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From: Jimmy <>
Subject: [TORBERT] Torbert Watson Wood Bible
Date: Fri, 02 May 2008 12:26:23 -0500

There is a Torbert, Watson, Wood Bible on eBay.
Family info:

*The Holy Bible Old and New Testaments King James Version
Printing Date: 1822
Publisher: H. C. Carey & L. Lea Philidelphia
Measurements: 10 1/2 X 8 1/2 X 3
Where Purchased : Geneva Ohio

Chester Arthur was President of the United States, when this Bible was

* *Boards (covers) : Missing
Pages: some are loose
General: Poor
*Notes, letters, mementos : Hand written marriage Certificate Mercer
County, Pa. June 2nd 1858 L. T. Watson and Louisa Jane Wood Booth? of
the township of more info.
Medical paid receipt for Betsy Torbert 1809
Piece of cloth
Religious note
Sewing Machine Needle card (It's all in the eye)
Hand Writing page from practice book (piece of paper)
Mohawk Mills card with thread

Family Record
L. Torbert Watson and Louisa Jane Wood were married at Mercer Village,
Mercer Co. Pa. June 2, 1858
L. D. Williams and Elsie Peterson were married March 29th 1898 at
Jamestown NY.

Elizabeth Torbert May 29th 1893
L. Tolbert Watson was born Dec. 16th 1834
Louisa Jane Watson wife of L. Tolbert Watson was born Dec. 3rd 1838

Charles Henry Watson was born March 11th 1862
Mary Catherine Watson " " Feb. 17th 1863
cont. list with dates etc.
Cyrus W.
Sarah Jane
Francinia? M.
L. Torbert
Lucinda F. or A. ?

next page John H. Williams born Feb. 4 1899
Little baby not named born Feb. 19th 1901 died same night

Elisabeth Torbert died May 18th 1876 aged 83 years 11 months and 18 days
Charles Henry Watson died March 12th 1862 aged 1 day
Mary Catherine Watson died March 12, 1863 aged 3 weeks and 2 days
Louisa Jane Watson wife of L. Torbert Watson died April 14th 1880 aged
41 years and 4 months
Sarah Jane Watson (no date)
**gives dates for all the following individuals:*
*Lambert Watson 1896
Susan Davis 1895
Benjamin Wood 1899 *

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