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From: "LuAnn" <>
Subject: [TnWeakle] GRIFFIN, IRVIN, CROWAN-Who I Want for Christmas
Date: Sat, 8 Dec 2001 23:02:37 -0600

Someone out there is related to this guy besides me, I know..

My gg grandfather was George W. GRIFFIN born 18 Dec 1857 TN; died
1942 Weakley Co., TN and buried Pilgrim's Rest in Carroll Co., TN. I knew
he first married Martha LANGLEY, but I didn't know when or where, except
before Nov 1885 (most likely) since that was the birth of my great
grandfather Charlie A. GRIFFIN.
Martha died after the birth of Callie GRIFFIN in 1886. George remarried to
Ida Capps as shown on marriage records in Weakley Co. in 1891. George and
Ida had many children together.

Some family stories stated that GRIFFIN was not George's biological name,
but IRVIN/IRVINE was. Other family stories stated that George's son Charlie
was adopted. I really didn't know what I was getting into when I
started researching this line so many years ago....yet, it seems to be
coming together finally. However, with each new piece of information,
question arises...

The first thing I sent for years ago when I began this search was George
GRIFFIN's death certificate. I was looking for his parent's names, but they
were listed as "Don't know". It stated that his birth was in Carroll Co.,
TN. He was living in the 16th Civil District of Weakley County at the time
of his death. His wife Ida was still living upon George's death and his
youngest child Maudie B. (GRIFFIN) SELLERS was the informant for the death
certificate information.

Awhile back now, I started working backwards with the census' and other
information. The below is a summary of what I ended up with when I put all
the pieces
together, like a puzzle. This is, in my opinion, a dysfunctional
family. I have yet to find George's father, but hopefully I will one day.

The 1920 Census, 16th Civil District, Weakley Co., TN:
George Griffin, head of house, age 64, born TN/TN/TN
Ida, wife, 52, TN/TN/TN
Clipper, son, 23, TN
Henry, son, 16, TN
Maudie, dau, 11, TN

The 1910 Census Weakley County, 16th Civil District:
George Griffin, 53, born TN/TN/TN, farmer, owned land free and clear.
Ida, wife, 38, TN/TN/TN
Lige, 18, son, TN
Bedie, dau., 15, TN
Clip, son, 14, TN
Erma, dau, 13, TN
Lillie, dau., 10, TN
Nina, dau, 8, TN
Henry, son, 4, TN
Maudie B., 1, TN

1900 Census--have yet to find him on this one. (Maybe he was having an
identity crisis as you will see below in the other census')

1890 Census-doesn't exist

1883- George IRVINE marries Langley (his first wife) 20 Sept 1883 Weakley

1880, 15th Civil District, Weakley:
Hermon HESSE is listed as head of house, 19 yrs old, and TN/ARK/TN
Elzira GARISON, 44, mother, TN/TN/TN (this was George's mother's sister as
shown below in 1860)
George IRVIN, 19, cousin, works on farm, TN/TN/TN.

Also in the 1880 Census, 12th Civil District, Weakley Co., TN:
LOONEY, Benjamin, 57, KY/TN/KY, head of house
LOONEY, Merica, 26, wife, TN/TN/TN
LOONEY, Minervy, dau, 27, TN/KY/TN
LOONEY, Mary, dau., 7, TN/KY/TN
CLARK, Adiline, 33, Aunt, TN/TN/TN (this is the Adiline in the 1860 below)
CLARK, Martha B., cousin, 11, TN/KY/TN
CLARK, Ellen (or Ettin?), cousin, 8, TN/KY/TN
GRIFFIN, Rena, 75, grandmother, TN/NC/NC (George's mother's mother shown
below in the 1850 and 1860)

1870 Census, 12th Civil District Weakley Co., TN:
GRIFFIN, Mary J. is listed as head of house, 30 yrs old, born TN
George, 11, born TN
Franklin, 9, born TN
Frances (female), 6, born TN
Mary, 2, born TN.

1860 Census, Civil District 1, Obion Co., TN:
GRIFFEN, Arrena is listed as head of house, 52, born TN
John, 17 born KY
Adaline, 13, born KY (this is the Adiline whose last name is CLARK in the
1880 above)
Ann A., 11, born TN
Mary J. CROWAN, 26, born TN
George W. CROWAN, 3/12, born TN
Marion (male) GRIFFEN, 22, born TN

1850 Census, 4th Civil District, Carroll Co., TN:
GRIFFIN, Arrena, 44, is listed as head of house and born TN and all shown
below as born TN also.
Elzira, 18 (this is the same person my George is living with in the 1880
census above)
Nancy C.,16
Mary J., 14 (George's mother on the 1860 census above whose name was CROWAN
Marion, 13 (male)
William, 11
John, 9
Adaline, 3

Also found:
GRIFFIN, Arreana married 9 May 1836 to FOREN, William. Now, according to
the ages of some of the older children, this was not Arreana's first
marriage or, at least William FOREN was not the father of at least two of
the oldest children of Arrena. I have not been able to find any additional
information on FOREN to date.

One more addition---
John Franklin Griffin shows up on 1920 Census Weakley County, TN, 15th Civil
District, page 238 A:

Griffin, John F., head, male, while, 58, married, TN/US/US, could NOT read
or write, farmer
Rachel L., wife, female, white, 58, married, could read/write TN/TN/TN
Laughtie J., son, m, w, 20, single, farm laborer, could read/write, TN/TN/TN
Maggie Lee, dau., f, wh, 17, single, could read/write, TN/TN/TN
John R., son, m, w, 21, married, farm laborer, TN/TN/TN
Clara May, wife, f, w, 22, married, TN/TN/TN
Louise, dau, f, w, 2 7/12, single, TN/TN/TN

So, we have last names used by George at various times of GRIFFIN, IRVIN(E)

It is actually the other peoples' names in each census that lead me to
believe that this is our George!

Some people in the family who would like to know who George's parents are
too, but don't do the actual research, think I'm way off track, but I know I
can't be. Follow the like given names as well as surnames and you follow
the people.

Santa, help me out on this one if you can!


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