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From: "Steven Gillispie" <>
Subject: [TNUNION] Re: [TNxxx-L] ... David L(ay?) Williams
Date: Wed, 01 Jan 2003 18:32:29 -0800

David L Williams is indeed a problem!! However, you know more about him
than anybody I have talked to so far, so perhaps our combined info will help
solve the mystery. There isn't any definite proof that I know of, but I
believe David L Williams was the son of William and Elizabeth (Lay)
Williams, of Union Co. (So you should add that list to your searching.)
One key bit of info would be to find out what David's middle initial was.
Do you know what the L stood for in David L S Helton? However, it does seem
certain that there were two David Williams in the area at that same time,
one David L and the other David B.

Here are the probable David L Williams records I have so far.

David Williams m. 7/13/1848 to Ann Mayes in Claiborne Co.

1850 census, Grainger TN, Dist #12, 24 Oct, pg 98 (Wm M Williams, census
David Williams 21, Anna 32, Mary 2/52, Wm Hammock 18; all born in TN
David is a farmer, owning land worth $400, Wm is a Laborer

1860 census, Grainger TN, Dist #12, 30 Aug, pg 511 (PO Rutledge)
David L Williams 32, Anna 47, Mary 10, Catherine 8
David is a farmer, owning land worth $3000

East Tennessee Marriage Records (by the Sistlers):
David S Williams md Mary M Johnson, 17 Dec 1865, Grainger Co TN

1870 census, Grainger TN, Dist #12, 4 Jul, pg 133
David Williams 40, Mary 26, Mary 20, Sarah 3, John 2, Eanock 10/12; all born
in TN
David is a farmer, owning land worth $1300

1880 census, Grainger TN, Dist #13, 15 Jun, ed 101, pg 26
David B Williams 51, Mary M 33, Sarah E 12, John L 11, Enock 10, Daniel 8,
Lucy 4, Matilda 3, Laura Bell 1, Loucinda Johnson 70 (mother-in-law); all
born in TN, all parents born in TN
David is a farmer

It seems pretty clear to me that these all relate to the same David
Williams, but he shows up with 3 different middle initials! But back then
the handwritten 'S' and 'L' looked almost identical, so I think the David S
could be a misread transcription. As far as the David B, the marriage
records also show a David B Williams marrying a Matilda Clark in Feb 1847 in
Grainger Co, so I think the census taker probably thought this David was
David B and wrote the initial in without actually checking.

The 1830 and 1840 Claiborne TN censuses show that William & Elizabeth
Williams had a son born in the 1826-1830 time slot, but he was gone by the
1850 Claiborne census, which matches with the 1848 Claiborne marriage.
William died in 1873 and Elizabeth in 1890, and she left a will (5 Feb 1890,
Union Co TN). (They appear to have lived in the Leadmine Bend area on the
Powell River over the ridge from Sharps Chapel. This area was originally
Claiborne Co but became Union Co.) In her will, Elizabeth leaves most
everything to some of her grandchildren, but the will was contested by a
David L Williams. Elizabeth Williams was the daughter of David & Mary Lay,
of the Big Valley in Union Co. It seems likely that William & Elizabeth
would name their first son after her father, and that he would be the only
one likely to contest a will that left him off of it. William & Elizabeth
had daughters named Mary and Catherine as well. But as you can see this is
not really very strong proof. It also is a mystery why David would move off
to Grainger Co.

In the 1900 index there is a John Williams and Enock W Williams in Grainger
Co, but no David. So it's unclear what happened to him. This grave you
describe in the Welch cemetery seems like a very good candidate. Do you
know if he left a will of any kind that might tie him to the children listed
with him in the censuses?

If you are still sure that your ancestor was David L and not David B, and
you find some convincing proof that David L is the son of William &
Elizabeth Williams, then your problems just get harder! David & Mary Lay
appear to be from North Carolina, and there are a lot of (Union Co)
researchers looking at them, but I don't know how much solid proof they have
or whether they are still at the guessing stage. People aren't sure about
William Williams either. A William Williams left a will (1838, Grainger Co)
naming an heir William Williams that might be the William of Union Co, but
there were so many William Williams in the area at that time. Also, a Silas
Williams lived very near the Leadmine Bend area for many years, very near to
William & Elizabeth, but no direct family connection has been found. There
are some hints that all of the Williams came to east TN from the Grayson Co
VA area. I'm sure they were all related somehow and that they could easily
explain all of this to us if only we could just go back then and ask them
about it!

The above info was collected not just by me but by a lot of other people, so
I hope they all consider themselves thanked again for sending me what they
knew and found out.


>Dear Folks,
> i have a problem that i just can't figure out,
>so i am asking your help,
>below you will find 'my family'
>CATHERINE WILLIAMS is my great grandma,
>she married
>GRAINGER CO,and had my grandpa
>for over 25 years i have tried to find her family...
>and now i have,
>i guess my Angels didn't want it to be to easy for me,
>so they have given me
>one my great great grandpa for sure,
>the other
>is from
>(i think)
>AUGUST 16th,1814.and..
>AUGUST 7th 1815
>in Grainger Co.
>found living next door to DAVID.B. and MATILDA
>in 1870, (maybe 1860 also)
>so i think she was David Bs momma,
>BUT who is my gggrandpa DAVID .L. from??
>the DAVIDs are not the same person,
>as they were both listed in the 1860 census,
>(i think, but maybe not).
>both married,
>one in grainger co,...
>one in claiborne co.
>below you'll find the rest of my story,
> In the 1860 census
>> David L. William 32 , b; 1828
>> Anna 47, b; 1813
>.......(married;CLAIBORNE CO,7-13-1848)
>children listed;
>> Mary 10, b; 1850
>> ** Catherine 8 b; 1852, our gt-gramma
>i cannot find DAVID.L.
>nor the family,
>yet my great gramma CATHERINE shown above,
>was raised
>and married in GRAINGER CO./Liberty Hill area.
>there is a DAVID WILLIAMS buried in the WELCH CEMETERY right near Liberty
>and with this birthdate,it seems he is MY grandpa DAVID.L. WILLIAMS.
>now ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
>> In the 1870 census
>> David William 48 , b; 1822
>> Matilda 42 ........ b; 1828
>...............(married;GRAINGER CO 2-2-1847)
>> Mary 11
>> Laura 8
>> Cornela 4
>> Allus 2
>> David Fox 16-day laborer
>> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
>> 1880 CENSUS
>> David Williams 53
>> Matilda 50
>> Laura 17
>> Cornelia 16
>> Alice 12
>> Sallie 9
>> Dellie 3
>> there were no David.B. listed in 1900
>> did DAVID .B.
>die between 1880 AND 1900 ??
>> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
>all the children shown above carry the same names as the children in my
>gramma CATHERINE and her husband JOHN WINFIELD SCOTT HELTONs family,
> and DAVID.B.WILLIAMS related?? if so how??
>did SHADRACK WILLIAMS have a brother
>who had a son
>that married
>on 07-13-1848?
>well now you can see why i'm so confused,
>and i'm new at this computer searching, and the computer itself i guess,
>i have exhusted every thing i can think of,
>sooo i turn to you,
>thank you for any and all help,
>in kinship
> the Bible says 'ask and ye shall find', so here i am.
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