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From: "Viginia L. \"Ginny\" Keefer" <>
Subject: [TNMAURY-L] First Families of TN
Date: Sat, 27 Mar 2004 00:43:52 -0500

First Families of Tennessee was published by The East TN Hist. Society in

Joseph Stewart. Born ca 1740, Augusta Co VA, died ca 1823/4, Overton Co TN.
Married Sarah Gilbert; County settled; Jefferson, 1794; Proof: Deed.
Mary Charlotte Van Hooser Boyd
William George Craven Sr.
David Eric Craven
Jennifer Lynn Craven
Paul Craven
Rufus Edgar Craven
Rebecca Leigh
Bryant Qualls
David Bryant Quales
Rachel Ellen Quales
Ryan Douglas Quales
all above sent proof in descendacy

Samuel Stewart born ca 1754, PA, died 1833, Sumner Co; Married Sarah Robb;
County settled; Sumner, 1796' Proof; Deed
Carl Edward Pratt Jr.
Judith Stewart Pratt
Kathryn Elizabeth Pratt
Daniel Leslie Stewart
John Cyril Stewart

William Stewart; born 1758; County Carlow, Ireland, died 1833 Marion Co TN.
Married Elizabeth Guyton; County settled; Greene, 1797, proof: 1850 census,
son born in TN
James Eugene Harris

Also submitted was; David Stuart, born 1756m Ireland. Married Anne Allison
James Stuart, b 1751, Augusta Co VA, died ca 1816, Washington Co TN. Married
Elizabeth Montgomery. If anyone needs the complete info on these people let
me know.

Robert Loxley Stubblefield b 1751, Amelia Co VA, died 1817, Hawkins Co TN,
Married Sarah Easley; County settled Washington Co TN, 1778. Proof Land
Glenda Sue Stubblefield

William Stubblefield, b 1755/58, NC, died c 1817, Lawrence Co ARK, married
Elizabeth McDaniel?; County Settled Sullivan Co TN. 1789, proof land grant.
Mary Sue Stubblefield Kolbe Austin Peay Stubblefield David Brian

Anthony Moore b 1732 PA, died 1822 Greene Co TN. Married Margaret Copeland;
County settled, Washington, 1779. Proof, deed.
Barbara Leigh Wood

Chancy Moore b 1786 NJ, died 1871 Jefferson Co TN; Married Martha Allen;
County settled Jefferson Co, 1792. Proof; Father's land grant.
Barbara E. Bell, Wayne Leroy Smathers, Charles Boyd Smelser, Barry D.
Watt, Sandra Watt.

James Moore, B 1749, Lunenburg Co VA, died 1829 Dickson Co TN; Married
Elizabeth Hightower; County settled, Montgomery, 1796, Proof; 1850 census,
Daughter born in TN.
Wilma Sue Irby Cooper, Leslie Calvin Moore, Mary Anne Moore, Virginia Lee
Moore, Wayne Clark Moore

Elijah Moore, b 1753 NJ. died ca 1806, Sumner Co TN. Married Susan Mitchell,
County settled Cumberland Settlements, 1780; Proof: 1850 census; Cumberland
Paul Herman Saeger III, Paul Herman Saeger Jr, Timothy William Saeger

John Moore Jr. b unk. died 1850 Jefferson Co TN. Married unk. County
settled; Greene Co TN, 1791; Proof; Tax List.
Marcia Maxine Moore Allen

John Parker Moore, b ca 1765, Halifax Co VA, died ca 1856, Macon Co NC;
Married Charlotte [Millie] Redmond; County settled Carter, 1796; proof; Tax
Evelyn Moore Cronan Jo Ann Finnell Mary Lee Garren

William Moore; born 1775-80, TN, died ca 1843 Franklin Co TN. Married unk;
County settled; Cumberland Settlements; 1775-80; Proof. Children, 1880
census, father born TN.
Charles Preston Thomas

Mary Ann Moore; b 1777, Washington Co TN, died 1827 Roane Co TN; Married
Gen. John Brown; County settled; Greene Co TN 1783; Proof; Father's
Merrill Everett Ansley

Peter Luna [Looney; Born 1759/60; Augusta Co VA; died 1851 Marshall Co TN.
Married Mary Pittman [and/or Long}; County Settled Long Island, 1776; Proof;
Revolutionary War Pension.
Devington Diane Barron, Anne Elizabeth Bunyan, Millegene Biggers Davis, Elmo
Lee Homes, Thomas Lee Holmes, Vernon Lee Holmes, Beverly Maynard Lampkin,
Elizabeth Maynard Lampkin, Joyce Maynard Martin, Rhonda Renae Shoemaker,
Andrew Thomas Whitlock, Billy Thomas Whitlock, John Carl Whitlock Sr. and
Jr., William Bradford Whitlock.

