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1842-1892, has several entries for your Dillards which may be helpful to

1. Bill of complaint of Allen Dillard, Polly Lampkins, Richard T. Price and
wife Lilly, formerly Lilly Jacobs, and Celia Jacobs against William
Lampkins, Sarah T. Lampkins, and Bettie Lampkins. 13 November 1854
(Chancery Court 1855-1861, Pp. 410-415)

2. Bill of complaint of W. H. L. Baird against Sallie A. Dillard, executrix
of Allen Dillard. Said Sallie A. Dillard is the widow. Injunction. 27
November 1871 (Chancery Book H, Pp. 542-547) [This indicates that
Allen had a will which you would be able to send for.]

3. Bill of complaint of S. A. Dillard, widow of Allen Dillard, against
Mattie J. Green and husband Walter of Obion County; James Dillard of Sumner
County; Mary E. Johnson and husband James W.; Sallie, Benjamin J., Josephine
E., and Willie E. Dillard of Wilson County. Allen Dillard died in 1865.
The defendants are his children and heirs. He left a tract of land about
two miles from Lebanon on the old Franklin Road. James Rice gave his
deposition concerning the land. 4 June 1870 (Chancery Book I, Pp. 285-294)

4. Bill of complaint of Leopold Drifoos against John J. Hartsfield, Martha,
Elizabeth R. Harris, E. R. Dillard and wife Susan Ann, formerly Johnson, and
R. C. Scobey. Solomon Hartsfield died on 28 May 1849. Injunction. 18
October 1871 (Chancery Book L, Pp. 292-300)

Here is an additional Dillard entry which may not be of your family, but
seems interesting and could tie in.

5. James S. Dyer of Sumner County, complainant of William B. Dillard;
Cobert Corley of Henry County; James c. Terry and Richard Corley of Wilson
County; and Christopher C. Corley of Jackson County, Arkansas against
William Dillard. William B. Dillard intermarried with Elizabeth Corley, the
daughter of William Corley who departed this life in Wilson County. His
daughter was to have an equal share with her brothers. The said William
Corley gave his children by his last wife the slaves. Said Elizabeth was a
child by the last wife. She moved to Illinois with her husband, William B.
Dillard, and there died, leaving her husband as her heir. Said Dillard was
a good man, but no manager. James C. Terry, Richard Corley and Christopher
C. Corley were securities for Robert Corley to a certain bond. It has not
been paid. Said Dyer is seeking from the estate. 20 August 1860 (Chancery
Court 1865-1867, Pp. 102-109)

The above records are not available for photocopying nor are they on
microfilm. The books are in the hands of a private citizen and Mr.
Partlow's abstracts are the only information available. However, there
would be wills, deeds, etc. listed in other books regarding the above


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> Since I inadvertently seem to have created some confusion, I would like to
> go over all I know about John and Sally Dillard who lived in Wilson Co.,
> John was born about 1800 in Chatham Co., NC. His parents were Willis
> Dillard and Sarah Brownlow. They moved to Wilson Co. sometime after the
> 1800 census. They do not appear in the NC census for 1810. They are in
> Wilson Co., for the 1820 census, but by 1830 are in Hardeman Co., TN.
> of this family moved on to Pontotoc Co., MS.
> Although I have never found any deed or will that transfers Willis's
> property in Wilson Co., John and some of his family seem to live on the
> land throughout most of the 1800's.
> John Dillard m. Sally Jacobs (daughter of Neddy Jacobs) 18 July 1820
> Co. Marriages). In the 1830 census, there is a John Dillard in Wilson Co.
> who has 2 male children 0-5, 2 male children 5-10, two male children
> an adult male 20-30, an adult female 30-40. In the 1840 census, there are
> two John Dillards, one on p. 250 and one on p. 259. The one in question
> appears to be the John Dillard on p. 250 listed with two male children up
> 5, two male children between 5-10, three male children 10-15, one adult
> between 30-40, one adult female between 20-30 and one adult female 40 to
> In the 1850 census, John Dillard is listed as 50 and wife Sarah as 53.
> Children listed are Edmund R., 25, Francis M. 23, Willis 15, Henry H. 14,
> Sarah A. 8.
> Judging from the census records, there are several children that have left
> the household by 1850. The oldest of these is Andrew J. Dillard who is
> listed at age 59 living with Edmund and his family in the 1880 Wilson Co.
> census. In 1850, he is listed as 29. Andrew can be tied to John and Sally
> through his trade of shoemaker, listed in the 1860 census and his
> with his brother when he was widowed for a second time.
> I believe a second child was Allen Dillard, b. 20 Aug. 1821. His tie with
> the family is more tangential. He was a carpenter and lived in Lebanon
> rather than near the rest of the family; however, he is involved with
> Jacob Dillard's sisters and the property in Lebanon that had belonged to
> Neddy Jacobs. Also anecdotal evidence exists from Allen's daughter, Sally
> Dillard Sloan, that her she was descended from Sally Jacobs Dillard.
> Anyway, this gives us a known children list of Andrew J. born about 1820,
> Allen b. 1821, Edmund R. born 1825, Frances M. b. 1827 or 1830, Willis b.
> 1835, Henry H. b. 1837 and Sarah A. b. 1842.
> Hope this clarifies things.
> Anne Sloan
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