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From: "LaVelda Faull" <>
Subject: [TNSMITH] Hunt/Taylor Connection Continued
Date: Sat, 26 Feb 2000 12:51:36 CST


"In November of 1835, MATTHEW HUNT of Warren County, Tennessee (No. 2663)
sold 25 acres in Smith Co., TN(now DeKalb County, TN) to RICHARD MCGINNIS.
This land was adjoining JOHN FRAZIER. The next year, in July, MATTHEW HUNT
sold land to JOSEPH HENDRIXSON. The deed was witnessed by SAMUEL HUNT.
This is the first indication that MATTHEW HUNT and SAMUEL HUNT were
related.. SAMUEL HUNT died in 1839 in Cannon County, TN and our DAVID
TAYLOR SR and his son EZEKIEL W. TAYLOR along with JONATHAN FUSON were
appointed commisioners to lay off and set apart one years provision for the
widow of SAMUEL HUNT. HENRY FRAZIER was appointed administrator and his
security was MATTHEW HUNT.

In December of 1836, MATTHEW HUNT was involved in several land transactions
in Smith County (now DeKalb). He bought land from MICHAEL ETHERIDGE. This
land, although recorded in Smith was in Cannon County (15 acres) and the
deed states that both MATTHEW HUNT and MICHAEL ETHERIDGE were "of Cannon
County". MICHAEL ETHERIDGE's estate was also administered by one of our
TAYLORs, WILSON TAYLOR. This deed to MATTHEW HUNT was again witnessed by
SAMUEL HUNT. MATTHEW HUNT "of Cannon" sold a 100 acre survey adjoining
HENRY and JOHN FRAZIER to BENJAMIN MERRITT. This land was on Holmes Creek,
where DRURY TAYLOR lived. He also sold BENJAMIN MERRITT in December of
1836, another 35 acres on Holmes Creek in Smith (now DeKalb).

In DeKalb Co, TN, the estate of MARGARET DRURY was inventoried in February
of 1839. Among the buyers were many of our TAYLORS and JOHN HUNT.

In September of 1839, ROBERT FORRESTER sold 96 acres once in Smith now in
Cannon on Hodgen's Branch (originally JOSEPH PAYNE's) to MATTHEW HUNT. This
deed was recorded in DeKalb County and it was witnessed by HENRY HUNT.

A HARDY HUNT died in DeKalb County, Tennessee in October of 1840. it is
also possible possible that he was HARDY HUNT, the son of ARCHIBALD HUNT.

The personal inventory of HARDY HUNT, deceased was recorded in November of
1840 in DeKalb County. It included a note signed by HENRY R. TAYLOR. The
purchasers of the sale of the estate which took place on 23 October 1840
So, not only does this tie our TAYLORS even more firmly in with the HUNTS,
but it also proves that MATTHEW HUNT and HARDY HUNT were related. The court
ordered that SIMPSON B. WILLIAMS be appointed administrator of HARDY HUNT,
deceased in January of 1840 and his securities were JAMES and THOMAS
SIMPSON. Commissioners were appointed to lay off and set apart a year's
provision for his widow, POLLY HUNT.

In February of 1842, BENJAMIN TAYLOR sold land to MATTHEW HUNT. This land
was on Sink Creek and adjoined MARK FORRESTER's corner. The deed was
witnessed by HENRY R. TAYLOR and WILLIAM C. TAYLOR. The previous month,
HENRY R. TAYLOR sold land on Caney Fork to JOHN B. TAYLOR. The deed
mentioned land purchased of DREWY TAYLOR, 13 hogs now in my possesion which
are marked with a crop and under__on each ear, ear mark of MATTHEW HUNT,
DAVID J. TAYLOR, security. The deed also mentioned that he is indebted to

In December of 1854, MATTHEW HUNT of DeKalb County gave to SUSAN and
CAROLINE HUNT for taking care of his wife "for 12 years up until the date of
her death" and for another 5-6 years before he had remarried. He gave them
75 acres that had originally belonged to JOSEPH PAYNE.

In December of 1855, the inventory of WILLIAM TAYLOR was made by MAGNESS,

>From Smith County and DeKalb County court minutes, it has been proven that
ARCHIBALD, MATTHEW, THOMAS and HARDY HUNT all lived close together and were
also near to the TAYLORS. We have already seen that ARCHIBALD HUNT lived
close to BENJAMIN, DAVID and WILSON T. TAYLOR near the Dry Fork Road. In
May of 1818 in Smith County, MATTHEW HUNT was appointed along with THOMAS
BARNETT to view and mark a road "from Lancaster Mill on Smiths' Fork to
DANIEL ALEXANDER's". In June of 1838, THOMAS HUNT was appointed overseer on
Smith Fork Road from the ford of the creek at the mouth of Dismal down to to
the ford at JOHN REYNOLDS' shop and had as his hands "SOLOMON DAVIS, PHARIS
ABNER SELF, etc.". These records prove that MATTHEW and THOMAS HUNT both
lived near Smith's Fork and that MATTHEW, THOMAS and ARCHIBALD HUNT lived
near the TAYLORs.

