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From: "Lilly Martin" <>
Subject: timeline for John Swindle, Jr family
Date: Wed, 12 Apr 2006 19:18:05 +0200


Here is a timeline for my family, please help me to find a record or deed
which might name his WIFE, no wife has been found yet.

7-17-1779, Culpeper Co VA (now Madison Co VA0, John Swindle, Jr is born to
parents who are part of the Fort Germanna Community of Central Virginia,
they speak German and attend a German church. These are descendants of
German immigrant to Virginia in 1717.
His father is John Swindle, Sr, a Revolutionary War Vet of Culpeper Co VA,
and his mother was Hannah Weaver, d/o Hans Dietrich Weaver, aka Peter.

1797: the Swindle family, along with other Fort Germanna families leave
central Virginia to make a long trek to land in Boone Co. KY. This trek
will take many years to complete. John Swindle, Sr and his wife settle
there permanently, his son Joseph Swindle goes on to Monroe Co MO, Solomon
C. Swindle goes to Georgia, and John Swindle, Jr. ends up in GRayson Co VA
and Ashe Co NC.

1800, the Federal census: John Swindle, Sr along with 2 of his sons, one of
which I believe to be John Swindle, Jr, and the mother Hannah Weaver, are
listed at Rockingham Co NC (along with Samuel Rouse and Michael Rouse, who
are traveling with them to Boone Co KY)

12-12-1800 in Virginia, the FIRST baby is born to John Swindle, Jr and his
This baby is named Ruth Swindle.

1801, the second baby is born, don't know if this location was NC or VA, she
is Elizabeth Swindle, aka Betsy.

1806, the third baby is born, named Joseph Swindle, not sure of the

1807, the fourth baby is born, named James Swindle, not sure of the

1810, the fifth baby is born, named Lucy Swindle, not sure of the location.

1810, the FederaL census lists this family in Grayson Co, VA. This census
page was SO VERY FAINT that I could not make out the neighbors names, or the
count of persons in the house, it was a total mess!

1810 , the federal census, this lists the John Swindle, Sr family still in
Rockingham Co NC, also still with the Rouse family as neighbors.

April 1815, Ashe Co NC, the birth of the last child to John Swindle, Jr and
wife, the baby is named Nancy Weaver Swindle, the middle name for her
paternal grandmother Hannah Weaver. Nancy is my ancestor.

1820 , the Federal census, lists John Swindle, Jr and family at Ashe Co NC,
the household is complete, 2 small boys, 1 adult male, 2 little girls, 2
older girls, and 1 adult female, and 1 female servant. This then accounts
for the whole family entirely. But we still don't know who the wife is, or
when she died?

1820 , federal census, lists John Swindle, Sr and his wife at Boone Co KY,
along with the Rouse families.

8-1-1822: Grayson Co VA, Ruth Swindle marries James S. Rector of Grayson Co
VA, they live on his farm, which is located very close to Ashe Co NC.

6-13-1826: Ashe Co NC, Elizabeth Swindle has her first baby, she is NOT
married, the baby is John Wesley Swindall (uses his mother name, but spelled
differently), the father is said to be Solomon Toliver b. 1804, s/o Jesse
Toliver b. 1756 VA.

11-22-1826: Grayson Co VA, Joseph Swindle married Rebecca Noblitt.

1828: James Swindle leave a record in Grayson Co VA

5-29-1828: Ashe Co NC, Lucy Swindle has her first baby, she is NOT married,
his name is John Swindall. (He lived in Ashe Co NC, went to Oregon,
developed a Saw Mill business there, returned home to Ashe Co NC. married,
but eventually went back to Oregon.)

1829: Ashe Co NC, Lucy Swindle has her second baby, she is NOT married, his
name is Calvin Swindall.(He was a school teacher in Ashe Co NC, but left
with his brother to go to Oregon, and died in Washington state on his way
back home to NC)

1830: Joseph Swindle and Rebecca leave Grayson Co VA/Ashe Co NC for Morgan
Co Indiana. They live there until Joseph Swindle dies there, and Rebecca
and kids return to Grayson Co VA.

1831: Lucy Swindle has her 3rd baby, named Jane Landreth. Lucy has married
Dr. Stephen Landreth, Jr her neighbor in Ashe Co NC.

1832: Ashe Co NC, Elizabeth Swindle has her second baby, she is NOT married,
the baby is named Eli Swindle, and the father is said to be a Phipps.

11-12-1837: Shelby Co MO, Nancy Swindle married Dr. Jeremiah Brower, she was
living with her paternal Uncle Joseph Swindle of Monroe Co MO, and his wife
Mary Brown.

1839: Lucy Swindle has a baby Isaac W. Landreth (Reverand later). Ashe Co NC

1845: Lucy Swindle has a baby James Columbus Landreth, Ashe Co NC

4-14-1846: Benjamin Phipps deeds to Elizabeth Swindle, 9 acres on Elk Creek,
next to Stephen Landreth, this is recorded in Allehgany Co NC.

2-24-1847, Ashe Co NC, Thomas Jefferson Blevins is born, he grows up to
marry Elizabeth Rector, d/o James Rector and Ruth Swindle.

1850: Ashe Co NC, Lucy Swindle has her last baby, Martha Jane Landreth.

1850 Grayson Co VA, census lists Rebecca Swindle and kids, she has returned
as a widow from Indiana, her husband was Joseoh Swindle, s/o John.

1850 census, Boone Co KY: John Swindle, Jr went to visit his widowed Mother,
and his sister Elizabeth Swindle Piner in Boone Co KY, where his father had
died, and John is counted in his sister's household.

12-29-1853, Grayson Co VA, John Swindle, Jr had returned home to his area of
Ashe Co and Grayson Co VA, and died at his daughter Ruth's farm, the James
S. Rector farm located in Grayson Co VA.

5-8-1863: Grayson Co VA, Ruth Swindle died, her husband James S. Rector died
1883 VA.

3-27-1872: Alleghany Co NC, Elizabeth Swindle sells her land on Elk Creek,
to eventually move with her son John Wesley Swindall to VA.

1874: Elizabeth Swindle died in Dickenson Co, VA. Her son John Wesley
Swindall died 1900 in Dickenson Co VA, and her son Eli Swindall died after
1882 in Wise Co VA.

1875: Nancy Swindle is widowed from Dr. Brower in Wayne Co Iowa. in 1882 she
takes all her unmarried children to LaGrande, Union Co OR, and she dies
there in 1901.

3-10-1887: Lucy Swindle died, buried on the Landreth Plantation, Ashe Co

Best regards,
Lilly Martin

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