--snafu in names)
source: 1910 POLK TN 4-DIST Series: T624 Roll: 1515 Page: 58
william, mollie and 7 kids.
*another Dunn marriage here: ? on relationship to above Dunn

6. Oma J. CHAMBERS b. 1873 per 1880 census(07 Jan 1865 per cem/(jan
1875 per 1900 census)
d. 07 Jul 1958
m. George W. Harden(b. Feb 1861) on Dec 9, 1892 Murray Cty, GA
Burial: both buried Liberty Baptist Church Cemetery, Tennga,
Ga(murray county)
*dates are off from 1900 census
Source: Judy Jones family line
Source: Marriage Cert (performed by Rev R. Shields m.G.)
Source: 1900 Bradley, Tn census
George, wife Oma, grover, emma, roxie(m. Mr. Browder), lucinda
also living in is
sister Carrie Headric 14 b. Feb 1886
mother Sarah E. Headric 39 b. Oct 1860 widow 1 child 1 living
Source: 1910 Tennessee POLK 4-DIST Series: T625 Roll: 1757 Page: 165
george, oma and dau lissie
*next door is son Grover, wife Louella son George
Notes: Check this harden line for poss relationship to John
Harden above?

7. Luiza CHAMBERS, b. 1874, ga (based on census)
Notes: my Leatherwood line marries Susan Chambers and I found this so
I just wonder if this could be something...
Miles Nathaniel Leatherwood(another branch relation) m. a
Louisa J. ?
they live in Dallas Txand she is wd as of 1910 Worleys
Dallas Directory...

8. Thomas CHAMBERS, b. May 1875, GA
m. Alice Maxwell(b. Oct. 1876) 26-MAR-1897
at least 6 daughters
Source: 1900 Polk Tenn census
Thomas 25, wife Alice 23, dau Melinda E. 2, Feb 1898
source: 1910 Polk Tenn 4th dist census
Thomas, wife Alice, and 5 daughters
source: 1920 Old Fort, Cookston Creek Polk Tn
thomas, alice
6 dau: lizzie, nealia, oma, fannie, louisa, rubie

9. Cas A. CHAMBERS b. June 1877 tn census/or 1879 Murray
(obit says Aug 6 1865 which is wrong)
d. Nov 11, 1967 Walker cty GA
*he was 6ft 9 inches tall! And a farmer and avid gardener
Source: Obit and pic
m. Tennessee "Tennie" Waters on Nov. 2, 1902 Murray Cty GA
Source: marriage cert
6 kids: 3 sons and 3 dau-(only 3 left living as of his obit)
both buried Liberty Baptist Church Cemetery, Tennga, Ga(murray county)
Source: 1900 home with mother
Source: 1910 Polk cty Tn, 4th dist
cas, tennie, Lizzie, Maude, John and Will newton boarder
Source: 1920 Polk cty Tn, Cas, wife Tenne,
kids: Lizzie, Maud, John, Grover, McKindley
*found this: CHAMBERS Grover age 10 1922 Polk Tn Death Rec #350
Source: 1930 District 4, Hamilton, Tennessee Roll: T626_2252;
Page: 26B; Enumeration District: 85; Image: 1184.
Cas, Wife Tenn and son Will
*son Will b. d.
m. Louise Thomas 1 son Houston Marks
bu: Coulter Cemetary Kensington GA

10 Samuel, b. October 1881, TN
m. Elizabeth A. (Annie) Maxwell
1 dau Fairy
bu: Liberty Baptist Church Cemetary, TENNGA, GEORGIA (murray county)
source: 1910 Polk Tn 4 dist
sam, annie, daus maggie,susan, willie may
source: 1920 POLK TN 1-DIST
Series: T625 Roll: 1757 Page: 129
sam, annie, 4 dau and son Hoyt
Source: pic
source: Evelyn Mayo family--Uncle

11.Charles C., b. July 8, 1887 d. 1-2-1954 Sawmiller
m. Manerva Mantooth b. Conasauga, Tn, on Dec 7, 1906 Murray county
Ga.; 12 children
Burial: Sweetwater Cemetary, Canton, Cherokee GA
source: Marriage Cert
source: 1910 Polk 4th dist
charles, Nervi, and son Wilthy
source: 1920 Polk 1-DIST 4-PCT
Series: T625 Roll: 1757 Page: 165
Charlie, wife Nerva, 5 kids
source: 1930 Dist 4, Hamilton, Tennessee;
Roll: T626_2252; Page: 26B; Enum Dist: 85; Image: 1184.
Charlie, wife, and 6 kids
1. C.
m. Ruby Fowler
*uncle sam from this line d. June 18th 2004
He was buried at Mt. Zion Baptist Church Cementery
June 21, 2004
source: Evelyn Chambers Mayo Family Line
source: Sandy Chambers King Family line