In September of 1839, the DeKalb County court ordered that MATTHEW HUNT,
"from Dry Creek beginning at BRYANT SPRADLEYS to the last side of Dry Creek
beginning at BRYANT SPRADLEYS to the last side of Dry Creek so as to
intersect the stage road below SAMUEL WILLIAMS". In October of that year,
the court ordered that MATTHEW HUNT, HARDY HUNT, HENRY HART and BRYANT
SPRADLY view and raise the "old road called the Man Hill Road beginning at
the branch near BRYANT SPRADLY and running with road to intersect the stage
road near MCDOWELS". iN July of 1840, the court ordered that JOHN WILSON,
a road "down the branch from above HARDY HUNT across the point of the ridge
between HUNT and ROBERT FORRESTER and down the dividing lane between
FORRESTER and SAMUEL WILLIAMS to intersect with the Dry Fork Road". ROBERT
FORRESTER's land adjoined TAYLOR property near Sink Creek. These records
also prove that HARDY HUNT lived near the other HUNTS.

In Warren County, Tennessee deeds, a NATHANIEL HUNT of "Franklin Co, TN"
sold 50 acres on Hickory Creek to Voluntine SIMPSON on 10 Aug 1820. Could
this possibly be the same NATHANIEL who was in Elbert County, Georgia?

The HARDY HUNT SR from Franklin Co., NC died in 1829 in Sumner Co,
Tennessee. His will mentions a daughter SALLY TAYLOR. Could she have been
the wife of one of the TAYLORS in Smith/DeKalb Co., TN?

HARDY HUNT SR owned land in Wilson Co., TN (from 1813). The deeds usually
indicate that he was "of Sumner County, TN". His land was on Barton's
Creek, Spring Branch, and Spencer's Creek. He purchased land on Spencer's
Creek from EDWARD GIVEN in conjunction with JESSE HUNT in 1813. He sold
land to CHARLES WHITE, his son-in-law, on Barton's cReek in 1814. In 1815,
he sold land on Barton's creek to sons-in-law WILLIAM MITCHELL, DAVID HOBBS
and BOWEN WEBB (probably his nephew). BOWEN WEBB and LABAN WEBB appear to
have been the sons of JESSE WEBB.

Other Tennessee records indicate that HARDY HUNT SR was a Revolutionary War
soldier. Tennessee Revolutionary Warrant No. 4618 was issued to the 'HEIRS
OF HARDY HUNT, PRIVATE'. It was for 640 acres and was dated 9 Feb 1797.
JOHN HUNT, an heir assigned it to STERLING BREWER with ROBER BROWN and JOHN
ENRIGHT as witnesses. This would appear to prove that HARDY HUNT did have
more children than those mentioned in his will. HARDY HUNT also witnessed
the deed from the heirs of JOHN PARROTT, Private, to WILLIAM CHRISTMAS on 23
apri 1798, and also was a witness on 10 Feb 1797 when JACOB HOLLEY, oldest
brother and heir of BENJAMIN HOLLEY, Private, sold 640 acres to THOMAS HUNT
in Sumner County, Tennessee. He and JESSE HUNT were witnesses to the sale
of 40 acres in Wilson County from DAVID DAVIS to DAVID BURTON on 17
Septemember 1816.

WILLIAM BABB sold 170 acres in Wilson County to BENJAMIN HUNT in 1822 and
the deed was witnessed by HARDY HUNT, JESSE HUNT, and THOMAS BABB. In 1826,
HARDY HUNT sold land on Barton's Creek and Spencer's Creek to BENJAMIN H..
ESTES. In 1841, MATTHEW HUNT sold 53 acres on Spencer's Creek to THOMAS H.
ESTES. This suggests to me that HARDY HUNT had either a son or grandson
named MATTHEW HUNT. Could this be the same MATTHEW HUNT who sold land to
our TAYLORS in Dekalb County next door? E. W. TAYLOR sold a slave to an
ESTES in DeKalb County (DB E p 390).

ARCHIBALD HUNT "of Smith County" sold land in Wilson County in 1831 to HALEY
TALLEY. This land was on Hickman's Creek which was later part of DeKalb
County. He lived next door to the LAWRENCE FAMILY who had married into the
TAYLOR family."

>From all of this information, I have put together several family trees,
although largely unproven. I think it is possible that HENRY HUNT who died
in Granville, NC in 1750 was the father of JAMES HUNT SR an possibly of
MARTHA "Patty" who married WILLIAM TAYLOR SR. Not only did his will state
that he had a son named JAMES HUNT, but his wife's name was AGNES. JAMES
HUNT SR. named a daughter AGNES also.