Charles Kilgore Sr. b 1712, place unk; died 1822 Robertson Co TN, Married
Lydia Ann unk.; County settled Cumberland Settlements, 1780; Proof;
Preemption Grant.
Evelyn Yates Carpenter

Duke Kimbrough; born 1762; Orange Co VA; died 1849 Jefferson Co TN; Married
Eunice Carlock; County settled; Jefferson Co TN, 1793; Proof; Church record.
Jack Duke Bledsoe, Mary Jane Kimbrough Cobb, Kimbrough Lafayette Dunlap Jr &
III, Thomas Judson Dunlop, Kay Lee Wrage Gunn, Sally Dunlap Hendrick,
Henrietta Kimbrough Holcomb, Susan Dunlap Wilson.

No Haywood

Sarah Clements Goforth, b 1759 GA, died 1842, place unk; Married Ezekiel
Goforth; County Settled, Jefferson Co TN 1791; Proof; 1850 census, son born
in TN
Wilma Lee Russell Johnson

George Gillespie, b ca 1735 Ireland, died ca 1794, Green Co TN. County
Settled; Washington CO TN; 1782; proof; Deed.
Married 1st Elizabeth Young,
Married 2nd; Martha [Elizabeth?] Allen
Too many submissions to list now

George Gillespie, b 1751, Rowan Co NC, d 1818 Sumner Co TN. Married Mary
Graham; County settled; Davidson Co TN 1790; Proof; Deed
Mary Frances Buchanan Brown Anne Buchanan Hightower

John Gillespie b ca 1733 Scotland; died 1796 Blount Co TN; Married Elizabeth
Armstrong[?]; County settled; Greene Co TN, 1784; Proof; Land grant.
Anna Ruth Barnette Brown Ann Clendenin Greer Bobbie Sue Barnette Henry

Devereau Gilliam; Born 1743 Albemarle Co VA, died 1809 Knox Co TN; Married
Edith Ellis; County settled; Hawkins Co TN, Proof; Land Grant.
Henry Clark Doan John Cannon Doan Mary Randall Overholser Kathy Coulter

Jacob Gillespie, born ca 1753, Augusta Co VA; died ca 1842 Knox Co TN;
Married Elizabeth [Betsy?] Swadley [?]; County settled; Knox Co TN; 1795;
Proof; Deed.
Thomas Hainey Conner, Heather C. Gillespie Dwyer, Gregory Lee Fazio, Richard
Worley Fazio, Virginia Gillespie Fazio, Joseph Patrick Gillespie, Thomas A.
Gillespie Jr, III, Joyce Gillespie Powell.

Robert Irwin born ca 1745 PA [?], died ca 1799 Knox Co TN; Married Mary
unk; County settled; Knox Co TN, 1795; Proof; Deed
Lots of Crosby's, Duncan's, George's, Grave's, Stooksbury, one Hunley and

Dunlap's; Joseph, Adam Sr. and Hugh. Let me know if someone wants the
complete info on them.

Several Davis's

David Crawford; born ca 1755 Londonberry, Ireland, died 1814 Iredell Co NC,
married Elizabeth Lowrance; County settled, Middle TN. 1791; Proof; Land

John Crawford b 1756 place unk; died ca 1813 Overton/Jackson Co TN; Married
Jane Lauderdale; County settled Sumner Co TN; proof 1850 census; daughter
born TN
Quales all submitted

Joseph, Stephen Sr, and another Joseph Copeland, let me know if interested.