12. infant

* 10 still living as of June 1900 per census.
Melissa's parents per her death cert and internet are:

John Deal b. Sept 1818 nc d. 1900-1910 prob... need death cert and obit
John's parents are :

William and Katherine unk Deal
per son's census: parents b. nc too but I know nothing for sure...
2 known kids
1. our john
2. William
m. Rhoda Kell
12 children

Melinda Flynn(Cayle) b. April 1819 nc d. 1900-1910 Gilmer Cty GA
(need death cert or obit)
Melinda Cayle, Cale (on death cert)
or perhaps the following Flynn
(it is noted online to be Flynn)
possibly due to this Marriage Cert:
Deal, John Spouse : Flinn, Melinda
Marriage date : Mar 17, 1844 (Gilmer)

They had 12 children:

1. Malisa b. 1842 GA d. 1930 GA
m1. John Harden 3 daus
m2. John Chappel Chambers 8 more children
source: Shari Holcomb family Line
source: Evelyn Chambers Mayo Family line

2. angeline 1844
m. prior to 1870

3. lucy a 1845
m. prior to 1870

4. daniel F. b. Jan 1847 Ga
m. Barbara Woodring Apr 20, 1871 Gilmer cty GA
source: Marriage Index: Georgia, 1851-1900 County: Gilmer
County Court Records Microfilm Number : 0219505 - 0219506
Deal, Daniel Spouse: Woodring, Barbry
Marriage date : Apr 20, 1871
source: 1900 Gilmer Census Ellijay
daniel F., Barbury M. 12/10 living
10 children living in.

5. mary c., b. 1849
m. prior to 1870

6. amanda
m. prior to 1870

7. margaret

8. adeline
m. William Martin
Source: Marriage Index: Georgia, 1851-1900 County: Gilmer
County Court Records Microfilm Number : 0219505 - 0219506
Deal, Adaline Spouse: Martin, William
Marriage date : Dec 24, 1877

9. gila A "Gilly Ann" b. 1860
m. William Andrew "Bud" Gibson
burial: Flat Branch Baptist Church Cemetery, Gilmer County GA.
source: 1900 Gilmer GA MOUNTAINTOWN
Series: T623 Roll: 200 Page: 25

several children. One daughter--Leila Gibson Miller is still living...
but will be about 98 in April. According to her, her grandfather's name
was John Henry Deal. He married Malinda Flynn. This is according to an
article written and submitted in the Gilmer County GA Heritage book.
Source: Donna Johnson Family Line

10. Martha J.
m. Pink J. Harper
source: 1910 Gilmer Boardtown probable OR
10a. "jane" b. 1862
source: dau listed as 40 single living in with father on 1910 Gilmer
source: 1920 Gilmer 850 Militia dist
Jane 58 single farmer

11. William

12. John H. b. june 1867
m. Margaret J. Key (b. aug 1867) Nov 10, 1889 gilmer, GA
kids: Joseph, H.V.,Paul,J.B., Mckinley
source: 1870 Gilmer GA--with parents
source: 1880 Gilmer GA--with parents
Source: 1900 Boardtown Gilmer GA married w/family 5/5 living
Source: County Court Records Microfilm Number : 0219505 - 0219506
Deal, John H. Spouse : Key, Martha J.
Marriage date : Nov 10, 1889 County : Gilmer
probable Miltary:
Gilmer Cty, GA Muster list
Deal, John W.Private Oct 2, 1861
also prob brothers
Deal, J. E. Private Feb 22, 1862
Deal, William H. Private Oct 2, 1861

1850 GILMER CO., GA page 368b
Malinda F 26 NC
Malissa A F 8 GA
Angeline F 6 GA
Lucy A F 5 GA
Daniel F m 3 GA
Mary F 1 GA

1860 Georgia GILMER 33-SUB DIVN
Series: M653 Roll: 124 Page: 30
Deal, John, 40 NC
wife Malinda, 35 nc
dau Malisa 19 GA
lucy a
mary c.
gila A. 1
and so this would be Malissa's* dau...
Laura A. age 11/12
* her daus Sarah and Martha born between 1860-1866

1860 georgia Gilmer
John P Harden NC day laborer age 24 --probable husband for my Malissa?

