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You are all so helpful. Thank you!

Maybe out of all this, we'll accidentally prove our family is related to UT
royalty Peyton Manning! ;-)


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First let me explain the Search I did.
Go to the Stewart County Site:

Then you can choose to "Jump to the Search Engine"
Then type in your ancestor's name in the box--remember to use
variable spellings as the records will have them spelled Manning, Maning,
Mannings, etc the same with your Mathis, Mathes, Mathus, Matthews, etc..

Since Lawrence or L M Manning died close to the 1850 census you should
check the 1850 Mortality Schedule.
The Mortality Schedules for would include anyone who had died 12
months preceding the enumeration
e.g. 1 June 1849 through 31 May 1850, , 1859-1860, 1869-1870,
[this is according to a reference book I have on "Finding
Answers in U S Census Records"]

Since Lawrence died in August this would put the year at 1849.

Next, yes William E appears to be the son on Lawrence and Nancy and he
{William E] was married to Eliza.

I do not know how all the pieces fit for the information I
listed...further research on each of the individuals names would be required
to tie all this together. We can surmise A J Byrd was married to Martha
Manning, their daughter, W. E? Stalls to Mary Manning, their daughter,
William Jasper Spiceland married Emeline "Emily" Manning, their daughter.

Mysteries or questions remain about James R. Hooks, C. C. Parker. T. H
Riggs and Henry Robertson and how they fit into the relationship to the

If you do a search on Byrd you will find Martha L Byrd wife of A J listed
in Champion Cemetery # 2 with her date of death as November 30, 1887.

I hope this helps.
The Stewart County site has so much information thanks to so many
researchers it helps to look at it again periodically for new information
that has been added. Something I sometimes forget to do.

Deanna W

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