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TAYLOR, part 2
>From "Tennessee Cousins, A History of Tennessee People" by Worth S. Ray.
First copyright 1950.

Page 55, Carter County, "James Patton TAYLOR the grandfather of Governors
Alfred and Bob TAYLOR, married Mary C. Carter, the daughter of Landon
Carter and his wife Elizabeth Maclin. His will is on record in Carter
County (we failed to note the volume and page, or date) and he named the
following children:
1. Nathaniel Greene TAYLOR
2. Alfred Moore Carter TAYLOR
3. Eveline TAYLOR
4. Mary TAYLOR
Alfred Moore Carter TAYLOR was married three times and left no descendants;
Eveline TAYLOR married 1)Charles K. Gillespie (3 children) and 2) John
Alford Akin. Mary TAYLOR, the youngest daughter, was killed by lightning at
a camp meeting being held on the site of the present Johnson City, which
tragic incident so impressed her older brother Nathaniel Greene TAYLOR as
to turn his thoughts to the ministry and shove aside his former intentions
to follow the law."
"Nathaniel Greene TAYLOR, father of the two distinguished Governors of
Tennessee was no ordinary man. He was an educated gentleman of the highest
type of his generation and times; he attended Washington College and
Princeton University and had as college associates Landon C. Haynes,
Zebulon B. Vance and Robert Love, among others. He was a member of the
United States Congress, Pastor of a great city church, and a prominent
politician of his era. His home near Johnson City and on Buffalo Creek near
the present Millican College, where his boys attended school, was
established with the distinctive name of 'Happy Valley'. My information is
that he had the following children:
1. James Patton TAYLOR
2. Alfred Alexander TAYLOR, Governor
3. Robert Love TAYLOR, Governor
4. Nathaniel G. TAYLOR
5. Hugh Lawson TAYLOR
6. Rhoda Emma TAYLOR
7. Mary Eva TAYLOR
Alfred Alexander TAYLOR married a Miss Anderson. Robert Love TAYLOR married
Sallie Baird. (six children)."
"Jonathan TAYLOR, the son of Andrew TAYLOR, who left will in 1744-7 also
died about the same time, his will bearing the date of December 5, 1842. He
married Barsheba Daniel, whom he mentions as his wife in his will, leaving
her his estate for her use and the use of her minor heirs, as follows:
1. William Brownlow TAYLOR
2. Andrew T. TAYLOR
3. Henry TAYLOR
4. James TAYLOR
5. Noah TAYLOR
6. John M. TAYLOR
7. Isabel TAYLOR
Wife, Barsheba TAYLOR and her brother, Noah Daniel, Executors. Witnesses
David A. TAYLOR and Andrew W. TAYLOR."
"Alfred Wilson TAYLOR married Elizabeth Carter Duffield, and in his will
dated June 22, 1844 in Carter County he names children:
1. William C. TAYLOR
2. Nathaniel M. TAYLOR
3. George D. TAYLOR
4. James P. TAYLOR
5. Alfred W. TAYLOR
6. Mary E. TAYLOR
7. Henry H. TAYLOR
Witnessed by Robert Love and J. D. Hyder."

Page 61, Carter County, tombstone inscriptions from the old Carter Cemetery:
"Joseph TAYLOR, 1799-1878; his wife Rosanna TAYLOR 1801-1802."
"Mary N. TAYLOR, 1830-1913."

Page 62, Carter County, early marriages:
"David Pugh to Mary TAYLOR, September 24, 1833."
"General TAYLOR to Amanda Combs, January 2, 1855."
"Noah Daniel to Mary TAYLOR, November 28, 1826."
"Samuel Miller to Sarafina J. TAYLOR, March 20, 1858."

Page 63, Carter County, TAYLOR family marriages:
"Robert C. TAYLOR to Margaret A. McLeod, April 16, 1823."
"Caswell C. TAYLOR to Nancy Duncan, January 29, 1833."
"Leroy TAYLOR to Thisseah Reasoner, June 1, 1815."
"Thomas P. L. TAYLOR to Sarah Williams, August 14, 1830."
"Matthew TAYLOR to Minerva Haines on January 23, 1828."
"William TAYLOR to Elizabeth Underwood, December 16, 1825."
"John TAYLOR to Mary Bowman, September 4, 1827."
"Joseph TAYLOR to Rosanna Farris, May 13, 1822."
"Alfred M. TAYLOR to Elizabeth Duffield, October 1, 1822."
"James P. TAYLOR to Mary C. Carter, August 23, 1816."
"Isaac TAYLOR to Margaret Baring, October 31, 1833."
"D. A. TAYLOR to M. J. O'Brien, December 28, 1837."
"Ambrose TAYLOR to Nancy Bowman, December 24, 1841."
"John TAYLOR to Charity Faust, December 1, 1844."
"Landon B. TAYLOR to Sarah Tilley, August 11, 1844."
"Michael TAYLOR to Sarah Lewis, October 2, 1846."
"James P. TAYLOR to Mary Snider, January 8, 1846."
"David TAYLOR to Mary Jane Blevins, August 23, 1846."
"Caswell M. TAYLOR to Dulcena E. Hendricks, March 16, 1849."
"John W. TAYLOR to Louvania J. Frazier, September 20, 1849."
"Edmund W. TAYLOR to Christina Faust, June 29, 1856."
"General Jackson TAYLOR to Harriet Combs, October 29, 1856."
"Noah D. TAYLOR to Sarah J. TAYLOR, January 1, 1856."
"Alfred M. C. TAYLOR to Cornelia A. Tipton, July 24, 1856."
"James M. TAYLOR to Mary Peoples, November 3, 1859."
"William TAYLOR to Susanna TAYLOR, November 14, 1844."
"Daniel TAYLOR to Mary J. Overholser, February 4, 1849."
"General TAYLOR to Amanda Combs, January 2, 1855."
"Andrew W. TAYLOR to Barsheba Cooper, January 21, 1841."
"Theodore P. L. TAYLOR to Sarah Williams, October 13, 1830."
"Allen TAYLOR t Cordelia Lewis, 1878."
Also, "Archibald Williams to Rhoda TAYLOR, December 29, 1776."
"Archibald Williams to Mary TAYLOR, August 30, 1831."
Also, "State of North Carolina by Samuel Ashe July 20, 1796, consideration
50 shillings, grant to Nathaniel TAYLOR, 320 acres in Washington County."

Page 71, Greene County, Isaac TAYLOR was elected Surveyor in August 1783.

Page 77, Greene County, Isaac TAYLOR is listed as having a land patent
waiting to be claimed on April 10, 1794.

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