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Subject: [TNMAURY-L] Southern Heritage
Date: Sat, 16 May 1998 05:51:06 EDT

Derby, Kansas Middle School Suspension Denounced By Sons Of Confederate

COLUMBIA, Tenn., May 15 /PRNewswire/ -- The Sons of Confederate Veterans today
denounced the actions of the Derby School Board in Derby, Kansas. The Derby
School Board recently suspended 13-year old student T. J. West from class in
Derby Middle School for drawing a Confederate flag to demonstrate the
appearance of the historic flag to a classmate.

The Sons of Confederate Veterans considers the School Board's actions to be
deplorable to the history and heritage of the Southern United States and
diametrically opposed to the purposes of education teaching the truth. The
historically minded organization has pledged to support the West family in
defense of their son against the charges brought by the School Board.

Peter W. Orlebeke, Commander-in-Chief of the Sons of Confederate Veterans,
stated " The Derby School should teach truth rather than run from it. It is
incomprehensible that a so-called educational institution is unaware that the
War Between the States was fought over issues such as the rights of individual
states to set their own tariffs, establish their own governments, and receive
full profit from their agricultural production. They should know that the
question of slavery was brought into the war by Lincoln in late 1862 as an
emotional one to bolster the sagging Northern war effort and that emancipation
was not just a Northern concept, but a Southern one as well, championed by the
likes of Gen. Robert E. Lee."

Orlebeke further commented that polls taken across the United States in recent
years show that the majority of Americans of all races view the flag as a
symbol of the Confederate States of America rather than one of racial
animosity. "Young West was completely unaware that a minority of people
considers the Confederate flag a racist symbol. He had no idea the members of
his school board subscribed to this faulty logic," Orlebeke said.

"The Derby School Board's actions demonstrate that they would rather bow down
to the divisive elements of our society that misrepresent Confederate history
rather than taking a stand for the truth," Orlebeke continued. "These people
apparently want to destroy all that could seem to be "offensive" to select
groups of our community and don't mind the unwarranted suspension of an
innocent 13-year old from school to achieve that goal. It is time we came
together rather than continue to find ways to further divide us. An effort to
be political correct usually steps on someone's first amendment rights, which
is the case we have here."

The Sons of Confederate Veterans is a worldwide historical, educational, non-
political, non-discriminative, memorial association. It is composed of over
25,000 members who are descended from soldiers who served in the Confederate
States Armed Forces during the War Between the States. The membership
includes those who are African-American, Anglo, Hispanic, and Jewish. This
Organization was founded in 1896 in Richmond, Virginia as the official heir to
the United Confederate Veterans, an association of Confederate Soldiers who
charged the Sons of Confederate Veterans to "see that the true history of the
South is presented to future generations." The International Headquarters of
the Sons of Confederate Veterans is located at Elm Springs, a historical
structure near Columbia, Tennessee. For membership information, call

SOURCE Sons of Confederate Veterans

CO: Sons of Confederate Veterans

ST: Tennessee, Kansas, Oklahoma



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