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From: "Steven Denney" <>
Subject: [TNSMITH] Stallings on Bluff Creek
Date: Sat, 8 Feb 2003 00:46:18 -0600
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Since we have been talking a lot about the families in the Bluff Creek area
and the Stallings have been mentioned, I would like to ask what member of
the Stallings family might be best connected to the following person. The
Stallings whos parentage I am tracking is Catherine Stallings Denney b. 1798

Zachariah Denney (b. January 19, 1794 probably in Granville or Person County
North Carolina--just south of VA line and Pittsylvania/Halifax Counties
Virginia) moved to the area near Bluff Creek between 1810 and January of
1814 with his parents John and Sarah Winfree Denney. His tract was probably
just a few miles to the west of Brother Benjamin (who shared a boundary with
Jonas Whitley, Silas Paschal, and James Cooper) In the original deed from
Arthur Hogan in 1814, the only other land owner listed as adjoining was
William Moores. Witnesses were John Hale and Harp Parrott. When John
Denney sold the land in 1828 the only neighboring land owner mentioned was
David Tyree. David Winfree and Josiah Whitley witnessed this deed.

Sometime before 1819 Zachariah Denney married Catherine Stallings who was
born on March 2, 1798. We know that she was a Stallings from information
supplied in the death certificate of her daughter Elizabeth Ann Denney in
which Catherine was mentioned as Catherine Stallions (that is how the name
Stallings shows up in many 1800s era records).

The birth dates for Zachariah and Catherine are supplied by the Zachariah
Denney family bible, but several of the pages are missing and there are no
marriage dates or deaths for the two. We know that they married before 1819
as their first son was born this year, and of course the 1820 census shows
Zachariah's household to include his wife. Sometime between their marriage
and 1830, the couple moved to what is now the Bowlings Branch area of Smith
County. The cemetery where their son William Ira Denney is buried is
probably part of that farm. Zachariah died between the time of the writing
of his father John Denney's will (on May 13, 1847) and the conducting of the
1850 census in which he was not listed (interestingly, he was probably
already sick when the John Denney will was written because John mentioned
"to my son Zachariahr Denney a full share after Deducting fifty five Dollars
should he live longer than I do if he the sd Z Denny Departs this life his
aires to have one half a sher) Zachariah was still living at the time of
the auctioning of the estate when he purchased several items I am not
certain what the date was for the auction (I should have that but I can't
find it) but the will was probated in June of 1847 so it was probably
sometime close to then. Zachariah Denney is not included in the mortality
schedules of the 1850 census, so that means he probably died prior to a year
before the taking of the census of 1850.
In various references Catherine Denney is mentioned as Ciddy Denney and Caty
Denney. The 1850 census she is a resident of Smith County aged 50 and born
in North Carolina. In the 1860 census she is a resident of Putnam County
and is 61.

It is interesting to note that in the 1820 census, the Zachariah Denney
household contains a female that could very well be Catherine Stallings
Denney's mother. Zachariah Denney - one male under 10, one male 18-26; one
female 16-26 and one female 26-45. This could be an older sister of
Catherine or Catherine's mother or even someone else.

I do not know when Catherine died or is buried. Possibly a listing of the
children of Zachariah and Catherine could be helpful to someone in helping
me narrow this down.

James Denny b. May 14, 1819 d. after 1880 m.
Martha (Robinson?)
Jonathan Denney b. Feb 28, 1822 d. after 1900 m. Agnes
(Thompson or Winfree?-I have
seen both listed)
William Ira Denney b.Jan 31, 1824 d. July 8, 1903 m. #1
Teresa Scudders Bates

#2 Elizabeth Coffee
Timothy Denney b. Dec 22, 1825 d. Nov 5, 1898 m. Hettie
John Smith Denney b. Nov 1, 1827 d. Nov 19, 1912 m. Nancy
Henrietta Carlen
Elizabeth Ann Denney b. Aug 4, 1832 d. Oct 12, 1918 never married
Lucy Whitley Denney b. Nov 29, 1835 d. May 30, 1908 m. Bailey
Catherine Denney b. Nov 1, 1837
m. John Huddleston

I would love to know which Stallings families were living in the
neighborhood 1810-1819. Which of them had children. Do any of them have an
unaccounted for Catherine. I notice there are several Catherine Stallings
(one the wife of a John Stallings). I believe I may have seen somewhere
that even the David Tyree mentioned in the deed above might be connected
somehow to the Stallings. What about a Stallings male who might have had a
child born in the late 1790s who might have died before 1820 and his widow
living with Zachariah and Catherine.

I have seen a deed from Edgecombe County, North Carolina on Oct 21, 1805
that shows Jonas and Ann Whitley, his wife, MIlls Stallings, Thomas
Stallings, Abraham Jones and Elizabeth his wife, Exum Whitley and Temperance
Whitley his wife, John Linch and Milly his wife, each of Edgecombe County,
North Carolina sold land to Peter Robinson of Nash County, North Carolina
for 600 dollars a tract in Edgecombe on the south side of Swift Creek and
north side of Beach Run - 295 acres adj. James Stallings, Zachariah Manor,
includes 200 acres which had been deeded from John Stallings to Willis
Stallings. Witnesses were Frederick Philips, ______ Philips, Jonas Whitley,
Ann Whitley, Mills Stallings, Thos Stallings, Abraham Jones, Elizabeth
Jones, Exum Whitley, Temperance Whitley, John Linch, Milly Linch. Delilah
Stallings relinquished her dower rights.

I see also that Mills Stallings died in Smith County in 1818. Could he be
the father of Catherine? The fact that Zachariah and Catherine Denney named
a child Lucy Whitley implies a connection to the Whitleys, but of course the
fact that they lived near the Whitley's as teenagers may cover this (but I
doubt it)

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