I won't go into these unproven family trees, as I can't prove it all.

I will list a few families and indicate with question marks if it is

JAMES HUNT SR. - Born 24 July 1732; died 1805 Robertson Co., TN; married
MARY RACKLEY, the daughter of JOHN RACKLEY III in Franklin Co., NC. They
moved to Elbert Co., GA and lived by our TAYLORS there. JAMES HUNT
witnessed the deed of WILLIAM and PATTY TAYLOR in 1800 in Elbert Co., GA.
Between 1800 and 1805 he moved to Robertson and Montgomery Co, TN and the
TAYLORS moved to Smith County, Tennessee. Per his will, he had: HENRY,

HENRY and AGNES(____) HUNT of Granville Co., NC had children (per Henry's
are the only children listed in his will, but he may have had others. There
was an older THOMAS and JOHN HUNT who may have been brothers of this HENRY
HUNT who no doubt had children also. There appears to have been an older
SION HUNT, another HENRY HUNT, etc. It is difficult to figure out
relationships because there appears to have been a lot of HUNTS with the
same given name. Very frustrating!!

HARDY HUNT SR (born by 1740-50 according to Rev. War Pension) witnessed a
land deed in 1780 in Franklin Co, NC; married SARAH TAYLOR (fairly well
proven by deeds). Lived next door to JOHN TAYLOR, HENRY TAYLOR, NATHAN
WHITLEY, HENRY HUNT, etc. in Franklin Co., NC. He died in 1829 in Sumner
Co., TN (will recorded in may 1829). He lists a number of daughters, but
obviously did not list all of his children. Two sons were executors, but
otherwise were not even mentioned in his will. According to his will he
had: Mary Polly(may have been a granddaughter) (married an ALLEN and lived
in NC in 1829); PATSEY (may have been a granddaughter, married ___LINSEY and
lived in NC in 1829); SALLY HUNT married ___RAWLINGS (may have been a
granddaughter also); ___HUNT (daughter who married a SEAWELL); SARAH HUNT
married ____TAYLOR and lived in TN in 1829; CHLOE HUNT married DAVID HOBBS;
SABRINA HUNT married CHARLES WHITE; THOMAS H. HUNT (not mentioned in will,
but was executor and stated as son); SION A. HUNT (not mentioned in will,
but was also executor and stated as son); HARDY HUNT JR (not listed in
will); ELIZABETH HUNT married WILLIAM MITCHELL; JOHN HUNT (listed as an heir
on father's revolutionary land grant warrant but was not in will); MATTHEW
HUNT (owned land on same Creek as Hardy Sr. in Wilson Co., TN but was not in

HENRY HUNT born 28 Nov 1744; died 16 June 1825; married ANN TAYLOR (pretty
well proven by deeds). Did he remain in NC and who were his children?
Could he have been the father of Archibald, Matthew and Samuel Hunt? He did
have the following son:

A. JESSE HUNT - lived in Wilson Co., TN in 1814 and made a
deposition from there at that time. It was witnessed
by HARDY HUNT. This deposition stated that JESSE HUNT
was the son of HENRY HUNT of Franklin Co., NC. It gave
power of attorney to his father to recieve land inherited
was married to ELIZABETH RACKLEY the first cousin of
MICAJAH RACKELY of DeKalb Co., TN. "Cage" RACKLEY lived
in Indian Creek, DeKalb Co., and went to the same church
as all of our TAYLORS. His aunt was married to JAMES
HUNT SR. of Elbert Co., GA and Robertson/Montgomery Co.,
TN. Is this the same JESSE HUNT who moved to Hamilton
Co., IL from Smith Co., TN?

B. HARDY HUNT? - Lived in Wilson Co., TN next door to

MATTHEW HUNT - Born 1780 NC; married 1)____; married 2)____between 1850 and
Dec of 1854. In 1820 lived in Smith Co., TN. In 1830 he was on the Wilson
Co., TN census. The 1830 census listed his age as between 1790-1800. In
1840 and 1850 census he was in DeKalb Co., TN. The 1840 census lists his
age as betwen 1770-1780. The 1840 census gives his birth as 1780. He died
in 1858 in DeKalb co., TN where he recorded his will. He bought and sold
several times from our TAYLORS and lived on adjoining land in the counties
of Smith, Cannon, DeKalb and Warren. He only had three children still
living with him in 1850. The 1830 census states that he had 5 children
living with him. The 1840 census in DeKalb shows that he had 19 persons in
his household besides himself and his wife. I do not know if al of these
children were his or perhaps some were grandchildren. Two of his daughters
were mulattos. He had at least:
1. Daughter - born 1815-20
2. Son - Born 1820-25
3. Son - born 1820-25
4. Susannah - born 1824 TN (listed as a mulatto on census)
5. dau - born 1820-25
6. Matthew L. Hunt - Born 1834 TN
6. Caroline - Born 1841 TN (listed as a mulatto on census).

