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From: "Dorothy Gray" <>
Date: Tue, 11 Apr 2000 21:34:09 -0700

There are about 50 names in ASA HASSELL's Descendancy Chart found in the
LDS Ancestral Files. Please note: This data could/could not be accurate.
One must prove it, but can use it as a guideline, perhaps. I will attempt
to put the names on the list as there are many born in Sumner Co. #1 is
ASA, #2 are his kids, #3 are his grandchildren, #4 are his gr. g'children.
Maybe it will all fit across the page that way.
ASA HASSELL Born: 20 Feb 1773, Cottontown, Davidson Co. (Later Sumner
1. Ditto
sp: Sarah EDWARDS, b. 29 Oct 1791, Cottontown, Sumner, TN
2.Nancy Hassell, b.22 Aug 1813, Cottontown, Sumner, TN
2.Eliza Hassell, b. 7 Marh 1815, Cottontown, Sumner, TN
sp: William COOLEY, b. <1811><Cottontown, Sumner, TN>
2.William B. Hassell, b. 22 Jan 1818, Cottontown, Sumner, TN
2.Caroline Hassell, b. 17 Oct 1873, Cottontown, Sumner, TN
sp: George DUKE, b. <1819><Cottontown, Sumner, TN>
2. Martha Hassell, b. 1 Feb 1826, Cottontown, Sumner, TN
sp:James William GARRETT, b. 27 Jan 1820, Cottontown, Sumner, TN
3: John Bugg GARRETT, b. 24 Feb 1849, Cottontown, Sumner, TN
3.Julius Elliott GARRETT, b. 30 Jul 1850, Cottontown, Sumner, TN
3.James Edwards GARRETT, b. 27 Jan 1852, Cottontown, Sumner, TN
3.Caroline Eunice GARRETT, b. 18 May 1854, Cottontown, Sumner, TN
sp:John GOSEY, b. <1850><Cottontown, Sumner, TN>
3.Thomas Blount GARRETT, b. 20 Apr 1856, Cottontown, Sumner, TN
3. Sarah Ann GARRETT, b. 4 Aug 1860, Cottontown, Sumner, TN
sp:John Conner FRANKLIN, b. 16 Dec 1850, Hartsville, Sumner, TN
4.Jesse Conner FRANKLIN, b. 5 Oct 1884, Cottontown, Sumner, TN
4.Horace Edward FRANKLIN, b. 24 May 1886, Cottontown, Sumner, TN
sp: Allie KEENE, b. <1890><Cottontown, Sumner, TN>
4.Nellie Anna FRANKLIN, b. 12 Feb 1888, Cottontown, Sumner, TN
sp:William Noah TEMPLETON, B. <1884><Cottontown, Sumner, TN>
4.William Samuel FRANKLIN, b. 5 Jul 1889, Gallatin, Sumner, TN
4.Hortense Eunice FRANKLIN, b. 28 Jul 1891, Gallatin, Sumner, TN
sp:John Malcolm LINGNER, b. 12 Feb 1894, Nashville, Dvsn, TN
5.John Franklin LINGNER, b.10 Aug 1913, Nashville, Davidson, TN
5.Hilary Howse LINGNER, b. 19 Nov 1914, Nashville, Davidson, TN
sp:Frances Elizabeth ALDRIDGE, b. 22 Feb 1913, Gallatin, Sumner, TN
5.Nancy Ann Xavier LINGNER, b: Living
sp:Lawrence Seifert TUTTLE, b: Living
5.Alice Barbara Hartman LINGNER, b: Living
sp:Hubert Cottrell LAMBERT, b. 21 Jan 1916, Farmington, Davis, UT
5. LIVING, born: Living
sp:Lawrence Seifert TUTTLE, born: Living
4.Ellwood Garrett FRANKLIN, b. 24 May 1893, Gallatin, Sumner, TN
sp: Irene SMITH, b. <1897><Gallatin, Sumner, TN>
4.Millard Terry FRANKLIN, b. 1 Sept 1895, Gallatin, Sumner, TN
sp:Mattie UNDERWOOD, b. <1899><Gallatin, Sumner, TN>
4.Howard Putty FRANKLIN, b. 28 May, 1897, Gallatin, Sumner, TN
sp: Living, b.Living
3. Rachel Elizabeth GARRETT, b. 28 May 1863, Cottontown, Sumner, TN
sp:James CONYER, b. <1859><Cottontown, Sumner, TN>
2.Elizabeth HASSELL, b. 8 Jun 1828, Cottontown, Sumner, TN
sp: James DAVIS, b. <1824><Cottontown, Sumner, TN>
2.John J. HASSELL, b. 20 May 1833, Cottontown, Sumner, TN
sp: Sarah COTTON, b. <1837><Cottontown, Sumner, TN>
2.Littleberry HASSELL, b.13 Aug 18335, Cottontown, Sumner, TN
2. Jesse J. HASSELL, b. 30 Oct 1838, Cottontown, Sumner, TN
sp: Sarah G. GARRETT, b. <1842><Cottontown, Sumner, TN>

<> means a guesstimate.
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