1866 Malissa remarries and leaves home again

Series: M593 Roll: 152 Page: 13
Deal, John, 49 NC
wife linda, 42 nc
gilly A. 10
Martha J. 7
William 5
John H. 3

1880 ? probably Gilmer, Georgia
1890 Burned
Series: T623 Roll: 200 Page: 42
Deal, John 81 sept 1818 nc nc nc
Linda 81 april 1819 nc nc nc
1900-1910 died...

Melissa's Census and Timeline:

Census and Timeline:

b. 1841-1845

1850-with parents
1850 GILMER CO., GA page 368b
Malinda F 26 NC
Malissa A F 8 GA
Angeline F 6 GA
Lucy A F 5 GA
Daniel F m 3 GA
Mary F 1 GA

1858-1859 marriage 1 John Harden

Series: M653 Roll: 124 Page: 30
Deal, John, wife Malinda, 8 kids
dau Malisa 19 and her dau laura a. 11/12 mnths

Also 1860 gilmer GA
John p. Harden day laborer age 24 b. nc probable 1st husband

1861-65 daus sarah E and Martha harden born

1866 marriage 2 John C. Chambers Murray cty ga

1870 Murray County Georgia 34/34 1011 Dist G.M.,
Spring Place PO, page 5[539], 29 Jul
Chambers, John C. 22 M W Farm laborer GA
Elizabeth 27 F W GA
Sarah A. 11 F W GA
Sarah E. 8 F W GA
Martha 5 F W GA
Susan A. 3 F W GA born 1867
John W. 1 M W GA born 1868-1869

1880 Alaculsa, Murray, Georgia
Source: FHL Film 1254159
National Archives Film T9-0159 Page 471D
John C. blacksmith 33 parents nc nc
Malicey 36 " ga ga
Children in household:
Laura A. CHAMBERS 22
Sarah E. CHAMBERS 19
Martha CHAMBERS 16
Sausan CHAMBERS 13 my gran born 1867
William CHAMBERS 9
Also living with the family was a grandson
Levi HEDRICK age 1

***I backtracked... there is a William Headrick family on the
1870 Murray Ga census with wife and kids
MURRAY SPRING PLACE P O Series: M593 Roll: 167 Page: 512
William, Mary,
Rhoda J.,Jacob, Daniel, John, Drucilla, William..
so one of these might be husband of Sarah?

1890 Murray cty Ga probable --burned

1891 John Chappel dies

1900 Tennessee BRADLEY 3-DIST
Series: T623 Roll: 1559 Page: 24
June 12th, 1900
CHAMBERS MALISSA 57 June 1843 F W TN TN wd 12 born/10
living tn tn tn Farmer
Caswell 22
Samuel 18
Charlie 12
Newton, William 28 *listed as son March 1872(newton marked through)
*prob son william
next door
Harden, George, wife Oma(dau above) and 4 kids
with sarah e headric and dau carrie living in

1910 Tennessee POLK 4-DIST Series: T624 Roll: 1515 Page: 58

Also her sons, same page
Chambers, Tom 36 M W Ga ga ga wife alice 26 tn tn tn, and
5 daughters
CHAMBERS CAS 31 M W GA ga ga wife Tenn 3 kids and boarder
Chambers Will 41 m w ga ga ga wife mollie and 7 kids
Chambers Chas 23 m w ga g ga wife Nerva and daughter(not
son) wilthy
next door
John Headrick,
Jim Harden(could be her brother(or georges's)if her last
name/marriage pans out)
George Hardon, wife Oma 38 GA GA GA
Page 57
Sam Chambers age 28 TN tn tn
William Headrick 37 GA GA GA
Page 48
James Headrick 43 GA Tn TN

1920 Polk County, Tennessee civil dist 1 page 124
CHAMBERS, Melissia, 79 wd ga nc nc not read/write
living in is William Newton 51 s railroad labor
CHAMBERS, Cas, 124
CHAMBERS, Chas, 124
HEADRICK, W. H., 124

1930 ?
11-10-1930 died


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