The 1840 census recordes: one female born 1790-1800; three females born
1800-1810; two females born 1820-25; three females born 1830-35; two females
born 1835-40; two males born 1825-30; two males born 1830-35; two males born
1835-40 besides Matthew and his wife.

SAMUEL HUNT - Born 1790-1800 according to the 1830 Wilson Co., TN census.
However, I believe he was born ca 1785 as MATTHEW HUNT's census age was
incorrect for 1830 also. He was not on the 1820 TN census. He died in 1837
in Cannon Co., TN. The administrator of his estate was our DAVID TAYLOR SR.
Did he marry MARY___(A Mary HUNT was on the 1840 Smith Co, TN census)?
SAMUEL HUNT witnessed at least two deeds for MATTHEW HUNT in DeKalb Co., TN.
So he was obviously related to MATTHEW, perhaps a brother. The 1830
census showed that he had the following in his household.

1. Son - born 1825-30
2. Son - Born 1820-25
3. Dau - Born 1825-30
4. Dau - Born 1820-25
5. Dau - Born 1820-25

ARCHIBALD HUNT - Born 1775; Was on the 1860 Wilson Co. TN Census. In his
household was ELIZA born 1810; ELLEN born 1848 and MARY PHERNALTY born
1810. In 1830 he was on the Smith County, TN census. In 1840 he was on the
Wilson Co., TN census. In 1839, he was mentioned in a deed for WILSON
TAYLOR in Smith Co., TN. In 1857, ISAAC TAYLOR sold land to ARCHIBALD HUNT
in DeKalb County. However, that ARCHIBALD HUNT could have been the son of
THOMAS HUNT (possible grandson of Matthew Hunt). Who was Archibald's

His will was recorded in Wilson Co., TN on 8 Nov 1862. It states that the
was named ELIZA. It states that the only daughter he had by his second wife
was CHURCH ELLEN HUNT and his sons were HARDY HUNT and THOMAS HUNT. It
mentions "POLLY VANATTA" the girl who now lives with me", heirs of daughter
DELIA ALLEN, heirs of daughter SALLIE FLOYD. What a pity he did not mention
all of his children. I feel that he possibly had a daughter or son who was
married to one of TAYLORS. The 1830 Wilson Co., TN census records that he
had a daughter born 1800-1810, a son born 1810-1815, and a daughter born
1825-30 in his household. According to the 1830 census he lived next door
DILLARD and was recorded as living in between the TAYLORS. In 1840 he lived
next door to the LAWRENCES who had intermarried with the TAYLORS in Wilson
Co., TN. He had at least:

1. HARDY HUNT - Born 1810-20; Died in DeKalb Co., TN in 1840. His
estate was purchased by MATTHEW HUNT and by several members
of the TAYLOR family. He witnessed a deed for THOMAS HUNT
(probably his brother) in 1833 for land on Smith Fork in
DeKalb Co., TN. On the 1840 census he had a wife born
1800-1810 and two children:
a. Son born 1835-40
b. Dau born 1830-35

2. THOMAS HUNT - Born 1870 in NC (according to 1850 DeKalb Co.
census); He was a next door neighbor of JEREMIAH TAYLOR.
He appears to have bought land on Smith Fork in 1833.
HARDY HUNT (his brother) witnessed the deed. the 1840
DeKalb Co., TN census lists him with a wife born 1800-1810
a. dau born 1820-25
b. son born 1825-30
c. son born 1825-30
d son born 1830-35
e. Mahabel - Born 1829 TN (male)
f. Archibald - Born 1830 TN
g. William - Born 1834 TN
h. Artamisa - Born 1842 TN
i. Susanna - Born 1844 TN
j. James - Born 1846 TN

3. HUNT, DELIA - married ___Allen; died by 1862

4. HUNT, SALLY - married __ FLOYD; died by 1862

5. HUNT, CHURCH ELLEN - Born 1848

ABEL C. HUNT - Born 1783 NC; 1820 Smith Co., TN census. Also on the 1830,
1840 and 1850 census. Did he marry ELIZABETH BELL on 5 Sept 1816 in Wilson

THOMAS HUNT - died Feb 1831 Sumner co., TN. Children per will were: SUSAN,
JOHN T. and SARAH A. HUNT. He married MARY DAVIS on 11 July 1813 in Sumner
Co.., TN. His will was witnessed by SOLOMON DAVIS.

It would be great if anyone on the list could add to or disprove or prove
any of the foregoing info or hypothesis that I have made. The HUNT records
are very scattered and I have yet to prove that WILLIAM TAYLOR SR's wife was
indeed a HUNT, although the compounding of evidence seems to indicate it to
be so.


LaVelda Faull

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