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From: Rae <>
Subject: Re: [TNSCOTT] Visiting Scott Co, Tn Keep going!!!
Date: Thu, 21 Jun 2001 06:46:17 -0700
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Hi Jim, Tell them they can go to Dollywood. I know it's not that far away, my
cousins in Scott county go there a lot and took my mother several times
when she
was visiting her brothers and sisters in Scott. There is also Cade's Cove
not too
far away. They took me and my mother there once and it is really nice.

At 05:17 AM 6/21/01 EDT, you wrote:
>I don't want to lead you on, but I am watching your messages with great
>interest. My 3rd or 4th great grandparents moved to what became Scott Co.
>in 1800 and had a very large family there. (James aand Sarah (Cox)
> So I would like to find an excuse to come there and to met with others
>searches would be great, but I have just started a new job and have very
>limited vacation that is considered very valuable by all the members of my
>family of five. The other four in the family tolerate my hobbies not
>them. So it would truly be a hard sell for me to get some of our vacation
>time for such a selfish thing.
>I want to encourage youall because if you do get it organized I would at
>least have an event to ask the family to consider. You never know, they
>might find something else in the area that they would like to see?
>You see I want to encourage you but fear I can't support you. Sorry!
>JIm McDonald
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