Spencer Coleman b 1752; King & Queen Co VA, died 1834 Monroe Co TN; married
Lucy White; County settled Greene Co TN 1785; Proof; Rev War pension.
Cynthia Eugenia Franklin Henry

Joseph Cole, b ca 1760 MD, died 1823 Wilson Co TN; Married Sara Barton;
County settled; Sullivan Co TN; Proof. Rev War pension.
Meadow's, Bernard's, Corn, Foster, Scott submitted papers

Spencer and John Clack, Interest?

Agnes Bowen McFerrin Buchanan b ca 1735 VA, died 1801 Davidson Co TN,
Married 2nd Archibald Buchanan; County settled; Davidson Co TN; 1784, proof;
Husband's residence
Malchiga Coffee Whitworth

Andrew Buchanan b unk, died 1813 Lincoln Co TN; Married Jane McKinney;
County settled; Davidson Co TN; proof; court minutes.
Richard Keith Grover

Archibald, b 1728 Lancaster Co PA, died 1806 Davidson CO TN; Married 2nd
Agnes Bowen McFerrin. County settled Davidson Co TN. Proof; land grant

David Buchanan b 1764 Rockbridge Co VA, died 1844 Lincoln CO TN, Married
Margaret Steele, County Settled; Davidson Co TN. 1784; Proof; Land Grant.

James Buchanan b 1763 Augusta Co VA, died 1841 Davidson Co TN, married Mary
Lucinda East; County settled; Cumberland Settlements. 1796; Proof; Deed.
Josh Joseph Thomas Jr.

John Buchanan b 1759 Harrisburg, PA, died 1832, Davidson Co TN, married [2]
Sarah [Sally] Ridley; County settled; Cumberland Settlements, 1780, Proof;
signed Cumberland Settlements.
Lots of names

John Buchanan Sr. b ca 1738 Ireland, Died 1787 Davidson Co TN, married Jane
Trindle Russell, County Settled; Cumberland Settlements' 1780, Proof;
Preemption grant.

Sarah Ridley Buchanan b 1773 Watauga Settlement. died 1831 Davidson CO TN.
Married John Buchanan, County settled; Long Island of the Holston
Settlements, 1778; Proof; father's residence.

Thomas Buchanan born 1776 VA? died 1836 Cane Hill, ARK, Married Jane
[Jennie} Neely; County settled; Davidson Co TN, 1796. Proof; marriage

Jesse Bean b ca 1756, Pittsylvania Co VA, died 1829 Independence Co ARK,
married Elizabeth Mitchell, County settled; Washington Co TN; 1778, Proof;
Tax list.
Betty J. Alexander Moore

John Bean b 1735-40, born Pittsylvania Co VA, died ca 1810, Grainger Co TN,
married Elizabeth Henderson, County settled; Watauga Settlement 1775; Proof;
Watauga Purchase.
Lots of submissions

John Bean b 1760, TN, Died ca 1811, Washington Co TN, Married Sarah Jordan,
County Settled; Greene Co TN, 1788; proof; marriage record

Robert Bean b 1750 Pittsylvania Co VA, died 1824 Marion Co TN, married
Martha Womack, county settled; Washington Co TN 1782, Proof; land grant;

William Bean Jr. b ca 1745 Pittsylvania Co VA, died 1798 Grainger Co TN,
married Rachael Ball, County settled Washington Co TN. 1778, Proof tax list.

William Bean Sr. b 1721 Northumberland Co VA, died ca 1782 Washington Co TN.
Married Lydia Russell, County settled; Watauga Settlement 1769; Proof.
Ramsey's Annals of TN
Whole bunch of submissions.

George Avery b 1764 place unk. died 1853 Wilson CO TN, Married Elizabeth
Allen, County settled Davidson Co TN 1790; Proof. Rev War pension

Peter Avery, b 1739 Duchess Co NY, died 1816 Roane Co TN, married Mary
Jebbel [Yable], county settled; East TN; 1787; Proof; Survey of Avery's
Doris Katherine Turner Reichel Osten & Katherine Turner Osten

John McGhee b 1792, East TN, died 1872 Campbell Co TN, married Judith Cole,
County settled East TN; Davidson Co, 1792; Proof; 1850 census.
No other various spellings of this name.

Tired and going to bed. Ginny <

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